Port El Kantaoui Holidays 2024/2025

A chic purpose built tourism complex, Port El Kantaoui holidays are a luxury experience supported by a glorious beach, stunning harbour and the nearby town of Sousse.

Port El Kantaoui Holiday Deals

Especially for you

Port El Kantaoui was built in 1979 for the specific intention of attracting affluent visitors to Tunisia’s east coast. The plan worked and tourists came for the manmade harbour and stayed for the beautiful beaches that flank either side of the town.

Since its initial development, the resort now offers superb accommodation, golf courses, a waterpark, a theme park and there is even more tourism activity to find 10km away in Sousse.

People who want to relax by day and enjoy romantic strolls along the marina at night will love holidays to Port El Kantaoui. However with so many attractions on offer, families can enjoy the upmarket town as well.

Bordering beaches

The coastal area in the centre of town is where you’ll come across the marina area which is stacked full of restaurants, shops and cocktail bars. Port El Kantaoui’s two fantastic beaches are found either side of this.

The beach to the north of town is a striking stretch that is lined with extravagant hotels that claim patches of the beach for private use but much of the area is available for public use too. Pedalos, paragliding, jet skiing and wind surfing facilities are all available for hire around this area.

South of Port El Kantaoui is the famous Boujaffar Beach which is shared with Sousse. There are plenty of hotels, shops and restaurants spread out across this 10km stretch of smooth sand with plenty of space to find a secluded spot too.

Sunshine activities

From Port El Kantaoui’s marina you can set sail in a pirate ship or a colourful fishing boat. The trip will take you up and down the coast and let you jump into the ocean to swim with exotic fish. You can also take a glass-bottomed vessel out to go in search of dolphins.

Hannibal Park is a fun day out for the family with traditional fairground rides and small rollercoasters being great for the kids. The Acqua Palace Water Park is a small but exciting activity for young children too with six slides and large pools to play in.

As well as the golf courses, camel rides or quad biking, there is plenty more to discover in the older resort town of Sousse. Taking the Noddy Train is the most fun and cheapest way to travel between the two destinations.

Stylish evenings

Nightlife in Port El Kantaoui is as mature as the resort surroundings meaning that you’re more likely to find a sophisticated lounge bar than an all-night rave. Across the marina you’ll find plenty of settings to settle in on the evenings while you can enjoy entertainment and dancing at some bars here too.

The Discoteque Platinum is found just off the main road and this is the loudest venue in Port El Kantaoui. It’s a popular nightspot that attracts tourists from all over Europe and the locals come here to let loose too.

Tunisia is culturally a dry country but alcohol is still available for tourists. The only place to purchase it outside of the bars is at the Magasin General supermarket.

Sousse shopping

Like the rest of the resort, the shopping facilities and markets are geared towards tourists. This means that the majority of items are souvenir type products and the price is marginally more expensive than it should be.

For a more traditional market experience, head to Soussa where the bazaars and souks are more authentic. You’ll be expected to barter for your products which range from hand crafted ornaments to leather goods and jewellery.

Book your table

Port El Kantaoui’s marina hosts a superb number of dining venues in what is considered a romantic setting. Many are classy restaurants that serve international options but there is also delicious Tunisian dishes served at Les Emirs.

Many of the restaurants are extremely elegant such as the Le Mediterranee and you will have to make reservations in advance to grab a table.

Half an hour transfer

When landing at the Enfidha International Airport, a 35 minute drive south will take you to the Port El Kantaoui resort.

Taxi services are readily available to take you where you need to go but it is best to agree upon a price before setting off or to travel on the metre.

The Noddy Train is the best way to travel between Port El Kantaoui and Sousse while you can also get a horse and cart for twice the price of a taxi.

Best time of year to visit

Summer temperatures in Port El Kantaoui settle around the late twenties in degrees Celsius. The winter gets slightly milder but averages out at 15C during the day.

There is no wet season of note but the summers are notoriously dry meaning it’s a great time to top up the tan.

Nearby Sousse holds an International Festival in July and August to celebrate the diversity and history of Tunisian Culture. It is most famous for its large scale parades.


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