Turgutreis Holidays 2024/2025

With five kilometres of beach, weekly markets bustling with shopping and chatter and rolling orchards surrounding the town, Turgutreis is a destination where Turkish culture, both old and new, shines with vitality.

Turgutreis Holiday Deals

The best that Turkey has to offer

Plenty of people book Turkey holiday packages for culture, good food and searing sunshine – and that’s why the coastal towns throughout the region of Bodrum are proving more and more popular. It’s not a massive leap of imagination to see why – we’re talking about long swathes of white sand lapped by the deep blue Mediterranean, all surrounded by evocative architecture and surrounding countryside.

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    If you look into the history of Turgutreis, you’ll find it has its roots in the Ottoman Empire – and as such, there’s over 500 years of culture embedded into every nook and cranny. Its transformation into one of the most appealing places for holidaymakers to visit in Turkey only emerged in the last decade or so – but don’t think this is some sleepy backwater with nothing to do.

    Explore the streets and you’ll find cafes and places to drink that’ll suit every palate – and make sure you check out the busy weekend market, where haggling and bargain-hunting are the order of the day.

    Indulge in some nightlife

    Turgutreis may have evolved from a sleepy coastal village, but nowadays its nightlife scene definitely does it proud. There are vibrant venues like Tash’s Bar and Azo Bar to pique your interest with boogie and beverages, while if you’re looking for live musicians and an excuse to dance the night away near city lights and sparkling seas you can head to the marina, where traditional Turkish party spirit is alive and well. However you’d rather spend your evening, there’s going to be somewhere ready to welcome you with drinks and smiles.

    Go horse riding through the country

    At the nearby Turgutreis Country Ranch, there’s the opportunity for you and the family to saddle up and go riding through the rolling hills surrounding the town. There are several trails you can follow, and the horses are able to take on riders of every kind. Whether it’s your first time in the saddle or you’re an equestrian expert, the views you’ll enjoy under that hot Turkish sun will make for a fantastic day trip.v

    Sink beneath the sea

    The sea surrounding Turgutreis has a reputation for the number of wrecks and sunken mysteries hidden under the waves, but it wasn’t until recently that the area opened up to scuba diving for the public. Luckily, nowadays there are several companies within and around Turgutreis who are only too happy to help you swim down to the depths and come face-to-face with the local sea-life.

    First-time divers and experienced scuba masters are catered for, and you could meet everything from fish to turtles to crabs – or even find some forgotten treasures.

    Sit by the sea over delicious food

    It’s no exaggeration to suggest that the cuisine in Turgutreis is delectable, any which way you look. There are fast-food and snack vendors if that’s what you’re after, but you’d be selling yourself short if you weren’t trying traditional meals made at some of the town’s restaurants. There’s international cuisine aplenty too – think Italian dishes, delicious meals in the traditions of the Far East, as well as those timeless British greats like steak and chips or a full-on fry-up.

    When to visit

    Turkey is a country that bridges continents, and Turgutreis is nestled in the south – which means you’re going to be immersed in a hot and welcoming Mediterranean climate. As you’d expect, that heat makes the summer months between May and August especially popular, and July temperatures can hit as high as 35°C or more – even touching 40°C on a particularly scorching day.

    The less crowded times of year are in the winter, although you’re still going to be feeling toasty on your Bodrum holiday, with temperatures anywhere between 15°C and 20°C ready to be enjoyed.


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