Amathus Bay Holidays 2024/2025

Located slap bang in the centre of the southern Cypriot coast, Amathus Bay is a relaxed alternative to the livelier port towns of Larnaca and Limassol. Indeed, the latter is just a stone’s throw away, meaning holidaymakers can enjoy the convenience of its proximity without being stuck amid all its hustle and bustle.

Amathus Bay Holiday Deals

A relaxing break is just what you need

If wild nights in Ayia Napa aren’t your cup of tea, don’t worry because Cyprus holidays have a lot more to offer. While the party town certainly offers a nightlife nirvana to those who seek it, there are plenty of other calmer tourist destinations on the island, including Amathus Bay.

Located on the fringes of Limassol, this town was once home to one of the most important settlements in Cyprus. Not only is it reputed to be the birthplace of Heracles’ children and the site of an Aphrodite cult, it’s also one of the oldest royal towns on the island. These days, the ruins of the walled city are crumbling and the pace of life has come tumbling down with them, making for a relaxed holiday hotspot perfect for families, couples and individuals looking to get away from it all.

Step back in time among the city's ruins

Up a modest hill at a short remove from the shoreline stand the ramshackle ruins of the once-mighty city. A few euros will be enough to gain access to the archaeological site, where the surrounding walls, the Acropolis and central marketplace are the main points of interest. A little further up the incline you’ll come upon the Temple of Aphrodite, where the Greek goddess was worshipped during the Hellenic period.

If these curios haven’t slaked your thirst for all things ancient, you could always head to the far better-preserved ruins in neighbouring Kourion or check out the imposing castle in nearby Limassol.

Soak up some rays on the sand

The beaches in front of Amathus Bay offer shallow inclines and relative peace, making them a perfect place to enjoy some privacyalong Cyprus’s often-overcrowded coastline. The gently sloping gradient is ideal for little ones to splash about in safely and there are terraced beach bars overlooking the promenade, catering to all your food and drink needs.

If things get a little too quiet for you here, Limassol Beach is close at hand and offers a far more action-packed scene. Along with watersports and snorkelling opportunities, there are also cycling lanes, volleyball courts and a children’s play area, as well as an abundance of eateries and watering holes right on the strip.

Indulge yourself in the local cuisine

With its laid-back vibe, you might find there’s little to do in Amathus Bay but sleep, eat and drink your way to an unbuckled belt. Thankfully, the plethora of restaurants along the shore serve up delicious Cypriot cuisine, where you can try an interesting array of local mezze. Popular to contrary belief, halloumi cheese actually hails from Cyprus – not Greece – and is a local speciality, while the stuffed vine leaves also come highly recommended.

If you’re looking for a more international menu, try the Uptown Square restaurant complex on Amathountos Avenue, which offers a variety of different cuisines. Additionally, if you’re lucky enough to visit in late August or early September, you can join in with the island’s annual wine festival in neighbouring Limassol. There are dance productions, singing performances, puppet shows and, of course, plenty of the good stuff.

Venture further afield

Our fantastic range of cheap holidays to Paphos make Amathus Bay the ideal location from which to explore the local area. Nearby Limassol offers a great alternative if you’re looking for something more energetic, whether that be in the form of a busier beach, retail opportunities or annual festivities.

Around 45 minutes’ drive away is the western resort of Paphos, opening up a whole host of archaeological opportunities including waterfront mosaics and the Adonis bath and waterfall, where Aphrodite is said to have first met her mortal lover.

Heading inland, an hour’s drive will take you to the Troodos Mountains, the largest range in the country. With Mount Olympus the highest point at 2,000 metres, the area represents a gruelling challenge for hardened hill-walkers or a pleasant insight into rural Cyprus for more casual strollers.


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