Skanes Holidays 2024/2025

Scorching sunshine, sweeping beaches and movie set quality surroundings; Skanes holidays are becoming increasingly popular with British tourists for these reasons and much more.

Skanes Holiday Deals

Movie set surroundings

Technically a suburb of the town of Monastir, Skanes has settled into Tunisia’s east coast and become a resort of unrivalled relaxation, a world away from nearby busy tourist resorts.

Nearby to this resort is thousands of years of history with a medina feel still evident around the Monastir’s environment. It’s these historical settings that lent itself to films such as Life of Brian and Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Holidays to Skanes are ideal for visitors who want to take things slow around a fascinating environment. The beaches will help you relax while the awe-inspiring scenery will help you discover a new and interesting culture.

Grab your private beach space

Skanes is ideally situated between the major resorts of Sousse and Monastir and you’re treated to the 8km long stretch of beach that connects the two towns.

Spacious, soft golden sands provide the perfect setting to lounge on through the duration of your holiday. Many beach bars and cafes can provide food and drink for your long days while there are also plenty of water sports available on the smooth ocean surface.

Walk far enough in either direction from Skanes to reach the busier atmospheres of other towns but staying in your resort will provide the most peaceful seaside experience.

Monastir’s history

The nearby town of Monastir is packed with history that will enthral interested visitors. If you need to get away from the sun for a few hours, head to the 8th century Forte El Ribat, a massive structure with hundreds of ancient objects inside. It’s also the setting to recite your favourite Life of Brian quotes from as many of the films scenes were shot here.

Equally as beautiful historical relics in the city are the Colosseo, the ruins of a coliseum, and the glorious Bourghiba Mausoleum.

Modern attractions come in the form of two attractive golf courses at the Palm Links or Flamingo clubs as well as go-karting and an Aquapark in Skanes which is intended for smaller children.

Monastir features all this and more while Sousse, which is slightly further north, has plenty of activities and attractions too.

More malls than markets

When shopping in Tunisia, you can experience a traditional market in Sousse or a more commercialised shopping centre in Monastir.

The Folla Shopping Centre in the town centre features four floors with a wide variety of products. For the most part you’ll find cheap prices on some great recognisable brand names. It’s a great place to take a break from pushy salesman and hagglers and there are also a good number of cafes and restaurants inside the mall.

Dinner and a view at the marina

The evenings in Skanes are as peaceful as the days with the majority of entertainment put on by the hotels’ in house performers. Instead of late night dancing, enjoy a delicious evening meal at one of Skanes’ hotels or Monastir’s delicious restaurants.

Monastir’s marina area has an appetising variation of eateries that has a good range of European flavour. If you want to try some local delicacies then search for back alley venues where you’ll find spicy dishes and Tunisian cuisine.

Short trips to get around

When landing at the Enfidha International Airport, the journey to Skanes will take approximately 50 minutes. Monastir does have its own international airport just five minutes away from the airport but is much smaller and you’re unlikely to land there.

Skanes is separate from but well connected to Sousse and Monastir with cheap taxis and regular road trains (Noddy Trains) travelling between the two. The trip to both will take around 20 minutes. Within each town, the majority of attractions are within walking distance negating the need for additional transportation.

Best time of year to visit

The summers in Skanes are ideally hot and dry. The average temperatures nudge 30C while the winters drop to around 15C.

Both nearby towns of Sousse and Monastir hold annual international festivals to celebrate Tunisia’s diverse culture. Music, dancing and performance artists entertain crowds in July and August and Skanes is the ideal resort to sample both events.


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