Paphos Holidays 2024/2025

A city of ancient myths and modern fun, Paphos holidays mix culture and Cypriot hospitality into an unforgettable trip. There’s shopping, sunbathing and adventure to be found, so prepare that sunscreen and ready yourself for some of the best cuisine and culture in the Med.

Paphos Holiday Deals

In the footsteps of a goddess

Paphos is a city located on the Southwest coast of Cyprus, and not many places could define the island and its long history quite as well as Paphos can. Holidays to Paphos will have you learning the history and culture of Cyprus at every turn, and we assure you there’s plenty of spectacular sights to see along the way.

A rich thread of history is woven into every part of Paphos, and it shows in the architecture and outlook of the city’s people. It’s said that the Greek goddess of love and beauty, Aphrodite, once called the city home. Her mythic touch can also be felt in nearby sites like Amathus Bay, where a temple still stands in her honour.

There are places all around that demonstrate why the city gained the title of the European Capital of Culture in 2017. Such as Paphos Castle and the Randi Gorge in Aphrodite Hills, where Aphrodite is said to have risen from the sea. These landmarks of a bygone era have to be seen to be believed. Book your Paphos holiday, pack your camera and capture some incredible sights that’ll make everyone back home wish they were here.

Holidays in Paphos

Basking in sunshine

Cyprus enjoys a hot climate, where summer temperatures frequently peak above 30°C and only just drop below 20°C in the peak winter months. Package holidays to Paphos are a great choice for families as a laid-back lifestyle is very much the order of the day here. You’ll find tranquil beaches surrounding the city, together with more tourist-focused resorts like Coral Bay.

The city has access to some of the best beaches on the island, with its own Municipal Beach joined by sublime sights like Petra Tou Romiou Beach. And if the city hubbub gets a little much, there are acres of countryside to explore via guided tours or the possibility to hire a vehicle. Choose to spend your Paphos holiday topping up your sun tan and enjoying ultimate relaxation, or head off out to see the sights and explore the many things to do in Paphos.

Family days out

Pafos Zoo is home to some of the most popular furry friends this side of Limassol, and kids will definitely enjoy meeting the locals. On top of that, the zoo also has some of the best kept gardens of any part of Cyprus. There’s over 350 species here that you get the chance to meet and learn all about, and you can even get the chance to feed some of them!

If a little more adventure on your Paphos holiday is on your agenda, take a trip to the biggest waterpark in the Paphos Region, Aphrodite Water Park, where soaking slides and gallons of fun can be had by all. It’s a guaranteed day of fun and laughter to remember! Top tip: if you book your tickets online you can make some handy savings.

Tasting the tradition

Cyprus takes its cues from Greece, Turkey and the Middle East for its cuisine, and that makes for a fantastic selection of foods to try, such as halloumi, moussaka, mezzes, feta cheese and smoked meats.

Look around and you’ll see plenty of other options on the city’s menu, including Italian, French and good old fashioned English fare. If you book an all inclusive Paphos holiday then be sure to try as much of the local food as possible in your hotel buffets, but of course most will have your English favourites too. It is always a good idea to spend an evening or two out in the local town to get the full experience of the culture and cuisine and this can really give you the full Paphos holiday feel!

This is all before we even get to the wines, for which Cyprus has an excellent reputation, from the richest reds to crisp whites. There’s a variety of wine tours in Paphos if you’re interested in learning, and of course tasting, it all! There’s even a Paphos wine festival every September.

Sample some nightlife

Paphos isn’t as wild as Ayia Napa, but it doesn’t need to be. Instead it has a reputation for warm hospitality and fantastic entertainment. There are tons of cocktails to try, as well as a range of traditional places of both Cypriot and British heritage around Paphos so you can spend the evenings of your Paphos holiday just how you like.

Make sure you take part, be it in the karaoke and classic dance parties of Boogies Club or the selection of drinks at the popular Robin Hood Pub, known as the best and the friendliest pub in the area. If you are interested in a bit of a party, then Paphos does have some great spots with modern nightclubs, like Decades

Shopping in style

Retail therapy reigns supreme in Paphos, so make sure you get your shop on while you’re here. Every kind of product and budget is catered for in this diverse city. Plus, you haven’t really completed a holiday to Paphos if you can’t bring something back, right?

You’ve got traditional and handmade souvenirs over in the old town’s bazaar-style marketplace, or massive shopping malls where the best designer labels tempt you from the windows. In the heart of Paphos there’s Kings Avenue Mall with over 120 shops, a cinema and a huge food court, or for a more local feel, Paphos town mall is where you’ll get your local souvenirs and gifts.

Art and craftsmanship are celebrated in Cypriot culture, so there’ll be lots to choose from, including jewellery, handmade bowls, ornaments and more.

When to visit Paphos

Paphos is growing to embrace tourism more and more, and that means there are festivals and events across the calendar, although most of them fall in spring and summer, when temperatures hover around 30°C.

A winter break will see you enjoying a comfortable 15 to 20°C daily and it’ll be less crowded too, making the streets and hotels a little less busy. The decision really hinges on what you want from your Paphos experience. Cooler temperatures and fewer tourists makes it easier to explore and get around, while the hotter days are what you want if you’re just looking for a relaxing time on the beach.

There’s a huge selection of incredible hotels in Paphos, really helping you to create the holiday you want. Plus, if it really is luxury you’re looking for, browse our luxury Paphos holidays for a plethora of pools, swim up bars, in house spas and decadent restaurants. It’ll really be a week or two to never forget.


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