A guide to nightlife in Hammamet

While it’s a more laid-back resort than some of its livelier contemporaries, Hammamet nevertheless has lots to offer those of us seeking some entertainment after dark on holidays to Tunisia. Indeed, a fine selection of bars and late night cafes share their streets with cosy pubs and some surprisingly upbeat live music venues. Keep the following in mind for your Hammamet adventure.

Get regal at Le Sultan

You’ll spot this place straight away thanks to its pristine white exterior, where arches frame a grand entrance and the name of Le Sultan bathes the street beneath in its welcoming blue glow. Modern design makes for a welcoming interior, although it’s the excellent service and the affordable drinks that really entice.

Indeed, Le Sultan is home to some of Hammamet’s finest wines, and it’s also a popular venue for couples on dates looking for a meal to start off the evening. That said, it’s open until late so you might be tempted to stay all night.

Party on at the Oasis Club

Lit up at night and audible from the street, the Oasis Club is the nightclub of choice for every visitor to Hammamet. It’s gained an almost legendary reputation among tourists for its vibrant cocktails menu and even more vibrant music, where the club classics you love are mixed in with local hits and modern floor fillers.

The biggest parties in town tend to happen at the Oasis Club, so if you simply have to see and be seen on your Tunisia holidays, this ought to be your first port of call.

Soothe your spirit at the Beach Bar

Known to locals simply as The Beach, this venue is right by the water, as you’d expect, and it specialises in relaxed, candlelit nights.

Although a fine selection of drinks are served as early as 10am, making it’s a cosy retreat for any time of day, night is when The Beach really comes alive. Local musicians perform and stories are woven over good drinks in good company, and all in a soft and hazy glow of mood lighting.

Get international at the British Bar

While it’s named after home, this bar actually boasts a somewhat global outlook. It’s open and spacious, making for lots of room to dance around after a few cheeky pints or a bottle of red, and the decor definitely has a touch of old Blighty about it.

What’s more, the music really sets the scene for a global dance off, thanks to a canny combination of big time UK and American hits alongside more local and eclectic tunes. In fact, Saturdays really up the ante with the DJ hitting up the Latin beats, so make sure you’re putting your best foot forward.

Indulge yourself at Chiraz

Located in the grounds of the Sindbad Hotel, this bar is open to all, and its star attraction is the big pool around which chairs and tables cluster. It’s a refined kind of place, and one in which a sherry or cognac is never far from your grasp.

Local musicians keep the night genteel yet upbeat thanks to some sublime tunes.

You can slow dance, discuss the events of the day or take your time sipping some of the finest vintages in all of Tunisia. They also do food here, although the a la carte dining is mainly supplied by the adjacent restaurant – just something to keep in mind if all that wine makes you peckish.