Coral Bay Holidays 2024/2025

Steeped in history, Coral Bay is a rustic and charming seaside town in western Cyprus. About 20 minutes’ drive for those enjoying package holidays to Paphos, Coral Bay’s sweeping beaches, sumptuous sea and traditional cuisine make it the ideal rural retreat amid vineyards and vistas.

Coral Bay Holiday Deals

The shores of paradise

There are few destinations as renowned and desirable as Cyprus holidays, and with good reason. With a climate that rarely dips below 20°C in the autumn – and more often touches the higher side of the 30°Cs in summer – the country has destinations for every kind of holidaymaker. But if you’re looking for the traditional Cypriot experience, close to but not amidst the bustle and ancient myths of nearby Paphos, Coral Bay is the ideal destination.

Holidays in Coral Bay

Land of love and legends

They say that the Greek goddess Aphrodite was born in Paphos, and her romantic influence surely spreads to the glorious expanse of Coral Bay. White sand sweeps into a tranquil sea, and the beach is quiet yet active as couples and families soothe their spirits beneath that perfect sunny sky.

You’ll never be at a loss for what to do – sweet streets wind through traditional Cypriot architecture, and around every corner is a new cocktail bar, restaurant or tavern to explore. What’s more, your beach is snug in the embrace of the towering limestone cliffs that surround Coral Bay – a perfect sun-drenched shelter in your luxuriously cosy corner.

Active social scenes

Because of its unique blend of countryside location with strong road links to Paphos and Larnaca, you have the best of both worlds when staying at any of Coral Bay’s resorts, hotels and villas. The town itself has a lively atmosphere, and the local nightclub, Decades, attracts both locals and visitors in throngs as the weekend begins.

That said, there’s plenty more to do if you’re not up for dancing the night away. A host of nearby eateries and pubs feature live music acts, tribute bands and home-grown talent. If you see yourself on a par with the performers, there are karaoke venues too.

Whether you’re sipping cocktails and gazing at the sunset shimmering on the waves, or making new friends over wine and tapas in the local down-tempo hotspot, Coral Bay is a town where pleasure is paramount.

Exploring your new world

When you’re visiting a place called Coral Bay, there’s every chance you’ll want to check out where its name came from – and there are plenty of facilities available for those seeking the natural wonders waiting beneath the waves. From diving gear to boat rentals and more, besides, the community has everything you need to make the most of the natural beauty on offer along the world-renowned reef.

The region around Coral Bay is renowned as one of Cyprus’ most diverse and dynamic, and with Paphos just a short bus ride – and a handful of euros – away, you’ve got a town full of opportunities awaiting you. But if you’re taking a day to experience Coral Bay’s own attractions, rental companies offers four exciting quadbike safari routes. And the kids will adore the slides, pools and activities at Aquapark Water Sol Resort.

Malls amid the myths

No visit to Coral Bay is complete without a day trip to Paphos. The town boasts an eclectic range of sights, shops and souvenir stands, while the ancient history embedded in every stone will regale you with tales woven from legend and antiquity. Paphos has been declared European Capital of Culture for 2017, and is listed under UNESCO for its heritage and beauty.

Every September, the Aphrodite Festival sees the streets lined with colour, culture and intrigue, while museums and galleries give you the deepest of insights into the backdrop of this vibrant place.

Sun in abundance

With a warm climate welcoming visitors all year round, sunbathers would do well to visit Coral Bay in its summer months, with July and August seeing temperatures frequently touch 30°C. Families and couples looking for a milder yet no less welcoming warmth tend to visit Coral Bay in spring and autumn, with April and November being ideal for a slower pace with softer sun.


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