Articles about the Dominican Republic

Planning a trip to the Dominican Republic? Browse our articles for information about the island, including 10 things to try for the first time in Bavaro and top land-based activities waiting to be enjoyed. Our articles also provide insight into music and dance of the Dominican Republic, along with the jungles, secret beaches, wildlife and festivals that create the unique identity of this paradise island.

Ten things to try for the first time in Bavaro

Located in eastern Dominican Republic, the town of Bavaro provides a heady mix of cultural traditions and modern activities. We’ve put together a list of some of our favourite ways to spend sunny days down Bavaro ways, many of which you might never have tried before.

Festivals of the Dominican Republic

You can visit the Dominican Republic in any month you please and still be able to enjoy a local festival. Known as ‘fiestas patronales’, or feast days, these celebrations are held in honour of the town’s patron saint, and are a wonderful fusion of Christian and African traditions.

Wildlife and Sealife of the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic has a spectacular landscape that’s home to a huge range of natural wildlife, including a species of mammal that’s unique to the island. The sea surrounding the country is also rich in life making it a prime spot for snorkelling, diving and taking boat trips out to get a closer look.

Music and dance in the Dominican Republic

Everywhere you travel throughout the Dominican Republic you’re going to encounter the rhythmic beat associated with dance, passion and the tambora – a two sided drum – or the guitar.

Scuba and snorkelling in the Dominican Republic

More than 1,600 kilometres of coastline means there’s ample opportunity for scuba diving and snorkelling around the Dominican Republic. Add to that a slew of caves, shipwrecks and coral reef walls, and you’ve got yourself some seriously fun underwater adventures.

Fun facts about the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is the one of the most interesting and beautiful holiday destinations in the Caribbean region. There’s much more to it than blissful beaches and delicious food. From dancing to fashion design and baseball to dinosaurs, take a look below at our list of interesting and fun facts.

Top activities in the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic’s landscape is rich and diverse. It has four of the highest mountains in the Caribbean, as well as ample waterfalls, lagoons and mangrove swamps.

Extraordinary architecture in the Dominican Republic

The arrival of Christopher Columbus to the Dominican Republic in 1492 heralded a new era in the development of this enchanting destination and its architecture. Previously inhabited by the Taino nation, the rise of the Spanish signalled their demise and new styles in building. In the northeast of the island, then known as Hispaniola, the settlement of La Isabela was founded in 1493 and you can still see its remains today.

Secret beaches in the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is home to some of the most stunning beaches in the world. Boasting pristine white sands, and backed by mangrove forests and palm trees blowing in the wind, it’s hardly surprising they’re so highly praised.

Jungles of the Dominican Republic

Away from the immaculate white sand beaches that embellish the Caribbean coastline, the Dominican Republic offers another layer to its stunning landscape with a jungle packed interior nothing short of a tropical utopia.

What is the Dominican Republic departure tax?

When you fly back from certain countries, such as the Dominican Republic, you need to pay a departure tax. Sometimes this is included in the cost of your holiday, it depends completely on the tour operator. To avoid extra expense, ensure this is the case before departure.