A guide to nightlife in Djerba

Djerba is an idyllic island, where pottery artisans and classic culinary experts practise their talents as they have for generations. Yet as tourism grows, a fair few hotspots have cropped up that are making Djerba one of Tunisia‘s best kept secrets when it comes to nightlife. Let our insider knowledge guide your nights out to bright lights and refreshing drinks galore.

Unwind over cocktails at Sunset Beach Bar

If beach views under straw umbrellas with colourful cocktails sounds like your favoured way to unwind after dark on your holidays to Tunisia, Sunset Beach Bar in Madanin will definitely appeal.

It’s a venue that’s become the go-to for visitors from all four corners of the globe, with a vast ice-box embedded in the bar where crisp, refreshing bottles of beer await.

Live music offset by the quiet rush of the sea is also experienced here, so you can brush up on your local music knowledge and dance barefoot on the sand if the whim takes you.

Sing your heart out at Club 66

While wine bars and cosy cafes that transform into live music venues by night are par for the course in Djerba, Club 66 is the karaoke centre of the island. It’s pretty popular with locals as a result, although you and your fellow holidaymakers are just as readily found belting out the classics.

You’re right by the sea if the water proves your muse, although you’re just as likely to take inspiration from the cheap beers here at this playfully decorated place. With a good mix of modern songs as well as classics, you can pick up some new Tunisian favourites and croon until the small hours.

Dance the night away at Texas City Djerba

On the main downtown strip of Madanin, you’ll find Texas City Djerba. As one of the island’s few nightclubs, the parties here are loud and lively, bathed in hot purple neon as DJs spin fantastic tunes, taking cues from modern hits as much as local favourites.

If you’re feeling peckish, chow down on some snacks or a big steak, and stay for the cocktails. Deals are found across the menu and the way they mix your drinks is as lively as they come.