A guide to the best beaches in Montenegro

Holidays to Montenegro bring narrow streets of yesteryear and rolling hills that sweep into grand mountain ranges within a hair’s breadth of one another. But don’t forget you’re also able to sunbathe on the Adriatic shore, with the Budva Riviera alone having 320 kilometres of shore split into 100 beaches. So make sure you visit some of our favourite beaches in Montenegro – they’re among the best that Balkan holidays have to offer.

Big Beach, Ulcinj

As the name suggests, this is a pretty sizeable stretch of incredibly fine sand. Pale and creamy and with the consistency of flour, the sand of Big Beach is said to soothe away aches and pains, so you’re definitely going to want to lie on its surface.

Big Beach stretches for 13 kilometres, with woodland and cute houses surrounding you along the upper reaches of the shore. Restaurants, shops and other facilities are always close at hand, but there’s also plenty of serenity and seclusion to enjoy as well.

Jaz Beach, Budva

Once again, Montenegro wears its heart on its sleeve with its naming conventions. Jaz Beach lives up to the moniker for its history of open air concerts, with big name rockstars like the Rolling Stones having played here over the years.

It’s not all loud and rowdy here, but it’s definitely adventurous. In fact, Jaz Beach is quite the watersports hub. It’s close to Budva so charming small town sensations are always close at hand, and on some days it’s often the most peaceful spot of sand in the area.

Milocer Beach, Budva

Close to a magnificent castle and sure to be showing off this season’s most sensational swimsuits, Milocer Beach is where you go to see and be seen. It’s well worth doing so, because the smooth sand, exquisite water and surrounding forests make Milocer Beach one of the finest places to squirrel yourself away for rejuvenating sunshine in all of Montenegro. You’re also just a stone’s throw from the fantastical Sveti Stefan community, reaching out into the sea on its own idyllic peninsula.

Queen's Beach, Budva

If you’ve not had your share of exclusive beaches, try this strip of shore so secluded, you can only get there by boat. That’s exactly what you’ll find at Queen’s Beach, which is cupped away from mainland distractions by mountainous cliffs as rugged as they are majestic.

Queen’s Beach, named for a monarch of years gone by, mixes gold sand plus a few pebbles and gently lapping waves with a cosy closeness with Budva. Spend all day on the coast before heading out for a restaurant meal in one of the most scenic towns in Europe.

Becici Beach, Becici

Regarded as one of the most fantastic beaches in the world, Becici Beach is a tourism hotbed that’s bound to be bustling, although not at the expense of your chance to unwind on its enticing sand. It’s ideally located, with ample access to shops and places to get something to eat, while still giving you enough of your own space to lay down the towel and let the sun do its thing. Rest assured your comfort and relaxation is everyone’s top priority while you’re here.

Red Beach, Sutomore

Also known as Crvena Plaza, this part of Montenegro has a character all of its own. Although it shares the same relaxing environment and laid-back lifestyle as any other stretch of shoreline on our list, this beach is unique as between the pebbles is sand that shows off a deep russet colour.

Nestled snug between cliffs and plateaus but close enough to the town of Bar for you to not feel isolated, Red Beach is proving quite a popular alternative sunbathing spot for those holidaymakers looking for a more individual slice of Montenegro.