Hammamet Holidays 2024/2025

As the original coastal tourism town, Hammamet is where holidaymakers go to experience the real Tunisia. Classic architecture and sublime cuisine mix with hot sun and lively market days to make for a wonderfully enticing escape.

Hammamet Holiday Deals

At the heart of Tunisian holidays

They say Hammamet is where tourism in Tunisia was born, and as far as destinations in the country go, they don’t come much more classically suave. Pristine white buildings boasting wide arches and curved rooftops make for handsome surroundings, and the sun seems all the brighter for their presence.

However, Hammamet is far more than a cultural centre. Although its roots extend back to Spanish exploration and Roman colonisation, Hammamet today is as Tunisian as they come. It’s also covered in plants of all kinds – particularly olive groves, lemon trees and oranges – hence why they nickname this town the Garden Resort.

Be beside the sea

Hammamet owes its superb position to its history as a fishing village, before its ingenious inhabitants repurposed the town for us lucky holidaymakers heading in search of cheap holidays to Tunisia.

That makes for sensational beaches, clear and almost untouched by development, where open swathes of sand let in the sunlight and the Mediterranean shimmers a clear and inviting blue.

If relaxation isn’t for you, there’s ample opportunity to get stuck into some watersports. You’ll see the odd jetski or waterskiing tourist cruising the waves, although not enough to intrude on the relaxed sunbathers elsewhere.

Come the evening, you could well find beach parties or local festivals coming to life on the sand, so don’t think the fun goes down with the sun.

Head downtown to Yasmine Marina

Shopping and dining alike are activities you’d do well to indulge in during your Tunisia holidays in Hammamet.

Surrender yourself to the tanned arches and winding streets of the Yasmine Marina district, where local handmade goods jostle for your attention alongside colourful fashion and delectable little pastries.

Yasmine Marina is nicely central, and takes pride in its narrow walkways offering shelter from the sun while keeping the shopping and dining areas nicely personal. Those a little shy for the haggle-happy major markets elsewhere in Tunisia can find some rejuvenating retail therapy here.

Thrills and spills at Carthageland

Hammamet hosts North Africa’s first theme and waterpark, which you’ll find on its fringes.

Carthageland mixes helter skelters and waterslides with swimming pools and places to play, together with high speed chases and races to keep adrenaline hounds happy.

Taking its cues from Carthagian history, there’s lots to learn as you explore this densely packed theme park, although you could just grab some ice cream and head for the log flumes, too.

The historic fortress

Standing stoically beside the sea in Hammamet is the fortress of Kasbah. This evocative tan-brown edifice stems from the 13th century and has been looked after diligently by the locals as a hallmark of their heritage.

What you’ll adore about Kasbah is that, while it attracts tourists by the score, it’s an authentic testament to local culture that’s as engrossing to explore today as it was in its heyday.

Walking the ramparts offers stunning views of the surrounding town, and tall trees in the fortress grounds offer shelter from the hot afternoon sun.

Fun after dark

Although the blazing hot sun is one of the major reasons why holidaymakers decide to take their Tunisia package holidays in Hammamet, there’s still plenty to enjoy after the sun goes down.

While the upbeat nightclubs of Tunisia are more easily found elsewhere, Hammamet nonetheless has nightlife that shares the area’s laid-back feel.

Many of the most popular Hammamet venues are down by the beach, with some even letting you sip your cocktails while dipping your toes in the briny blue Med. Local music is a big part of nightlife here, so you can expect talented guitarists and a fine selection of folk music to flavour many of your nights out.

Cheap drinks and fine wines are a given, although if you’re really after the nightclub scene above all else on cheap Tunisia holidays, you should consider the town’s most popular nightclub, Oasis. It lets the party seethe on into the morning, and the bright lights and pounding rhythms are well worth a visit.


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