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Marmaris Holidays

This Turkish tourism favourite welcomes millions of visitors to it's exciting surroundings every year. With an active beach, thriving nightlife and wonderful attractions, fun in the sun is guaranteed on Marmaris holidays.

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Everyone is invited

There is plenty of room for families, couples and the 18-30s crowd on holidays to Marmaris. The resort is city sized and there are attractions, hotels, beaches and restaurants that appeal to all of the aforementioned groups.

Not just your typical tourist destination though, Marmaris Castle has been a fixture of the region for thousands of years. There are also terrific natural areas to experience both in the Dalaman district and the islands off the coast.

With the amount of tourist attractions and activities offered throughout the day and the nightlife opportunity after dark, Marmaris can be as fun or as laidback as you need it to be.

Quick Tips

  • Islam
  • Turkish Lira
  • Turkish
  • GMT +2

Beaches for miles around

Those looking for a beach getaway won't be disappointed on holidays to Marmaris as the resort's long strip of sand is lined with restaurants, bars and water sports. There are plenty of sunloungers available too so you can settle into the busy beach and enjoy the nearby facilities.

The town's beach extends to the aptly named Long Beach. Running for a full 10km, this is a quieter area where there is little to distract from the serenity of the sea, sand and Mediterranean sunshine.

Fun in the sun

Marmaris is ready for a busy influx of tourists throughout the popular holiday seasons with terrific tours, activities and attractions to see.

You're presented with choices which include day trips to some of the nearby islands like Sedir. Some prefer to ride the waves by the beach with an array of sporting opportunities. Others can enjoy a wet and wild day out at either the Atlantis Waterpark or the Aquadream Waterpark.

The visitors who feel they are in need of some TLC can utilise one of Marmaris's famous Turkish spas. The most notable of the many in town is the Dalyan Mud Bath where the natural muck will revitalise your skin.

Delights at night

Whether you choose a day of activity or relaxation, you can choose a night out to follow a similar theme. There are hundreds of restaurants and bars to settle into on an evening where fine meals and delicious drinks can be consumed in quiet surroundings. Many also offer great locations next to the beach while others offer live entertainment from bands to belly dancers.

The stars of Marmaris's nightlife are found along Bar Street where a narrow line of neon-lit bars and clubs keep the music playing until 4am. Everything from Turkish pop to hip hop can be found along this street and shisha can also be enjoyed in outdoor seating areas.

Shop at the Grand Bazaar

Shops are easily found throughout Marmaris with many presenting great opportunities to pick up a holiday souvenir. Aside from the traditional gift shops, you can grab a keepsake at the Carsi Market which is held every day. Found right next to the prominent figure of Marmaris Castle, the shops and stalls here sell an array of items you associate with Turkey: spices, sheets, shisha pipes, Turkish delights and much more.

A weekly market is held every Thursday at G. Mustafa Mugali Caddesi where the goods on display aren't as traditional. Instead, this market presents dozens of stalls that are filled with 'going-out' clothes and replica designer brands.

Take your pick

With hundreds of eateries, the most difficult question isn't what to eat, it's where? Throughout the large town there are delicious cuisines to suit all tastes and price ranges and you have a terrific selection of venues to choose from.

Perhaps the most relaxing place to dine in Marmaris is by the marina where elegant restaurants are placed along the seafront boardwalk.

Elsewhere the choices aren't restricted to just Turkish and Mediterranean cuisine as there is a wider array of themes to choose from. Marmaris is a popular destination for visitors from the UK so there are enough British and Irish pubs to reflect this popularity.

Worth the trip

Dalaman Airport is almost 100km away from Marmaris and the drive between the two will take around 90 minutes.

Once you arrive in town you'll find Marmaris is almost too big to walk from one side to the other. The cheapest form of transportation is the minibuses that run around town on set prices depending on distance and zones.

Taxis are available on the meter and the price can start to add up if used regularly.

Best time of year to visit

Temperatures are known to reach the mid-thirties in degrees Celsius in Marmaris. These hot summer temperatures coincide with the school holidays when thousands of families fly in to enjoy the fantastic weather as well as the beaches, shops, restaurants and attractions.

The months either side of July and August will be slightly cooler and slightly quieter too. May is a popular month as the Marmaris Maritime and Spring Festival is held bringing with it hundreds of aquatic vessels as well as musical performances and street food.