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Olu Deniz


Olu Deniz Holidays

The picture perfect sands of this resort are the envy of everywhere else in Turkey. On Olu Deniz holidays you'll find a Blue Flag winning beach sitting beautifully next to the famous Blue Lagoon.

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Surrounding Olu Deniz is a spectacular area of natural beauty. Babadag Mountain provides beautiful views of the Blue Lagoon and Butterfly Valley below while the Kidrack Natural Park is another gorgeous beach space to settle into.

All ages will love spending time at any one of the town's two waterparks. There are also choices of water sports and land activities to try.

The town's main road provides great shopping opportunities while restaurants and bars along the beachfront provide fantastic venues to drink and dine.

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  • Turkish Lira
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  • GMT +2

Picture perfect

The azure sea of the Blue Lagoon is the most eye-catching part of Olu Deniz Beach but the smooth and spacious area of white sand is no slouch either. This Blue Flag waving beach has been recognised for its safety and cleanliness. It is this beach that is often featured on the front of Dalaman postcards, to make your friends back home jealous.

Although it is still part of the Mediterranean Sea, the Blue Lagoon is considered special because of its calm nature and vibrantly blue appearance. Take a pedalo and a snorkel a little further out to try and catch a glimpse of loggerhead turtles swimming off the coast.

The wide beach features plenty of space to sunbathe on the soft sand or on sun loungers. There is a great choice of cafes, bars and restaurants nearby too. You're not allowed to swim in certain areas of the Blue Lagoon after dark as swimmers can disturb the wildlife.

Babadag Mountain paragliding

Looking over the resort is Babadag Mountain which acts as a jumping off point for some adventurers. The bravest guests can start a paragliding flight from the top of this mountain and you can sail through the air gaining phenomenal views of Olu Deniz Beach, the Blue Lagoon, Butterfly Valley and the nearby but quieter beach area of Kidrack Natural Park.

The other sporting opportunities on holidays to Olu Deniz are more leisurely with the majority utilising the Blue Lagoon's calm nature and beauty. Dive schools give the opportunity to scuba and snorkel through the waters while the Suncity Beach Club lets you take pedalos out onto the sea.

Olu Deniz's hotels hide some fantastic attractions so don't be afraid to look around each. Many offer relaxing spa facilities while the Grand Ucel Aqua Park can be enjoyed by all. The town's other waterpark Water World Aqua Park features nine slides, pools, a lazy river and attractions especially for the kids.

Have fun at the beach bars

Olu Deniz isn't a destination to go clubbing but the beach bars are the ideal place to enjoy a fun and long night out under the stars. By day these beach bars are trendy places to relax with a cold cocktail in hand but as the sun goes down, the energy levels and the tempo of the music goes up.

In Summer Jam, Help Beach Bar and a few of the other sand-side venues you'll come across DJs, live musicians and karaoke nights. The majority of live entertainment performed is family friendly but adults can stay up especially late in some of these neon-lit beach bars.

Shop on Carsi Caddesi

Running down to the beach through the centre of town, Carsi Caddesi is the main street where you'll find some restaurants as well as a great selection of shops.

The independent shops down this road sell not quite designer brands of clothes and accessories. Handcrafted products of cloths, cushions and pashminas are available too. The Spice Boys Shop sells an array of herbs, spices and drinks as well as a handful of souvenir items.

Turkish, British and Italian options

With just over a hundred different eateries to sample in Olu Deniz, there is no chance of you going hungry. UK Tourists are catered for with a selection of British cuisine in some pubs and bars. The rest of the restaurants serve a range of international cuisine with Turkish treats featured on most menus.

Cawa Cawa provides delicious meals with Mexican and Italian themes while M.Ball Ottoman can supply you with familiar dishes or new Turkish ones in a delightful outdoor setting. The neon sign flashing above Joseph's Restaurants informs tourists they can dine there for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Hire a car or grab the bus

To reach Olu Deniz you'll drive for an hour around a large bay area from Dalaman Airport.

Hiring a car is also a preferred option for some tourists but the Dolmus busses are the cheapest way to travel around in Olu Deniz. This transportation can take you to the larger area of Fethiye in around 20 minutes.

Best time of year to visit

The Blue Lagoon sparkles under the Mediterranean sunshine for the best part of 8 months every year. From April until early November the average high temperatures hit at least 20C while the middle of summer reaches a scorching 34C.

One of Olu Deniz's most unique festivals is held every October when the Air Games take place here. For four days dozens of paragliders are seen taking off from Babadag Mountain before eventually landing on the beach.