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Weather in Tunisia

Sun drenched and speckled with culture, Tunisia is a great destination for year round holidays. Being the northernmost nation in Africa, Tunisia's placement means many of its regions boast a beautiful year round, warm climate with lots and lots of sunshine! Of course, this climate varies slightly depending on which part of the country you decide to visit – you can find out more information on this with our Malta weather guide.

To make your life easier, we've put together a quick overview of Tunisia's average weather temperatures! Decided which month has the ideal temperature for you? Now it's time to find out how much you can SAVE on your Tunisia holiday.

Weather in Tunisia in January

Average Temperature: High 16°C | Low 9°C

Average Rainfall: 9mm per month

January may be the coldest month for Tunisia but even then, Tunisia is still very mild and sunny compared to the UK. They'll probably be the odd shower with an expected 9mm of rainfall across the month. Temperatures average highs of 16°C which is still warm enough for some lovely beach strolls, you may just need to keep a light jacket on hand. You'll find the evenings a little cooler at around 9°C but with only a slight breeze, it rarely feels too cold.

You can expect around five hours of glorious daily sunshine, a little more if you're staying closer to the south of the island.

Weather in Tunisia in February

Average Temperature: High 17°C | Low 7°C

Average Rainfall: 12mm per month

Are you considering Tunisia for a lovely half-term break or post winter getaway with your other half? February is an idyllic time for a visit. You'll step off the plane to a very pleasant climate, one where temperatures are reaching 17°C and the rainfall is no more than what's expected in January – any showers are usually pretty brief!

Tunisia weather in February is perfect for those who enjoy a slightly cooler climate to the peak summer months. You can still enjoy six full hours of optimum daily sunshine, just right for exploring the country's historic sights. Humidity levels average out at around 74% but with a nice breeze, you'll be able to happily stroll around without breaking a sweat.

Weather in Tunisia in March

Average Temperature: High 19°C | Low 9°C

Average Rainfall: 9mm per month

What's the weather like in Tunisia in March? Well, you can leave the UK's prolonged frosty Winters behind because Spring truly kicks into gear here. Temperatures climb to a lovely 19°C so be sure to pack plenty of short sleeves! The sun should keep on shining for a decent seven hours of prime daily sunshine, humidity levels out at around 72% and rainfall drops significantly to only 9mm across the month.

Evenings can still feel a little chillier averaging out around 10°C, just remember to pack a light jacket and you'll be good to stay out until the early hours.

Weather in Tunisia in April

Average Temperature: High 22°C | Low 13°C

Average Rainfall: 4mm per month

You could say Tunisia's weather in April is the turning point toward Summer. Temperatures shoot up toward highs of 22°C and you can be sure to enjoy at least eight hours of glorious sunshine. April tends to be a popular time to visit Tunisia. It's hot enough to rock your swim gear and spend days relaxing at the beach, without having to put up with any busy summer crowds!

Humidity falls to 69% and winds rise slightly so the climate can be rather refreshing. We'd still recommended a light jacket for an evening as temperatures can fall to around 13°C. Rain can also still be expected with around 6 days of the month being effected.

Weather in Tunisia in May

Average Temperature: High 27°C | Low 15°C

Average Rainfall: 3mm per month

Hot summer days are ready and waiting to welcome you to Tunisia in May. With highs of 27°C be sure to pack lots of sun cream! It's still just out of peak season so tourism crowds aren't overbearing. The sun will shine for the best 10 hours of your day meaning you can soak up all those rays, catch yourself a lovely golden tan and easily get out and about to see all the country has to offer.

Tunisia's weather in May is among one of the warmest in the Mediterranean. Only four days or 23mm of rainfall is expected across Tunisia in May but don't worry if it does rain, any showers are soon dried up by the brilliant sunshine! The sea temperature also rises to a nice 19°C so you can happily go for a refreshing dip to cool off from the midday sun or perhaps even try out some water sports!

Humidity stays in the 60s and with a calm wind speed of 9mph, May for many is a highly comfortable time for a visit compared to the hotter months of June, July and August.

Weather in Tunisia in June

Average Temperature: High 31°C | Low 19°C

Average Rainfall: 1mm per month

If you wish to escape to beautiful sandy beaches and a wonderfully hot climate, then come to Tunisia in June! Say hello to temperatures of 31°C and 11 luscious hours of bright blue skies. Only two days of rainfall across the entire month of June are to be expected and temperature lows don't seem to drop below 20°C – so you can leave your jackets at home!

Savvy tanners will love Tunisia in June, however, this is when UV levels are near their highest so you must take care in the sun – remember to lay on that factor 50 thick! Humidity is also becoming more bearable and you'll more than welcome the gentle breeze.

If you choose to head further South to resorts such as Djerba, you'll find temperatures peak slightly higher whilst popular northern towns such as Port El Kantaoui and Hammamet stay a little cooler.

