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Sharm El Sheikh


Sharm el Sheikh Holidays

Located on a peninsula in eastern Egypt, this region is home to some of the country's best beach resorts. Sharm el Sheikh holidays provide beautiful settings by the Red Sea with towns filled with tourist facilities and attractions.

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Terrific resorts to enjoy the sunshine

The success of the tourism trade in this area is no surprise as the sun, sea and sand combination is taken to a new level. Spectacular summer temperatures shine down onto beautiful beaches based right by the Red Sea.

Sharm el Sheikh lies on a peninsula which is formed by the Gulf of Suez and the Gulf of Aqaba on either side. Naama Bay, Sharks Bay and Nabq Bay all face out onto the Aqaba gulf facing east.

This region is famous for its scuba diving opportunities amongst coral reefs and sunken shipwrecks. Mount Sinai is found inland for culture vultures to explore. Many people choose Sharm el Sheikh holidays for the fantastic and vibrant nightlife which has been created for tourists.

Where to stay in Sharm El Sheikh

Naama Bay
Naama BayView on Map

The nightlife heavyweight of Sharm el Sheikh, Naama Bay is a powerhouse at night but perfectly peaceful during the day if you need it to be.

With the majority of hotel complexes found along the beach, you can stay in a perfect position to enjoy the sands and the warm waters of the Red Sea. Many people choose Naama Bay for the fantastic snorkelling and scuba opportunities found off the coast.

There are brilliant markets and shopping facilities here where you're bound to find the ideal souvenir. This all-encompassing tourist resort has all the expected features of the ideal sunshine getaway.

Nabq Bay
Nabq BayView on Map

This coastal resort has a terrific collection of shops, bars and restaurants which are there for the sole purpose of giving tourists a great holiday. As well as the commercial side, there is a beautiful beach space found within the Nabq National Park.

Nabq's beach is unique in that it features a kilometre long area where the water only reaches ankle height before dropping off suddenly into the Red Sea.

Back in the town there are new shopping facilities to explore while restaurants turned bars like Hard Rock Café and Bar One provide great food before hosting entertaining nights.

Sharks Bay
Sharks BayView on Map

A holiday resort most famous for its snorkelling opportunities by the beaches. Families can scan the coral reefs from just below the surface while serious scuba divers delve deeper to see the natural surroundings and even a sunken naval ship.

Sharks Bay is a family friendly resort with some terrific beachside hotels to choose from. Nearby is the tourism centre of SOHO Square where there is a full shopping centre and venues that create a vibrant nightlife.

Sharks Bay is often seen as one of the more fun Sharm el Sheikh resorts as it provides activities and adventures that the little ones will enjoy as much as the parents.


Quick Tips

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  • Egyptian Pound
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  • GMT +2

Each Bay has a great beach

As the Bay suffix on each resort name implies, you'll be staying in accommodation which is ideally based by the beach. Within each resort there are hotels lining the sands so you may get the opportunity to roll out of bed and onto the comfortable tanning spot of a sunlounger.

Naama Bay's beach is the sandiest while Sharks Bay's is shingly but the water off the coast is perfect for snorkelling. Nabq Bay's beach is the most unique with the sand leading towards a kilometre long area where the water only ever goes ankle deep before dropping off into the ocean.

Head to a dive centre within any of the resorts and they can take you out to see spectacular parts of the Red Sea. Between the British Naval ship SS Thistlegorm which sank in the 40s, a wooden German ship Maria Schroeder which lies only half submerged in the sea, and the Ras Mohammed Marina National Park, there are some truly phenomenal sights to see beneath the surface.

Built especially for you

Each resort has been built with tourists in mind so Egyptian culture is only replicated in Sharm el Sheikh rather than formed here. Egyptian style remains though with many buildings built with sandstone, marketplaces made to look like ancient bazaars and Mediterranean food heartily sold in some restaurants.

Traditional parts of Egypt are more commonly found inland, especially towards Mount Sinai. Drive three hours towards the large area and you'll also come across the large walls which hide Saint Catherine's monastery. The UNESCO World Heritage Site has an important history and is said to be close to the location where Moses received the 10 commandments.

Exciting nights

The nightlife is enjoyed almost exclusively by tourists in Sharm el Sheikh with various atmospheres found throughout the lounges, pubs, music bars and nightclubs.

The most popular spot to party in is found at Naama Bay where the centre of town comes alive at night. There are a number of bars to start your night off at while the quiet restaurants transform at midnight into shisha lounges. With party venues all over the world, Pascha is Naama Bay's most popular club to spend a night in.

Elsewhere both Sharks Bay and Nabq Bay provide evening thrills too. The Hard Rock Café Nabq hosts some form of nightly entertainment seven days a week while SOHO Square in Sharks Bay has a vibrant selection of nightspots to enjoy.

International restaurants

This tourist destination caters to your tastes rather than locals' which mean there are more international flavours found on the menu rather than traditional cuisine. Italian, Chinese, American and even British dishes are found amongst the many eateries of Sharm el Sheikh.

The best place to sample classic Egyptian foods is at the marketplaces where vendors cook meals in front of you. Kishary and molokhia are two meat based favourites to try.

Modern malls and Bedouin bazaars

Shopping opportunities are easy to come by in any of the three resorts. Both Sharks Bay and Naama Bay host a blend of modern shopping facilities alongside marketplaces styled after ancient Egyptian bazaars. There are plenty of souvenirs to browse but the market sellers are expecting a bartering match.

Nabq Bay hosts two large outdoor shopping centres with plenty of recognisable brands on offer. There are tonnes to browse through at both Al Kahn and La Strada while the street entertainment will enhance your shopping experience.

Getting there

Flight times from the UK to Sharm International Airport take around five to five and a half hours. The transfer towards your accommodation will be short from there though with all three resorts reached within 20 minutes.

While it is possible to hire a car here, many choose not to as the local drivers have a highway code of their own which startles some tourists. If you're looking to get around the entire 42km of Sharm el Sheikh then taxis, minibuses and public busses are available.

The longest journey between resorts is 30 minutes from Nabq Bay to Naama Bay.