A guide to nightlife in Montenegro

You might think a little spot of loveliness like Montenegro barely has room on its map to be a nightlife destination, but think again. Some of the liveliest evenings in the Balkans can be found here, whether you’re sipping cocktails on the coast of the Adriatic or blasting over the dancefloor under fizzing neon and pounding beats. Live music, distinguished theatrics and all manner of performances make Montenegro holidays as much a treat after dark as they are during those balmy summer days. Take a glimpse at some of our favourite spots to spend an evening as you get ready for an unforgettable journey.

Dance over three floors of fun at Discoteque Trocadero, Budva Riviera

With a distinctive red interior, three floors of party atmosphere to get stuck into and a closing time of 5am, Discoteque Trocadero entices locals and those on holiday in Montenegro in their droves. Its epic interior is owed to its former existence as a cinema, which instead became the home to the club in 2005, and it’s been a local hotspot ever since.

Trocadero plays the most up to the minute sounds in modern music, fused with remixes and club classics by the score. But it also often invites local musicians and top DJs into its awesome interior, resulting in a decent mix of top talent coming together to give you a good time.

Take a laid-back night to yourself in rustic Pub Got, Herceg-Novi

Don’t be surprised if this cosy hub of the community becomes your home from home while you’re visiting the charming locales of Montenegro’s southern coast. Pub Got keeps things downtempo with its homegrown designs and walls lined with photographs and pictures. Beers, lager, spirits and wines are all readily available here, while warm conversation with the owners and staff will help you find a few new recommendations as well.

The music in Pub Got always gets toes tapping and locals singing, and you’re more than welcome to join in. You can’t beat the warmth of hearth and home that’s to be found in a pub that’s seen generations of local life come and go, so make sure you’re woven into the tales they’ll tell for generations more.

Set a course for pirate hijinks at Maltez Club, Budva Riviera

There are plenty of nightclubs in the Budva area, although none of them share Maltez Club’s distinction in being themed after the Golden Age of Piracy. Shackles, ropes, mizzenmasts and more await in this rum-soaked epicentre of sail and celebration, but don’t think you’re going to need to show up in the costume of a corsair.

Instead, you can expect pacy dancing and modern trappings throughout the venue, where great beats pulse into the early hours and cheap drinks keep spirits high until the break of dawn. That’s the kind of pirate party we can all get behind.

Make it a party until daybreak at Torine, Becici

As charming as the coastal area of Becici is, by nightfall both locals and tourists head to Torine Nightclub for the chance to dance to the latest music, hear the remixes of local DJ talent and take advantage of the affordable beers. Colour, sounds and sensations make this a vibrant place to be after dark, and definitely a venue that should feature on your agenda if you’re in town, especially after the beach bars close.

Maximise your party at Maximus, Kotor

Similarly to My Club, but much larger in scale, Maximus is disguised in the old town district of charming coastal Kotor, a town that’s seen Ottomans, Venetians and Lord Byron’s own poetic praise. All of that fizzles into a party atmosphere like no other after dark though, because Maximus lives up to its name in housing up to 4,000 revellers under blazing nights and pounding beats.

Epic concerts and sets by leading names in modern music have called Maximus home over the years, but even if you’re on a night out without the celebrity touch, you can rest assured this is one corner of Kotor that’s a long while away from the quiet town reputation its host city holds.