Weather in Tunisia in July

Average Temperature: High 34°C | Low 21°C

Average Rainfall: 3mm per month

Tunisia's weather in July sees temperatures rise to your mid 30s. Averaging out around 34°C, the skies seem endlessly blue, temperatures stay hot and days are made for relaxing by the pool or at the beach. Popular northern resort Hammamet, also enjoys the blazing heat at this time of year but as it sits on the coast, you get a lovely breeze which keeps it feeling a little cooler. Perfect for those that don't cope well in too much heat!

With 12 glorious hours of prime sunshine and only 3mm of rainfall, there need be no concern for encountering a day of bad weather. Just pack those swimsuits, shorts, t-shirts or anything that keeps you cool. It's likely you'll only be a stones throw away from beautiful walks on golden sands with waves gently lapping at your feet. The sea welcomes you with its 25°C waters – idyllic for a refreshing afternoon dip.

Weather in Tunisia in August

Average Temperature: High 35°C | Low 22°C

Average Rainfall: 5mm per month

It's August when the weather in Tunisia hits its peak! If you like sun, sea, sand and lots of heat, August may be the perfect time for you to visit. With dramatic highs of 35°C, you can guarantee you'll be going back home with a tan. – However as much as we all love making ourselves golden, it goes without saying sun protection is a BIG must and those high factor sun creams need applying regularly!

Winds also drop further in August, so if you still like the feel of a breeze you'll likely want to be closer to the coast! Djerba and Hammamet both stretch along beautiful shorelines and provide everything from water sports, shopping days and trips to the country's historic ruins.

Weather in Tunisia in September

Average Temperature: High 30°C | Low 21°C

Average Rainfall: 14mm per month

September is another beautiful month of weather in Tunisia. Matching that of June, temperatures stay around 30°C, however with higher humidity it may feel slightly warmer. Southern resorts like Djerba may be a degree or two higher and you can still enjoying beautiful evenings with lows only falling to 21°C. – Perfect weather for taking a stroll along the promenade.

September brings nine hours of optimum sunshine and the average rainfall is only 14mm over four days. The sea is still an inviting 26°C, you'll be running toward those crystal waters for a refreshing dip among the marine life. Make some fun memories whilst clinging onto a banana boat or even just take a relaxing paddle boat out with all the family.

Weather in Tunisia in October

Average Temperature: High 27°C | Low 18°C

Average Rainfall: 23mm per month

What's the weather like in Tunisia in October? Well, rest assured knowing it's nothing like the changing season here in the UK. Whilst we're digging out our wellies and listening to the sounds of leaves crunching beneath our feet, Tunisia still welcomes flip flops, beachwear and numerous dips in the pool.

Temperatures reach scorchers of 27°C and you can still expect prime sunshine for at least seven hours of your day – more than enough time to come home with that golden tan! With schools on break in October, Tunisia can be the perfect spot for a half term holiday. Flight times average just over four and a half hours from the UK, so it's not to far and ideal for making the most of some late summer sunshine!

Rainfall averages 23mm across the month and evening temperatures average around 18°C. We'd recommend to pack a light jacket just in case, although wind levels stay low at around 8mph so it shouldn't be too chilly.

Weather in Tunisia in November

Average Temperature: High 21°C | Low 12°C

Average Rainfall: 15mm per month

We're very much on the turn of those freezing Winter months in the UK… if they haven't arrived already! However choose to fly the four and a half hours to Tunisia and you can be soaking up six hours of blissful sunshine in highs of 21°C daily!

If you're missing the summer sun and dreaming of that early Winter get away, Tunisia is highly popular destination in the later months and it's not hard to see why. Tunisia stays very mild through Autumn because of it's convenient placement on the norther tip of Africa. The surrounding Mediterranean is yet to drop to temperatures low enough to keep holidaymakers out of the water, so feel free to pop down to the beach for a paddle.

You may wish to bring a light waterproof jacket along as a few showers or overcast days are to be expected, however, on average the rain will only affect around seven days of the month. Even though Winter is on its way, the climate in Tunisia is still very impressive – remember your sunglasses and a decent sun cream, you'll very much still be needing them!

Weather in Tunisia in December

Average Temperature: High 18°C | Low 8°C

Average Rainfall: 19mm per month

This may be the wettest month of the year for Tunisia, but a bit of rain never hurt anyone. You can still enjoy a lovely Winter break in delightful 18°C temperatures and any rain that does fall only effects around eight days of the month!

Escape the chill of the UK and get some much needed vitamin D with five blissful hours of daily sunshine. The Mediterranean may not be overly welcoming at only 18°C but you can still enjoy a paddle along the shore, or even a relaxing break on a lounger with a good book whilst listening to the waves crashing down around you.

If you prefer to get out and about to sightsee during your holidays, December could actually be the ideal time for you to jet off to Tunisia. There is so much to explore from Roman ruins to the country's picturesque coastline. Bearable temperatures make taking in your surroundings much more enjoyable, you can soak it all in without constantly feeling the need to run back to your hotel to jump in the pool for a cool off!