Holidays to Mahdia 2024/2025

Mahdia is a picturesque and charismatic port in Tunisia that sits between Sfax and Sousse. There’s a plethora of history to explore with stunning scenery everywhere you go as well as sandy shores where visitors can swim to their heart’s content. Holidays to Mahdia are a hidden gem so you can enjoy the culture and environment without any outside influences.

Mahdia Holiday Deals

An unspoilt destination

Midway between Sousse and Sfax, this bustling destination boasts thriving markets that make it a very popular port town, and the locals are always happy to share the culture and history of Mahdia with visitors from across the globe. This near secret location serves up an experience that cannot be matched anywhere else in the world.


Travel to Mahdia and no doubt be one of the first in your group of loved ones and friends to visit the cultural hotspot. You’ll have stories to tell, photos to share and experiences to relive. While you will ultimately have to come home at some point, the memories made on your holiday to Mahdia will last forever.

Best kept secret of Tunisia

Looking to unwind, relax and recharge? Mahdia holidays are an ideal getaway. There’s untouched white sands, the clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea, and bright blue skies. If you’re looking to getaway from the world then enjoy this undisturbed expedition that is the highlight of the Tunisia coast.


Being one of the best kept secrets of the country, this diamond location has still managed to retain the traditions it was built on and the historical allure. This North African destination has so much to offer and with a town centre that is built to entertain, you’re guaranteed to enjoy your time looking through markets, restaurants and drinking spots.

Tunisian cooking

Enjoy a mouth-watering mix of Italian, French and African flavours when sampling the Mahdia food. With eggs, seafood and meats the star dishes you’ll also find spices, olive oil and nuts heavily incorporated into the garnish. It’s highly recommended by locals that you try the locally sourced tuna, as well as trying out a wheat flour dough with honey and butter known as an ‘asida’.


In terms of drinks, there are no shortages of options to choose for. Looking to cool down from the heat? Indulge yourself in a cooling mint tea sprinkled with pine nuts, this drink is a local favourite that is sure to help you refresh and cool down.

Marvellous Mahdia beach

Mahdia Beach is the place to go if you’re looking to swim and sunbathe. This beautiful beach that decorates the Tunisian shoreline is a hotspot for locals and visitors alike. Relax in the tranquil setting and sunbathe by the water, but If you’re looking to be active then there are also plenty of watersports to get involved with. You could even visit the Subway Diving School and get up close to a colourful myriad of marine life under the sea.


Mahdia holidays offer a completely unique experience that offer a chance to delve deep into the culture and enjoy an untouched and unspoilt destination that has no outside influences.


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