Fethiye Holidays 2024/2025

A city in southwest Turkey where the sun always shines. With a visit here you can expect vast beaches with vanilla white sand, superb architecture and local arts. Nights in Fethiye can be lively, providing plentiful revelry to your cheap holidays to Turkey. Alternatively, you might just want to sample the fantastic Turkish and international food and drink.

Fethiye Holiday Deals

A mix of cultures

The city itself is a cultural melting pot, where local and international restaurants vie for your attention. While the beaches are smooth expanses of luxury and relaxation, with perfect water, sumptuous sand and sunny skies.

There’s a pretty big population of Brits living here, so you’ll feel right at home on your Turkey holiday, even before you consider the typical warmth of traditional Turkish hospitality.

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  • Relax on the sand, or take a trip on the sea

    If you’re heading to the beach, which is a definite must during any visit to Fethiye, you’re going to be delighted. The sand is warm, the skies are clear and the sea is a magnificent blue. Plus, you’re going to have ample opportunity to relax by the sea. Though, if you prefer to keep active, swimming and various watersports are always an option.

    Alternatively, there are also frequent boat trips to Kizilada. This island sits a few miles off the coast of the city, in the Gulf of Fethiye, and is well worth a visit. Not only are there plenty of sights to see on Kizilada, but the lighthouse has been converted into a seafood restaurant famous for its generous portions and fantastic flavours.

    Spend the day shopping in the Old Town

    With its intricate architecture and storied stonework, it feels like every corner of Paspatur, the Old Town district of Fethiye, tells a tale of times gone by. There are local artisans to meet who’ll be more than happy to show you their crafts, as well as more conventional shopping options for fashionistas and souvenir bargain hunters.

    Once you’ve shopped until you’re ready to drop, you should stop by one of the coffee shops or cafes in the area. Here you’ll be able to grab a hot java or a cool beverage to ease your fatigue after a day in the blazing sun.

    Lose yourself in ancient ruins

    ome of the most historic sites in Turkey are within easy reach of Fethiye, so you can spend the day following in the footsteps of legends from antiquity. The mountainous relics of Tlos are definitely worth your attention, since they’re less well-known than many of the other sites in the region. Rocky villages and old monuments mingle mysteriously in this stunning space.

    The Lycian Rock Tombs close to Fethiye are also well worth your time, especially since you can take in views of the entire bay, complete with its glorious marina. That said, if you’d rather soak up some history closer to civilisation, be sure to check out the Fethiye Museum.

    See the sights of Butterfly Valley

    Between the grand cliffs that sweep up to embrace green fields and shimmering sands, lies Butterfly Valley, whose name derives from the huge amount of butterfly species found here. The entire area of patchwork fields and secluded woodland is a nature reserve, so urban development has been forbidden. However, the area is open to the public all year round, and a lot of visitors choose to set up tents around this spot.

    Take in the colours of Umbrella Street

    You read that correctly. There’s a part of Fethiye called Umbrella Street, where the usual line-up of cute cafes and historic shops is sheltered beneath a canopy of umbrellas. They’re big, bright and colourful, giving the street a fun twist on modern art that tourists love to be photographed underneath.

    On the more practical side, it also makes Umbrella Street a brilliant place to hide away from the blazing sun for a while. And don’t worry there’s plenty of places to quench your thirst while you’re there.


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