Las Terrenas Holidays 2024/2025

Once a sleepy fishing village, Las Terrenas is now a dreamy Dominican Republic destination. Its white sandy beaches, pastel-coloured boats, swaying palm trees and sparkling sea make it the travel destination of choice for holidaymakers. Add to that some of the best beaches in the world and gourmet cuisine, and you’ve got a holiday location that’s near enough unbeatable. Las Terrenas holidays are suited to families looking for fun and adventure, as well as couples and friends who want momentous experiences and relaxing days in the sun. From whale watching to sipping cocktails, you’ll never have two days the same in Las Terrenas.

Las Terrenas Holiday Deals

Relax on the local beaches

Holidays to the Dominican Republic naturally involve spending plenty of time on the beach, and if you’re staying in Las Terrenas, you probably won’t ever want to leave its warm, welcoming sands. The area is known for its pristine beaches, with people flocking to the region for this reason alone every year. Las Terrenas is an unparalleled spot for watching the sunset, but also has plenty of activities too – from watersports to swing sets. Just down the road is Playa Bonita, which translates to ‘beautiful beach’. It’s less crowded with fewer visitors, making it the perfect place to relax and soak up the tranquil environment. Playa Bonita has two sides to it: one side has calm, still waters that are ideal for swimming, while the other is more active and great for watersports.

One of the world’s most beautiful beaches

The great thing about Las Terrenas holidays is how close you are to a number of superb beaches. Not only do you have ones just a few steps from the town centre, but you can travel just up the road to find plenty more to choose from.

Rincon Beach in Las Galeras is thought to be one of the ten most beautiful beaches in the world, so you must pay a visit while you’re in the area. Its natural landscape is what earned it this accolade. Think turquoise waters lapping onto fine-white sand, surrounded by thick, luscious vegetation. You can either drive to Rincon Beach, or you can arrive on horseback after travelling through the mountains.

Meanwhile, just down the road is Las Galeras Beach, which is one of the most unspoilt beaches in the Caribbean.

Indulge in fine food and drink

Everyone wants to indulge in great foods on their holidays, and Las Terrenas offers that chance in so many different ways. Thanks to the town’s European heritage, you’ll find a diverse mix of cuisine. There are the traditional dishes like jerk chicken and coconut rice but you’ll also find fine French and Italian foods too. From the beef carpaccio to the homemade pasta, most of the food in Las Terrenas would look at home in Parisian restaurants.

Some of the highlights include Restaurante Luis and Boulangerie Francaise. The first is famous for its perfectly-seasoned seafood and tasty Caribbean flavours, while the latter serves authentic French food, including pastries and cakes. When the sun sets, head to the locals’ favourite, El Mosquito, for a vibrant atmosphere, unique décor and delicious cocktails.

Some of the highlights include Restaurante Luis and Boulangerie Francaise. The first is famous for its perfectly-seasoned seafood

One of the most incredible parts of Las Terrenas holidays is the ability to go whale watching. Between January and March, the coast of Las Terrenas is home to all kinds of whales, including humpback whales. There are plenty of different tours you can book to make the most of the experience. Guides will take you on to the open water and help you spot both whales and dolphins, teaching you all there is to know about these fascinating animals.

You’ll usually spend around three to four hours on the water, so you can enjoy seeing the Dominican Republic from a different angle as well. Some tour boats have their own hydrophone too, so you can even hear the whales sing underwater. It’s a truly mesmerising experience, and one you’ll never forget.

Watersports to raise your adrenaline

Las Terrenas and the surrounding region are famous for their abundance of watersports on offer. You can choose from diving, sailing and kite surfing, among many others. Diving is particularly popular in the town, thanks to the varying conditions underwater. If you’ve never dived before, there are plenty of schools to choose from too. Surfing is another sought-after sport in Las Terrenas. You can either hire boards and enjoy the waves alone, or book in for lessons with a surf school.

If you like adrenaline-fuelled activities but prefer dry land, then you’ll love mountain biking in Las Terrenas. The town’s hills and mountains form the perfect course, and you can pick different levels of difficulty too.

Get back to nature in the national parks

Entering Los Haitises National Park feels like walking into a world without humans. Nestled in Samana Bay and only accessible by boat, Los Haitises is one of a kind – and one of the Dominican Republic’s most popular attractions.

With animals found nowhere else in the world, dense wet forests and mythical caves, it’s an eye-opening experience that reminds every visitor of nature’s sublime force. The other main natural attraction is Waterfall Limon, a 40m-high waterfall that plunges down into a lake. The ferocity of the cascading water contrasts beautifully with the stillness of the surrounding forest, while there’s lot of fun to be found in swimming the lake below.

While life may revolve around the sleepy bars and stellar beaches in Las Terrenas, once you arrive, you’ll realise there’s a whole world of experiences lying in wait. Whether you’re learning to surf, listening to humpback whales sing or swimming below a waterfall, there’s a dream-like quality to Las Terrenas holidays that must be seen to be believed.


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