Samana Holidays 2024/2025

Colourful coral reefs, tropical coconut trees, pristine beaches and inviting clear water make Samana and its surrounding peninsula a popular destination. There are whale-watching opportunities and sublime restaurants here. Samana is a peaceful retreat, yet still has plenty of vibrancy on offer.

Samana Holiday Deals

Traditional character and spotless shores

Under the eternally blazing sun of the Caribbean, you’ll find the beaches of Dominican Republic holidays to be among the finest. And Samana, also known as Santa Barbara de Samana, has a special character all of its own. This is partly due to the fact that it’s tucked away on a northeast peninsula, enabling the town to thrive under traditional values.

The stretches of shoreline on offer in this part of the Dominican Republic will drop your jaw in their beauty and serenity, while the locals are always eager to please, from the restaurants and bars to the shops and hotels.

With year round temperatures that rarely dip below 20°C, climbing as far as 40°C in particularly hot summers, you’re going to want to bask on the beach and take in the ambience.

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    Christopher Columbus himself had a hand in steering the fate of Samana, and famously said that he saw it as the most beautiful place in the world. That’s a big statement coming from the man who helped establish the New World in days gone by, yet his words hold plenty of truth.

    Samana is stunning and, to the credit of its people, much work has been done to preserve the natural beauty that makes this destination so enticing.

    The Caribbean whale-watching capital

    Humpback whales who make their home in the sea surrounding Samana have made the area massively popular with nature-lovers, to the extent that many call this the best place in the Caribbean to see these majestic animals breach, swim and play.

    Add the coral reefs and sunken treasures to explore in scuba gear to the equation, and you’re looking at a restful place with some surprising opportunities for adventure. Discoveries on land, off-road safaris, caving tours, hikes through the woodland and nature trails are all on offer for the daring or inquisitive.

    A town untouched by time

    The look and feel of Samana is a call back to the colonial ages of old, when people from Spain and the Canary Islands looking for a new life founded their town here centuries ago. The architecture that forms cathedrals, churches and houses is stunning.

    If you’re looking for a modern vibe and shops, head to the more cosmopolitan Terrenas Town. It’s the main shopping district, where upmarket stores mingle with local artisans practising their craft. Souvenirs and trinkets are abundant here, so make sure to get your fill of traditional artwork, jewellery and clothing on cheap holidays in the Dominican Republic. They’ll definitely impress everyone back home.

    Wining and dining

    They certainly know how to make a good meal in Samana, and if you’re a seafood lover, you’re especially going to enjoy the fresh catches you’ll be having for dinner.

    The local speciality dish is pescado con coco, which is literally fish with coconut. Gingers and spices join those tropical coconuts in becoming frequent garnishes and flavours that put Caribbean twists on traditional classics. What’s more, those of you looking for a more substantial offering will find meat dishes plentiful, while every restaurant in town has plenty of vegetarian options as well.

    The nightlife here makes the most of passionate Latin spirit, with numerous bars dotted around to give you a taste of cocktails and cool, refreshing beers. On top of that, entertainment is frequently lively, with local musicians and dance numbers to take part in.

    If you’re feeling especially lucky, you can also make your way to the local casinos, such as at the Gran Bahia Principe Cayacoa Hotel, where slot machines, roulette wheels and card tables all vie for your attention.

    A hit with all ages

    While activities and parks geared towards little ones aren’t so much the focus in Samana, the kids are still going to love joining you for fun in the sun here. Natural exploration and boat trips will appeal to young minds, while there’s plenty in town to see and do as well. What’s more, many of the hotels that offer All Inclusive holidays to the Dominican Republic have their own amenities tailor-made for children.


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