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Hammamet Holidays

Hammamet holidays offer tourists the chance to bask in the Mediterranean sun from the peaceful confines of a beachside, low rise, market town.

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Blend of old and new

To aid the history, nature and retail opportunities in Hammamet, modern hotels and accommodation has been developed in the town to provide visitors with a relaxing holiday experience.

The first tourist resort in Tunisia, holidays to Hammamet are mostly enjoyed from the glorious beach but over time more attractions have been added. Look out for the golf courses, animal parks and paintballing facility to add some oomph into your quiet getaway.

This resort is ideal for sun worshippers who want to laze on the beach in the day while the nightlife can be surprisingly lively. Couples and families will appreciate all that Hammamet has to offer.

Bask in the scorching sunshine

Hammamet Beach is accompanied by crystal clear shores that sweep onto the golden sands. The beach goes for miles with most of the stretch being clean and tourist friendly but it gets a little wilder the further away from your accommodation you walk.

There are many opportunities to enjoy some thrilling water sports with jet skis, paragliding and inner tubes available for hire while the translucent ocean and friendly fish make it a perfect snorkelling spot.

Camel rides are available along the beach too for a truely Arabian experience.

Fun and games

With perfect playing conditions almost a guarantee, head over to the Citrus Golf Course or the Yasmine Gold Course for a soothing round. Citrus in particular is an impressive facility offering 45 holes as well as superb lunch and dining options.

Family fun can be found at the Carthage Land theme park and zoo where you can ride the river rapids or the log flume as well as enjoy some animal entertainment. The area is home to a good selection of shops, cafes and restaurants too.

Something you probably didn't expect to be part of your relaxing holiday is a round of paintball but the Zizou Paintball Club offer a fun and thrilling day out. Play several exhilarating rounds across Hammamet's surprisingly grassy terrain.

Piano Bar

The nightlife in Hammamet can be pumping for the nights you want to let loose and soothing for the evenings you want to chill out. Many of the hotels offer dancing and entertainment but the party often stops around midnight.

Head into the centre of town to the Piano Bar where locals and tourists converge to enjoy a good time on a fun dancefloor. There is a mix of DJ music and live Arabian bands which provide a good cultural blend. Be aware that the drink prices go up during the month of Ramadan.

Cultural experience

You're offered a wide range of shopping experiences while enjoying a holiday to Hammamet. The majority of establishments hold a strong Tunisian theme within the store's surroundings and offer some delightful products inside.

Medieval Souks offer traditional Arabic wares such as locally made carpets, kaftans and brassware as well as hand crafted jewellery, leather goods and pottery. When shopping at the bazaars, remember to barter and haggle on a price to get the best deal. There is a modern shopping centre available for fans of brand names and fixed prices.

Where to dine

Hammamet is surrounded with delicious options that spoil tourists with its selection. The majority of hotels provide quality restaurants but the streets are lined with alternatives. You'll find everything from pizza to Chinese food but you're recommended to sample some of the great local dishes.

A brik is a delicious pastry based lunch time snack while in the evenings you can sample some Couscous which is widely served in a selection of fish, chicken or vegetable varieties. For dessert try a Makroudh, a honey based cake mixed with raisins and dates.

Less than an hour to the capital

When booking with Holiday Hypermarket, you will land at the Enfidha International Airport and a transfer to Hammamet will take approximately 40 minutes.

If you get a taxi from the airport or around the resort, ask for the metre to be turned on as the drivers are known for trying to extort tourists.

Tunisia's capital Tunis is 60km north of Hammamet and a visit to the city is a fun day out. You can book a private transfer which takes 50 minutes or you can take a taxi to the nearby Bir Bou Regba station and ride a train up.

Best time of year to visit

Hammamet enjoys a dry climate throughout the majority of the year so a holiday here is appropriate at any time.

Temperatures in the summer average out at around 27C but the days can often reach 35C at times. The winters get marginally milder but can still enjoy average temperatures of around 15C.

Hammamet celebrates other cultures during the five week long International Festival of Hammamet during July and August. Live music, dancing and entertainers from all over the world perform for the locals and tourists enjoyment.