Berlin Holidays 2024/2025

Berlin city breaks are filled with fun, culture and a touch of all-night partying! You can spend your days wandering the art-filled streets and admiring buildings, then come sunset, incredible nightclubs are waiting for you to set foot through their doors. Dive into our fantastic deals on city breaks to Berlin and start planning your holiday today!

Berlin Holiday Deals 2024/2025

Things To Do In Berlin

Unlike other cities in Germany, the nightclubs in Berlin have no official closing time, so there are loads of places where you can party from night ‘til morning! There’s a variety of venues including ultra-cool techno clubs, pubs housed in derelict buildings, and open-air riverside bars.  Make sure you pack your dancing shoes and head to one of the superclubs with your friends for an unforgettable night. 


Mauerpark is the biggest and busiest flea market in Berlin which offers a diverse range of items from independent sellers. Some of the items you can get your hands on include household items, clothes, musical instruments and bicycles. You can even get stuck into some good old karaoke thanks to a gentleman named Joe Hatchiban who has been bringing his battery-powered karaoke system to the Mauerpark every Sunday since 2009. 


The Berlin Dungeon is a must for all visitors of the German capital and is located in the heart of the city.  It offers different shows that present the life and story of 11 infamous personalities of the city’s history. You’ll travel through 800 years – from the Middle Ages to the 20th century, and be scared, amused, have to defend yourself before a court and meet the last plague doctor that survived the pest.

The Rich History Of Berlin

One of the most famous historic sites in Berlin is the Berlin Wall. Although not much of it remains, you can still visit small sections of this Cold War relic all over the city. Though the wall is accessible without needing a tour guide, taking a private tour can give you so much more information and insight into what Berlin was like before the destruction of the wall. 

Checkpoint Charlie marks the most famous crossing point between the east and west sides of Berlin. Nowadays, it’s a must-visit museum. On display are some of the weird and wonderful things people used in attempts to cross the border – including a hot air balloon, cars with hidden compartments, and even a mini submarine.

Constructed between 1788 and 1791, the Brandenburg Gate is one of the most iconic sights in Berlin. It is Berlin’s only surviving historical gate and symbolises Berlin’s division into East and West during the Cold War. The gate towers 26 metres above pedestrians and is definitely worth a stop during your Berlin sightseeing.

Street Food Delights

One of Germany’s most popular street foods is Doner Kebab, and you can find plenty of vendors selling the delicacy throughout Berlin. Deliciously tender meat, salad, sauce and a squeeze of lemon, all sandwiched between super soft bread make up this tasty treat, which originated in the Middle East.

Currywurst is another very popular street food in Germany and there are shops everywhere you go selling the delight with a range of sides and sauces. While wandering through the streets of Berlin you can enjoy the tasty curried sausage with fries and a good dollop of sauce, but make sure to enjoy them while they’re still hot!

Markets are another great place to grab a tasty bite, and Markthalle Neun offers some of the best fresh food Monday to Saturday. You will find vegetables, fruits, spices, meat, seafood, bakery, pasta, and other delicacies from around the globe. Thursday evenings are especially appealing for visitors when the market hall invites you to “Street Food Thursday” from 5 to 10pm, where you can indulge in delicious international meals as well as local food.

Art and Culture

Berlin is currently at the leading edge of the global contemporary art scene and there are over 700 art galleries in the city. It is estimated that 6,000 to 7,000 artists live in the city, with a quarter of them being from outside Germany. There are also plenty of spots to enjoy urban artwork too. The most famous street art can be found at East Side Gallery. This section of the Berlin Wall has been transformed into an open-air art exhibition, earning itself a place near the top of every visitor’s sightseeing list. 

The Sammlung Boros Collection is a great place to take in contemporary modern art. It was built in 1942 as a bomb shelter, and was later converted to a prison and then a storage depot for bananas. Now, it has a remarkable art collection with exhibits from international artists using sculpture, video and installation.


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