Dalaman Holidays 2024/2025

Holidays in Dalaman are no joke. Tucked along Turkey’s Turquoise Coast, this region is awash in river adventures, relics from the past and delightfully-delicious cuisine – not to mention one of the best beaches in the world. The Dalaman region may be renowned for it’s beautiful coastline, impressive historic sites, and of course, bustling nightlife, but all of this doesn’t have to come out a premium – cheap holidays to Dalaman are easily achievable, making it the perfect holiday spot for couples, families, and friends alike.


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Dalaman Holiday Deals

The Turquoise Coast

Sprawling across Turkey‘s show-stopping and beautiful Turquoise Coast, the Dalaman region calls some of the country’s top draws its own – the breathtaking blue water at the Olu Deniz Blue Lagoon, the ancient ruins in Fethiye, and the cosmopolitan town of Marmaris. The holiday highlights don’t stop here, with an abundance of activities and sights to see in Dalaman, exploring the all the resorts is a must. Hop on a quick boat ride between Icmeler and Marmaris for a day out somewhere new, Turunc is close by too, while Fethiye and Olu Deniz may be a bit further away, they offer plenty of fun for a day out further afield.

The streets throughout Dalaman are perfumed with spices from waterfront restaurants and weekly bazaars, as well as bustling with tourists and locals alike. Days at the beach are long and luxurious, while nights at cocktail bars are the perfect way to unwind on your Dalaman holiday.

If holidaying were an occupation, we’d certainly take a full-time job here!

Holidays in Dalaman

Popular Resorts

World-famous beaches

This region of Turkey isn’t known as the Turquoise Coast for nothing – the white sands and blue-green hues are postcard-worthy sights the Dalaman region isn’t afraid to flaunt. The curvy coast found in Olu Deniz is the crowning jewel among Dalaman’s beaches– also known as the Blue Lagoon, its stunningly clear waters are one of Turkey’s most photographed sites. That’s right, they make regular appearances on the world’s best beaches lists – and, plenty of Instagram feeds!

Watersports grow on trees at most of the beaches in the Dalaman region, particularly at Icmeler’s trio of Blue Flag accredited beaches, as well as Marmaris. The restaurant-lined beach in Marmaris extends for 10 kilometres, hugging the entire resort, offering the best beach set up from sunrise to sunset.

Dalyan is home to a special beach, Iztuzu Beach or aptly-nicknamed Turtle Beach. It’s popular here for its loggerhead turtles that scuttle up the coast to lay their eggs – there are set periods of time between May and September (usually at night) where the beach will be closed to the public, so that the turtles can leave their eggs.

Beach days are the best ways to enjoy some R&R and most of the beaches across Dalaman offer plenty of sunbeds and parasols for all – usually, as the restaurants and bars along the coast own these, you just need to buy a drink, or some lunch – rather than having to pay a fixed amount to use them. Cheap holidays to Dalaman don’t just have to involve laying out on the beach, there’s plenty more to explore, but the gorgeous views nad beaming sunshine would certainly make it hard to get bored.


Dalaman is no stranger to the ruins and long-winding history permeating the rest of Turkey. Along the coast you’ll find hints of the country’s storied past, ranging from Marmaris Castle to the impressive Lycian rock tombs spotted from the Dalyan River. You’ll also be within day trip distance to Ephesus, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, and arguably Turkey’s most prized possession.

But nothing quite compares to the ancient ruins found in Fethiye. It’s where history buffs lose their cool. Fethiye is home to the rock buildings in the ghost town Pitara and UNESCO World Heritage Site Letoon, which once served as an important religious centre. Not forgetting the ancient city of Tlos that’s history dates back at least 5000 years! This fascinating and breathtaking site sits within a hillside and is now just an open-air museum allowing you to step back in time.

Most of these sites can be seen and appreciated from a distance, but to get up close, there tends to be a small admission fee to help with their upkeep. The Dalaman region is well connected with local buses making it easy and low cost to go between resorts.

On the water

Holidaymakers gracing Dalaman’s sun-drenched resorts will be happy to know there are as many – or as few – activities available as you’d like. Many are designed to get you out and enjoying Turkey’s gorgeous Mediterranean climate, but there are a few that can keep you stashed away in the shade, too.

Bigger resorts like Marmaris teem with outings, home to everything from waterparks to a dolphinarium and boat cruises of all kinds. One type of boat cruise you can enjoy is a trip to Sedir Island. Found just off the coast, this island, also known as Cleopatra Island, is made up of smooth white sands, and beautiful washed up seashells from thousands of years ago. The beach itself (cleaopatra beach) is vry protected, so much so you’re unable to wear shoes on the sand, as removing the sand is prohibited.

Watersports are popular in Dalaman, seeing as there’s so much coastal space to enjoy them on, but Dalyan and Akyaka up the waterworks stakes with river cruises as well. Calis Beach is another resort that’s popular for surfing, snorkelling and scuba diving!

And it wouldn’t be a trip to Turkey without experiencing some grade A pampering like the locals do. There are Turkish baths on hand across virtually all of the region’s towns, along with spas and mud baths that take luxury Dalaman holidays to new heights.

Flavours of the Mediterranean

You’d best arrive in Dalaman on an empty stomach, because the restaurants here are up to the challenge of satiating your every craving. Across the board, there’s no shortage of traditional Turkish restaurants whose mezze platters and aromatic spices are sufficiently Mediterranean. You’ll also have an array of international plates at your fingertips, with restaurants covering worldly cuisines like Indian, Italian, British and Chinese, you’ve got the pick of the bunch.

Even if you’re thinking of an All Inclusive holiday in Dalaman, heading out to explore a restaurant or two is well worth it! The delicious food and lively atmosphere across the dining scene in Dalaman are just another reason why this is an incredible holiday destination to suit all.

Belly dancing nights

Once the sun goes down, the energy levels are different depending on what part of Dalaman you’re in. Marmaris greets holidaymakers with neon-lit clubs and lively bars along a far-stretching street, while Hisaronu ushers in live music and belly dancers. Olu Deniz nightlife is certainly another to expiernece, with a big focus on beach bars and parties by the sea, a night out here is definitely recommended.

The bigger resorts are more likely to meet the nightlife task, while smaller spots like Kalkan and Akyaka keep things low-key with early nights along the waterfront. There’s plenty of options no matter what you prefer to do once the sun sets – even if you’re sticking to a budget for a cheap holiday in Dalaman, most venues will have special offers and deals to make the most of.

Market shopping

Souvenir shops are flecked around each of Dalaman’s resorts, but it’s the traditional bazaars you’ll want to head for. Most of the towns will have weekly markets, some much grander than others – and being in Turkey, exploring the markets is a must.

Marmaris is especially known for its market, held daily in the shadow of the town’s castle. That’s where you’ll find local goods like spices, Turkish sweets and shisha accouterments. The bazaar here is so big it could take a few hours to see everything on offer, and don’t be afraid to polish off those haggling skills to get the best deal possible. Icmeler, on the other hand, is sought out for its high-end jewellery – and has a reputation for its concentration of goldsmiths and jewellers.

Even if your cheap Dalaman holiday doesn’t quite include some new goods, browsing the markets just for the experience can be a great day out.