Articles about Turkey

Planning a trip to Turkey? Browse our articles for information including guides to the beaches, bazaars and famous baths of this Eurasian wonder. From fascinating facts about the Turkish language to the local alcohol, our articles feature everything you need to know for your Turkish holiday.

A guide to Turkish baths

If you’re planning a holiday to Turkey, or other Mediterranean countries including Greece, Spain and Morocco, you’ll more than likely get the opportunity to experience a Turkish bath or hammam. This once-in-a-life-time experience can be enjoyed in an ancient building, a luxury hotel or purpose-built complex.

A guide to Turkey's beaches

If you’re looking for a seaside retreat then Turkey should be top of your list as it has some of the best beaches out there. Rest assured that whether you’re looking for a fun-filled family holiday, a romantic getaway for two, an isolated artist’s retreat or a holiday with all your mates, Turkey has you covered for sun, sand and sea.

A guide to Turkish bazaars

There’s nothing quite like the atmosphere and hubbub of a Turkish bazaar. The strong colours and smells of the goods mixed with the sound of sellers luring you is enough to keep you coming back for more. Actually known as a ‘pazar’ in Turkish or sometimes a ‘han’, meaning a group of traders, locals will know exactly what you’re talking about if you asking for directions to the bazaar. They’re the perfect place to pick up gifts for your family back home or grab a bite to eat.

Raki - The national drink of Turkey

When you think of Turkey, plenty of things spring to mind. The great spires and bazaars of Istanbul, the grand harbours of sunny Antalya, , the great accomplishments shaped by the Ottoman Empire and the wholesome flavours of baklava and other Turkish delights – no pun intended.

One thing many visitors have come to love is raki, which is considered the beverage of choice both here in Turkey and the heartlands of Greece. With its aniseed flavour and hefty alcohol content, together with a distinctive means of being served, raki has become a cultural treasure enjoyed everywhere, from Bodrum to Dalaman. It’s also growing in popularity all over the world, but take it from us – it tastes better in Turkey. So, we suggest you drink raki as it was meant to be tasted, like you would with Turkish coffee.

Amazing examples of Ottoman art and architecture

Known today as the Republic of Turkey,this amazing country has a historic link to the Ottoman Empire that saw it control western Asia, northern Africa and parts of southern and eastern Europe. That said, you can find examples of Ottoman architecture, the signature calling card of the civilisation, in the likes of Greece, Montenegro and Cyprus.

Top facts about Turkey

There are many things that spring to mind when we think about Turkey – Ottoman architecture, colourful bazaars, Turkish delight and stunning beaches. But when you look beneath the cover there are a bunch intriguing discoveries to be made about this culturally-rich country. From wonders of the world to turtle hatching spots and homegrown hazelnuts – lets take a look at what makes this country so special.

Turkey's most incredible sights

Resting across two continents has given Turkey the unique advantage of remaining a country of contrasts throughout its history. That means there’s so much to see here, so it can be tricky knowing how best to invest your time. However, there’s no need to worry, because we’ve unearthed some of the greatest secrets Turkey has to offer.

Top activities for your Turkish holiday

It’s a country that bridges continents, rich in culture, cuisine and history, yet modern in so many ways. From art to science and facts to folklore, there’s so much to Turkey that it can feel overwhelming. In a country this big and vibrant, it can be hard deciding what to do.

What is Turkish delight? A guide to Turkish sweets

We all know it as a squishy purple sweet that’s often covered in chocolate, but there’s more to Turkish Delight than you think. This is especially true if you travel to Turkey to try it, but even then, it’s not the only sweet treat this country has to offer.

Six fascinating facts about the Turkish language

If you’re holidaying in Turkey and want to understand a little more about the language, here are a few facts to spark your imagination. It’s always a good idea to learn a few local phrases when abroad, and once you’ve read these fascinating details you can head over to our page of useful Turkish phrases to prepare yourself even more.