Bodrum Region Holidays 2022/2023

Touted as being a supremely family-friendly destination, your Bodrum holiday promises to be the place to head for impressive beaches, ancient ruins and waterfront dining. There are lots of watersports and boat cruises to keep you busy during the day and enough nightlife to keep you dancing till sunrise.

Bodrum Region Holiday Deals 2022/2023

Something to keep you entertained

When it comes to holidays that are heavy on fun in the sun, Bodrum knows how to impress. It’s the place where history-lovers behold wonders of the ancient world, watersport newbies find their footing on the waves and relaxation-seekers kick back and say ‘ahh’.

With waterparks and boat cruises, Bodrum is especially known as a family-friendly destination, though clubbers won’t have any trouble finding their new favourite dance spot. As for everyone in between, we have a feeling the sweeping string of beaches and centuries-old castles and ruins overlooking them will suit you just fine. Whether you’re looking for a cheap deal or a luxury holiday, our Bodrum holidays All Inclusive packages offer something for everyone

Currency: Turkish Lira

Language: Turkish

Time Difference: GMT +2

Religion: Islam



Located in the eastern tip of the stunning Bodrum Peninsula is Yalikavak, considered one of its most opulent areas and boasting top-end restaurants and fantastic bays. Turkey holiday packages are in high demand here, thanks to its wonderful array of beaches, nightlife and restaurants.


Located on the Turkish Riviera, Turbuku hasn't been dubbed the St Tropez of Turkey by the New York Times for nothing. This gorgeous spot has a picturesque marina and top-class hotels sitting on the hillsides all around it. It's a popular destination with Turkish pop stars and celebrities, as well as families enjoying All Inclusive Bodrum holidays.


With five kilometres of beach, weekly markets bustling with shopping and chatter and rolling orchards surrounding the town, Turgutreis is a destination where Turkish culture, both old and new, shines with vitality.


A gloriously scenic coastal village just down the road from bustling Bodrum City, Torba offers clean blue water, eternal sunny skies and an idyllic lifestyle for your break.


Ortakent, in the south of Bodrum, is both action-packed and relaxed. It also comes complete with a golden beach and turquoise ocean, perfect for unwinding on. Or it could be your favourite party spot – come evening you've got a busy town centre inland come evening, and Bodrum city nearby.


Prestigious and beautiful, the Kadikalesi resort is one of the best kept secrets in Bodrum. Idyllically situated by the sea, the area comes with fantastic views and swimming opportunities. A top class restaurant, hotel and spa makes up the social centre of Kadikalesi and cements it as a Turkey holiday favourite.


Amid an abundance of olive and citrus groves in the southwest of Turkey, Gundogan remains one of the most peaceful and unspoilt corners of the Bodrum peninsula. With its beautiful golden bay overlooked by hillsides shrouded in pine trees, it's the perfect spot to book an All Inclusive Bodrum holiday during which you can truly relax and unwind.


Gumbet offers all the makings of a classic Turkey holiday, with a long stretch of sandy beach, plenty of great hotels and a plethora of watersports to choose from. If you're after one of the best places for nightlife in the Bodrum region, this is the place to head.


The coastal town of Bitez sits in the south west corner of Turkey, nestled amid lemon and mandarin tree groves and traditional whitewashed houses. While the area has recently seen an influx of modern hotels and now offers more Turkey holiday packages than ever before, the wooden rowing boats bobbing in the bay pay homage to the village's simple fishing past.


Close to Bodrum, Altinkum lies on the Aegean coast and is perennially popular with UK holidaymakers, particularly those with children. However, with its three fantastic beaches, watersports and its numerous bars and nightclubs, this resort has plenty of activities for all.


Akyarlar on the southwest tip of the Bodrum region is a spot for lovers of long sandy beaches, secluded bays and watersports. With local markets and a good range of restaurants around its marina, Akyarlar has all the ingredients for a happy Bodrum holiday in one place.


What was once an ancient Greek city is now the popular coastal town of Bodrum. Evidence of its rich history remains in its old monuments, while the glistening beaches and restaurant culture also make this a great place to visit on any of our Turkey holiday packages.

Sun-drenched sands

Sprawling out along Turkey‘s southwestern coast, Bodrum’s beaches are sun-drenched stunners. Only the town of Turkbuku is without a beach, so there won’t be a shortage of shores to call home for your holiday. But even here there are loungers primed for relaxation found along the docks. What’s more, many resorts in Bodrum come with more than one beach, with spots like Altinkumclaiming a whopping three.

Chic marinas are on hand for most of Bodrum’s resorts, complete with restaurants and little beach bars. Gumbet lays claim to a Blue Flag-accredited beach, while Camel Beach in Bodrum City is a popular stop on boat cruises, whose shores boast – yes, you guessed it – camels. And if you find yourself in need of a change of beach scenery, depending on which resort you choose, there are local buses that’ll connect you to nearby shores.

Ancient marvels

What is now modern day Bodrum, long ago was the dwelling place of ancient civilisations, ruins of which are still scattered across the region. It was once the site of the ancient city of Halicarnassus. Its amphitheatre and the crumbling stone walls of the Mausoleum of Mausolus – one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World – lie just a short distance from Bodrum City.

History buffs will have no trouble castle-hopping in this Turkish region, from the 15th-century castle topping a hill along Bodrum City’s coast to the ruins found near Kadikalesi. Even the smaller resorts are privy to their own slice of history – spots like TurgutreisYalikavak and Ortakent each feature old towns.

Worldly cuisine and Turkish delights

Dining here is a treat for the senses, whether you’re going it alone or taking advantage of our All Inclusive Bodrum holidays. Depending on which resort you choose to set up shop in, you’ll find everything from British to Italian, American to Indian and Chinese cuisine to help make you feel a little closer to home.

And then there’s enough Turkish food to keep you sorted for life, with idyllic cafes and restaurants along the waterfront, plus old town spots that ooze authenticity. The local fare in Turkey largely revolves around Mediterranean flavours and seafood – these resorts do call the sea their neighbour, after all – serving up meaty dishes with a little splash of spice.


Whether you’re up for quiet nights along the waterfront or pulsing night clubs until two in the morning, Bodrum has you covered. In general, the larger the resort, the larger the nightlife, but you’ll still find somewhere to settle in for the evening regardless of where you go.

Bodrum City is the region’s nightlife queen, seconded by Gumbet. The former is rife with neon-lit clubs boasting live DJ sets, while Gumbet rivals with its very own Bar Street. That’s where you’ll find an avenue of party spots, complete with dance nights, drag shows and cocktail bars.

Bazaar browsing

There are souvenirs aplenty in shops and markets throughout the area, so you won’t have trouble picking up a little something for family and friends during cheap Bodrum holidays. But it’s Bodrum City and Turgutreis that steal the show when it comes to the purchase of local goods.

Turgutreis hosts a market every Saturday that draws in crowds from near and far, while Bodrum City ups the game with two. Bodrum City is also home to large-scale shopping malls selling branded items as well as little stalls dotted throughout town.

Out on the waves

Watersports and boat cruises bring even the sleepiest villages to life, humming across the waves bordering most of Bodrum’s resorts. There are coves to explore, mini islands to visit and diving adventures to be had. In Bodrum, there’s no excuse not to get out and about, unless of course you’re snoozing on the beach.

There’s a large waterpark found between Ortakent and Bodrum City for heart-pumping fun, and spa trips to bring things back down a notch. Museums detailing ancient art, as well as underwater archaeology, illuminate the region’s colourful past. While tours through local historic sites give the relics a little perspective.