Latchi Holidays 2024/2025

Found in the northwest region of Cyprus, Latchi is a fishing village turned tourist resort specialising in tasty seafood and Cypriot hospitality, and is the site where ancient myths surrounding Adonis and Aphrodite have their home. Glorious scenery in a peaceful setting makes it a perfect hideaway.

Latchi Holiday Deals

Legends and secrets

Latchi is part of the Paphos region, and as such enjoys several connections with ancient mythology.

Just west of the village are the grand domed Baths of Aphrodite, surrounded by huge towers that showcase the stunning architecture to be discovered on Cyprus holidays. Legend has it that the Baths are where Aphrodite met her lover, Adonis, leading to one of the most bittersweet love stories in folklore. Latchi itself is a village of strong Cypriot traditions, although the locals welcome visitors as tourism continues to thrive in the area.

Traditional taverna meals

Food is a rich part of Cypriot culture, and from here to Larnaca in the east, socialising and dining out are seen as one and the same. Latchi is home to three famous tavernas, each of which serve traditional meals including feta cheese, mezzes, meats, halloumis and fish. Seafood is especially popular in Latchi, owing to its history as a fishing village and the strong influence of seafood diets in Cyprus as a whole.

That said, you can enjoy the more familiar tastes of home too – local businesses can whip up a sublime burger, and there’s also a good old fashioned fish and chip shop.

Endless natural beauty

Because Cyprus is located between Europe, Asia and Africa, it has a unique variety of wildlife. Much of it is under protection, and Akamas Peninsula is the island’s most famous nature reserve. Unspoilt land stretches in every direction across a 230-square-kilometre area, with everything from birds to snakes to butterflies to be spotted by the keen-eyed nature lover.

Walking and cycling trails can be freely enjoyed as you set out to explore the area, or for the more rugged adventurer, 4×4 vehicles can be rented for your own freeform safari.

Relaxing by the sea

As with most Cypriot destinations, beaches play a big part of your experience – but these aren’t the wild party beaches of Ayia Napa. Gentle waves and shimmering sand are where Latchi’s beaches are at, and you can while away the day sipping cool drinks and soaking up the rays to your heart’s content. And, because Latchi is in the west, the sunsets are beyond gorgeous.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can take on anything from surfing to jet-skiing. There’s fishing to be had too, if you want your relationship with the seas of Cyprus to be a little less active.

Tee up and take to the course

Latchi is in the perfect location for golf fans. Each of the three closest golf courses are stunning in design and a pleasure to play, with 18 holes apiece that will test your skill. None of the courses are more than an hour’s drive from Latchi, with the Secret Valley course offering grand rock formations alongside the fairways.

There’s also Minthis Hills, uniquely set in the grounds of a 12th-century monastery, as well as the greens of Aphrodite Hills for those of you looking to add a little more Greek legend to your game.

Getting to know the locals

The people of Latchi have welcomed visitors to their community ever since the first tourists began visiting, and with numerous old warehouses on the marina seeing a new lease of life as restaurants, it’s clear they’re set on making you feel completely at home.

The laid-back lifestyle will definitely appeal to you, but don’t be fooled – Cypriots love to celebrate, and September’s ‘Peanut Festival’, the local equivalent of the harvest festival, is a prime example. Food and drinks of every size, taste and colour line the streets on days like these, and there’s local bands every Friday at the town’s busiest taverna.

When to visit

Sunshine is abundant in Latchi as much as anywhere in Cyprus, with temperatures hitting 20°C and above from March to November every year. As always, the busiest time of year is between June and September, where cheap holidays to Paphos are in hot demand and scorching summer heat pushes temperatures beyond 30°C. If you’re visiting during this time, you better pack that sun tan lotion.

Perfect for families and couples of all ages

Couples and families will feel right at home with a Latchi holiday, romantic waterfront restaurants and walks are in abundance, and there are plenty of activities for families of all ages. Boat trips and SCUBA diving are popular among holidaymakers, as well as nature walks in the neighbouring Akamas Peninsula, famed for its protected unspoilt countryside. Overall, Latchi holidays offer a traditional, unspoilt Cyprus experience with plenty to see and do. Those looking to party long into the early hours are advised to look elsewhere.


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