Sousse Holidays 2024/2025

A major city in Tunisia, Sousse holidays are popular with tourists because of the phenomenal beaches, 3,000 years of history on display and the modern hotels and restaurants that are now available at great prices.

Sousse Holiday Deals

A Tunisian gem

The second biggest city in the country, there is enough room to welcome visitors from neighbouring resorts as well as Sousse’s own tourists and locals. This pearl of a destination combines ancient history with modern amenities to give guests an unforgettable experience.

Holidays to Sousse are ideal for those that appreciate history as well as those that want to bask underneath the Mediterranean sunshine from often luxury settings. Families will love the peaceful surroundings of the city and kids will love the soft sands and shallow shores of the beach. There is a fun nightlife too but things can remain laidback day and night in this sublime Tunisian resort.

Boujaffar Beach

Boujaffar Beach stretches for miles from the city centre right up to Port el-Kantaoui so you’re destined to find a secluded spot to lay down your beach towel. If you want to stay around popular areas, sun loungers and shaded umbrellas are available for hire while you won’t have to venture too far from the beach to find a café, bar or restaurant.

Sousse’s hotels and accommodation are often within walking distance to the beach while some are ideally placed on the coast providing private beach sections to reward their occupants.

Water sports are available up and down the coast and you’re also offered opportunities to scuba dive as well as take boat trips up and down the east coast of Tunisia.

Embrace the history

When you can drag yourself away from the celebrated beach, there are countless areas of beauty within the Sousse city limits.

The 9th century Medina of Sousse is a labyrinth of fascinating stone buildings, mosques and monuments, and hours can be enjoyed walking throughout the timeworn surroundings. This area is also now protected as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Aside from the medina there are several other fascinating museums and guided tours around stunning castles, ruins and private collections of historic relics. It is sometimes hard to know what to see so hiring a walking, driven or Segway tour around town is an efficient way to see it all.

If you arrive in Sousse feeling frazzled, head to Hammam Anti Stress. This spa offers traditional Tunisian treatments such as body scrubs, steam baths and holistic treatments to sooth your body and mind.

Nightlife options

Being such a big city, there is more option of bars, lounges and clubs than any other resort in this area of Tunisia. While the majority of places are sociable and friendly make sure you don’t accidentally walk into one of Sousse’s seedier clubs.

There are some great relaxing settings to kick back with a cocktail. Tourist designated bars are kept within hotels but locals throw a good party along the beach promenade after dark.

Premier marketplace

Sousse is home to a massive array of markets, bazaars, souks and stalls; whatever you call them, you’ll find plenty in this city. Tourists and Tunisians travel from miles around to experience Sousse’s markets that offer products that range from unique souvenirs to brand named accessories.

The sellers and traders make the market an exciting experience as they try to lure you into making a purchase and remember to stand firm when haggling over a price.

If you want to shop in a calmer environment where the prices are fixed, there is also a modern mall available which provides just as much North African souvenir products.

Dining choices

The city is well equipped to service so many visitors to Sousse and there are plenty of restaurants, cafes and other eateries available. International tastes are cared for with plenty of pizza places, grills, tapas and more while there are dozens of local options too.

A popular dish throughout Tunisia is couscous and it is served here in a number of variations including chicken, fish and vegetables.

Noddy Trains and Tuk Tuks

When landing at Enfidha International Airport, all that stands between you and check in is the 30 minute drive to Sousse.

City taxi drivers in Sousse are known for overcharging tourists so it is best to agree upon a price before setting off. Shared taxis which are used by locals too are a considerably cheaper option.

If journeying to nearby resorts, the Noddy Train and the bright purple Tuk Tuks are cheap options to take you to Skanes or Port el-Kantaoui.

Best time of year to visit

The summers are Saharan hot as the temperatures regularly reach 30C during the day while winter gets marginally milder at an average of 15C.

For five weeks in July and August, the International Festival of Sousse celebrates Tunisia’s historical and cultural diversity. Music, dancing and performances take place while this festival is also famous for its massive parades.


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