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Dalyan Holidays

Dalyan holidays offer the chance to stay in a unique village that rests alongside a scenic river. Travel along this body of water to see natural spa facilities, beautiful beaches and mountain-face rock tombs.

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Riverside resort

Dalyan offers a different experience from all other Dalaman region resorts as the scenery encompasses a river and mountainous surroundings rather than your run of the mill beaches. The coastal allure of this resort is original but you can still find a relaxing beach just 4km down the river.

The Lycian ancient rock tombs are a must-see here and the natural mud baths found along the water are a treat for the skin.

With a couple of bars and a weekly market there is plenty to keep you occupied on holidays to Dalyan. Families and couples can gaze upon some beautiful sights and share fantastic experiences together in this Turkish delight.

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Turtle Beach

The Dalyan River flows past its namesake town from the sea and through to the large Lake Koycegiz. There is something to see and experience in every direction once you set sail from the resort. Taking a water taxi you can head up to the lake which takes you by the amazing rock tombs within the cliff faces or down towards Iztuzu Beach.

Often referred to as Turtle Beach because of the loggerhead turtles that use it as a place to lay and hatch eggs, the beach is unique with bodies of water on either side of the sand. The beach is actually closed from 8pm until 8am every night from May until October so the turtles aren't disturbed.

The beach is a beautifully scenic area that is often highlighted as one of Europe's most beautiful beach destinations. The landscape cannot be replicated by anywhere else in the world in what is truly a one-of-a-kind habitat.

River cruises

The boat trip that takes you to the beach is an experience in itself. Look down and you're sure to see an array of fish like bass, mullet and sea bream which are a target for local fishermen.

Don't forget to look up and witness the Lycian rock tombs which were first carved into the rock face in around 400BC. Across the river is another ancient area by the town of Kaunos where you'll see the ruins of an amphitheatre and mosaics at the Roman baths.

Take advantage of the natural beauty treatment available nearby at the Liza Cavus Thermal. These natural mud baths and hot springs provide a unique experience that open the pores and refresh the skin.

Night time boat parties

Within the village of Dalyan you have a terrific choice of music and cocktails bars to enjoy after dark. Between Efe Bar, Tequila Bar, Sofra Bar, and Ottoman Karaoke & Cocktail Bar you'll find enough evening entertainment and comfort to have a great night out. The M&M Rock Bar is a surprising Turkish themed spot where you can enjoy some local music and drinks.

Some tour operators also offer moonlight cruises along the Dalyan River to Lake Koycegiz. The tombs are softly lit after dark while some journeys offer you drinks and barbecued food to enjoy alongside music.

Dalyan mementos

Within the village square you'll find a couple of small shops to search for some souvenirs to remember your holiday in Dalyan. One of the local shops is Nur's Art Gallery that sells an attractive array of decorated ceramics.

Every Saturday there is a weekly market held in the square too where you can purchase local produce, spices and other foods. There are also replica designer clothing, footwear and accessories to browse through.

Beautiful dining experiences

Though Dalyan isn't a large resort, there are still dozens of different eateries spread across the town. Many of which have extremely attractive outdoor areas where you can dine. Both Begonville House Restaurant and Sevgi Gozleme have an attractive selection of varnished wood tables set in a garden like setting.

Many of the eateries are open from breakfast so you can stop at delightful cafes by the water or in town and enjoy an early morning coffee and pastry in the sun.

Water taxis

After landing at Dalaman Airport the drive to Dalyan will take just 35 minutes.

There should be no need to hire a car on holidays to Dalyan as the town is small enough to walk around and the river provides great transport options to get around.

The water taxis and boat cruises can take you 4km south to Iztuzu Beach or 4km north to Lake Koycegiz. You can also grab a minibus to the beach which is said to be just as scenic.

Best time of year to visit

Summer temperatures reach an average high of around 34C in Dalyan so taking a dip in the sea or Lake Koycegiz could be a welcome relief. The average highs stay above 20C from April until early November though so you have a wide window of when to experience Turkey's heat.

The loggerhead turtles are called caretta carettas in Turkey and there is a three day music festival held to celebrate the endangered animals. The beach features a curfew between May and October for the animal's benefit but you may also spot some of the creatures coming to shore during the day too.