Olu Deniz Holidays 2024/2025

With a world-famous beach – a 50-minute stroll from end to end, plus bustling marketplaces, a cluster of luxury hotels and a whole host of superb restaurants and bars, Olu Deniz is a tropical paradise for holidaymakers seeking Turkey holiday deals.

Olu Deniz Holiday Deals

A characterful tourist hotspot

Twenty years ago, Olu Deniz was Turkey‘s best-kept secret. An unpolished diamond on the Turquoise Coast, this pristine stretch of sand bordering perfectly calm and clear waters had only been hit upon by a handful of intrepid backpackers and their tents. Fast forward a couple of decades and the campsites have been replaced with an array of high-end hotelsexcellent restaurants and cafes and bars by the cartload.

Olu Deniz has done a sterling job in terms of its tourism, without losing its character in the process. Yes, the resort is dominated by travellers on cheap holidays to Turkey during the summer months, but for a relaxing day on the beach and a break away from it all, there is no place better. What’s more, there are also enough adrenaline-fuelled activities to keep the more active holidaymaker happy, as well.

One of the best beaches in the world

Olu Deniz’s primary attraction is a stretch of sand. Bordering an area of incredibly unblemished water known as the Blue Lagoon, this is the perfect place to top up your tan or take a dip in the cooling confluence of the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas. The lagoon itself is a great place to chill out and rent a hut – complete with bean bags, cushions and plenty of shade.

If the crowds get a little too much, you can seek more seclusion on nearby Paradise Beach – also known as Kidrak – around 25 minutes’ away.

Get your bartering cap on

If you love bagging a bargain, then it makes sense to check out the weekly market at meander Fethiye, which takes place every Tuesday. Here you can experience all the activity and energy of a Turkish bazaar, where stalls peddle everything from fresh produce to jewellery and much, much more. Genuine fakes can be found in such marketplaces, so watch out for these, and be prepared to haggle with shopkeepers – starting prices are generally much higher than the actual value of the item.

If you want an authentic experience, you can always buy some fish, fresh from the boat. Then, take it to any one of the nearby restaurants, and they’ll happily cook it, for a few Turkish lire of course. Depending on how brave you’re feeling, you can even gut it and cook it yourself.

Take to the skies

That iconic aerial shot of Olu Deniz seen in just about every tourist brochure is the reason why tourists flock here in their thousands. But don’t settle for a picture -take to the skies and see the magnificent vista with your very own eyes.

There’s a slew of microlite and paragliding companies that fly over this picturesque spot, which means you can marvel over the sheer beauty of the region from above. While such an excursion doesn’t come cheap, it’s worth every penny just for the experience.

Explore further afield

Away from Olu Deniz, there’s a whole world of attractions just waiting to be explored. You can head to the nearby ghost town of Kayakoy, deserted during the 1920s as a result of the Greco-Turkish War and left as an eerie testament to the era. For the best experience, try riding on horseback through the deserted streets.

Dalyan is another historic town an hour or so away. This spot is adored for its loggerhead turtles which nest there every year, and the ruins in the surrounding area are just as impressive.

Meanwhile, nature lovers and hiking enthusiasts can stretch their legs and experience the natural beauty of Turkey’s colourful coastline on foot. The 540- kilometre-long Lycian Way trail begins at Olu Deniz – it stretches all the way to Antalya – and skirts the ancient coast of Lycia. You can walk sections of the route if you don’t fancy doing the whole thing.


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