Petrovac Holidays 2024/2025

With holidays to Montenegro on the rise, why not consider a trip of a lifetime to Petrovac? It’s an elegant seaside resort just a short drive south of Budva, and it’s the country’s most visited destination, home to beautiful beaches and sandy coves. Petrovac holidays promise lazy days on the sand, plenty of outdoor activities and exquisite cuisine. You’ll love exploring the islands, bays and fortresses of this stunning coastal town.

Petrovac Holiday Deals

Picturesque Petrovac

Surrounded by olive groves, pine forests and soaring mountains, Petrovac is a tranquil town, nestled around a curved bay. The Romans first settled here almost two millennia ago, building roomy villas to occupy during the summer months. Then it was the turn of the Venetians, and there’s still a stunning Venetian fortress in the harbour. Climb up its crumbling steps for amazing ocean views.

These days, Petrovac is a popular seaside resort, although it never gets too crowded. Modern houses line the hillsides, while the harbour is surrounded by pretty stone villas with terracotta roofs. The picturesque waterfront promenade is decorated with colourful Mediterranean flowers and lined with restaurants offering delicious cuisine. Spend a few days here and you’ll feel yourself begin to relax.​

Beautiful beaches

Petrovac holidays are all about the beaches – there are three along its horseshoe-shaped bay. The beach in the town centre is renowned for its red-tinted sands, and the calm, translucent water is perfect for swimming. This particular beach also offers the most amenities, including sunloungers, parasols and restaurants nearby.

Lucica Beach lies 800m from the town centre. It’s renowned as being one of the most beautiful beaches in Montenegro, with pale sand and vibrant, turquoise water. Surrounded by rugged cliffs and a forest of pine trees, this beach is ideal for relaxing and soaking up the sun in a secluded spot.

There’s also a handy walking path, which leads from Lucica Beach to Buljarica Beach. Stretching just over 4km, Buljarica one of Montenegro’s longest beaches. Rarely visited by tourists, it is the best spot for a quiet swim. Surrounded by wetlands, it’s home to many different bird and animal species.​

Exploring on the water

There’s a lot to explore on holidays in Petrovac. With so many nearby beaches, it’s unsurprising that there are a wide range of water sports on offer. Waterskiing, jet skiing, snorkelling and diving excursions are some of the most popular.

Kayak and boat excursions allow you to explore the nearby area independently or on a tour. Paddle along the coast and pull up to deserted beaches for a swim. Among the most popular stop-offs are two small, offshore islets. Katic Island has a cave to explore, and Sveta Nedjelja Island has an atmospheric church.​

Wining and dining

Petrovac has some fantastic local restaurants and evocative bars where you can enjoy yourself. When the sun sets, head over to the esplanade, which is lined with delicious seafood restaurants. Oskar is one of the most highly-rated restaurants, offering delicious fish platters and steamed mussels, as well as grilled kebabs and other meat dishes.

While Petrovac doesn’t have such a lively nightlife scene as nearby Budva, there are still a couple of bars and clubs where you can let loose. Terasa Castelo is an upmarket bar with an amazing view of the Venetian fortress. Live DJ sets are performed here on balmy summer evenings.​

Day trips to Budva

If you’re interested in exploring a little further afield, beautiful Budva is just a 25-minute car journey away. This popular area has an atmospheric Stari Grad (old town) located at the end of the beach. Discover its narrow stone alleyways, a terracotta-topped citadel, and numerous cafés and bars.

Budva is also a holiday spot for the rich and famous. You’ll find a marina of glitzy yachts, new shopping centres and, best of all, a beautiful beach, lined with bars and water sports operators. It makes for an interesting change of pace after a few days in peaceful Petrovac.

You’ll love the time you spend in the coastal town of Petrovac. Montenegro holidays are all about exploring unspoilt villages and spending lots of time out on the water, and Petrovac is no exception. The whole family will appreciate this upmarket beach break, which combines lazy days in the sun with some fantastic cultural attractions. Petrovac is a place you’ll want to visit time and time again.​


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