Sharm El Sheikh Holidays 2022/2023

Set on the Red Sea, Sharm el Sheikh holidays have been drawing in tourists for decades. There's plenty to do and see from shopping and nightlife to watersports. Alternatively, if you prefer to take it easy you can always go snorkelling in the transparent sea or relax on its beaches and make the most of the warm climate.

Sharm El Sheikh Holiday Deals 2022/2023

A holiday destination for all seasons

The Sharm el Sheikh region of Egypt is an area of contrasts. Aside from its hotels, tourist development and nightlife around Naama Bay, the region also has a quieter side with Nabq Bay and Sharks Bay forming part of this beautiful peninsula.

Whether you’re looking for an action-packed break or a relaxed package holiday to Sharm el Sheikh that lets you get up close and personal with nature, this region has options to suit all holiday tastes.

Currency: Egyptian Pound

Language: Arabic

Time Difference: GMT +2

Religion: Islam


Maya Bay

Maya Bay is a relaxed beachside resort in a scenic cove close to Sharm el Sheikh Bay. The beach is surrounded by steep cliffs and is ideal for paddling and swimming. This is a destination for families and friends looking for slow-paced package holidays to Egypt that are also close to lively Naama Bay.

Naama Bay

Naama Bay is the most lively seaside resort in the Sharm el Sheikh region. This premier party destination has an energetic nightlife and some of the biggest clubs in Egypt. With sandy beaches, warm sea and a shallow shoreline, it's also an ideal destination for families looking to enjoy an All Inclusive Egypt holiday.

Nabq Bay

Nabq Bay is a tranquil seaside resort surrounded by surprisingly green natural beauty that sits within a conservation area. So, you can expect everything from desert, mangrove, coral reefs and exotic fish. With long sandy beaches and ankle deep water at the shoreline, it's the ideal destination if you're looking for package holidays to Egypt that offer complete relaxation.

Ras Um Sid

The incredibly tranquil Ras Um Sid boasts a location close to Naama Bay and one of Egypt's most famed national parks. But what this little resort lacks in size, it makes up for in activities. Its shore is renowned for its excellent diving conditions, so check out our fantastic range of package holidays to Sharm el Sheikh and start planning your underwater adventure today.

Sharks Bay

Clinging to the coast are Sharks Bay's family-friendly hotels, restaurants and dive centres, each waiting to take you on an underwater quest. Spend your time shopping, eating and drinking in the nearby Soho Square, or try more traditional activities like camel rides and a visit to the Bedouin bazaar.

Sea pleasures

Thanks to the clarity of the Red Sea and the abundance of marine life here, the Sharm el Sheikh coast is a magnet for watersports lovers. The action beneath the waves is fascinating, allowing you to make friends with all types of sea life.

An encounter with a Napoleon Wasse fish is always impressive, while there are many dive schools situated along the Sharm el Sheikh peninsula that are suitable for learners and more experienced divers.

Boat tours are just as fascinating when it comes to exploring the region, not to mention an easy way to cool off when temperatures hit the 30°C mark. You can also take up kitesurfing if you head down to the Regency Plaza in Nabq Bay.

Selfies in the desert

It would be a shame to travel all the way to Egypt and not take advantage of a tour of the monuments and scenery surrounding Sharm el Sheikh. St Catherine’s Monastery is a two and a half hour drive away, located in a beautifully isolated position of the desert. If you’re travelling back from this historic site after nightfall, you’re likely to witness one of the most beautiful night skies you’ve ever seen.

There are also tours where you’ll share a meal with a local Bedouin tribe and enjoy their renowned hospitality. A trip like this promises amazing selfies, just make sure you ask permission first.

Fun after dark

One of the many reasons people go on holiday to the Sharm el Sheikh area is the wonderfully vibrant nightlife. From low-key, intimate clubs to a brash and hectic atmosphere in some of the bigger venues, nights here are always something to write home about.

Naama Bay is where you’ll find most of the party action, with clubs like Space pumping out top tunes and fantastic open-air light shows accompanying DJs at Pacha. Or, you can sit back and relax accompanied by the hottest R&B at Monty’s bar in the town of Sharm el Sheikh. There are quite a few bars and clubs owned by British expats, so finding a long pint or game of darts will be easier than you think.

The Sharm el Sheikh area is also host to an awesome spread of restaurants. So, whether you prefer trying out different cuisines or sticking with familiar favourites, you’re sure to find an eatery that will tickle your taste buds.

Shopping is holiday heaven

With bargains, flea markets and a wonderful array of shops, Sharm el Sheikh is a dream destination for those seeking some retail therapy. Soho Square in Sharks Bay is another favourite as it’s jam-packed with shops, restaurants and entertainment facilities such as bowling.

Secret of Egypt is just one of the fascinating stores to explore, here you’ll find everything from locally sourced to natural health and beauty products. Who knows, you might even pick up some of Nefertiti’s skincare secrets.

Middle Eastern jewellery is beautifully crafted, so if you’re passing a jewellery shop in the area, we suggest you take a look at the quality of gold and silver as it is generally outstanding. Wherever you go shopping in Sharm el Sheikh, always remember to haggle. It’s the way business is usually conducted around here and is great for those looking for bargain souvenirs.

If you want to discover this Red Sea paradise for yourself, be sure to check out our range of cheap holidays in Sharm el Sheikh.