Tivat Holidays 2024/2025

Holidays to Montenegro just got more interesting with the transformation of Tivat. Once an average seaside town, it is now a playground for the rich and famous. The redevelopment of Tivat’s naval base into a state-of-the-art marina is at the heart of the change in the town’s fortunes, and the focal point of your trip to this little Balkan beauty on the Adriatic Sea. From glacial lakes to a rainforest, rocky mountains to national parks, Tivat is a nature lover’s playground. Throw in some super beaches and fascinating historical landmarks and you’ve got the holiday of a lifetime.

Tivat Holiday Deals

From Naval base to luxury marina

For many years, Tivat was an Austro-Hungarian naval base. Thanks to investment from Canadian billionaire Peter Munk, the town has swapped grey ships for superyachts and five-star hotels, and a Tivat holiday has become a very different beast.

Head down to the yacht club where they hold regattas along the Montenegro coast and nearby Croatian islands. Wander around the marina village which is well stocked with luxury boutiques, fine-dining restaurants, trendy bars and smart cafés.

Learn about Tivat’s naval history at the Maritime Heritage Collection Museum. The big hitters of this collection of historical naval artefacts are dry docked outside the museum – two Yugoslavian submarines. The kids will love playing in the nearby nautical themed playground.​

Nature in all its splendour

There are some spectacular natural adventures to be had on your Tivat holiday, starting with a hike along the Vrmac Ridge. Walk along an old military road, passing the ruins of Austro-Hungarian fortresses, including the well-preserved Fort Vrmac. The scenery veers from shady pine forests to rocky mountain summits to deep blue bays surrounded by limestone cliffs.

How about a trip to Solila Nature Reserve near the coast? The wetlands are home to several species of rare birds and are a migratory stop off point for birds heading south. You may spot flamingos, cormorants, mallards, herons and grebes as you walk around the park.​

Monuments and monasteries

There are cultural attractions aplenty to immerse yourself in on your holiday to Tivat, Montenegro. Start in the centre of town at the fortified Summer House Buca. Built in the 17th-century by a noble family, it includes a church and chapel, and a family residence. It’s now used for exhibitions and cultural events.

There’s a fascinating archaeological site, Malo Gruda, near to Tivat airport. Artefacts from the early Bronze Age have been excavated, including jewellery, coins and weapons.

Take a boat ride to the ‘Island of Flowers’ in the southeastern part of the Bay of Tivat to visit the ruins of the Archangel St Michael monastery. Once a Benedictine convent, it was rebuilt as a monastery after it was destroyed by the Venetians in the 15th-century.

Bountiful beaches

The beaches in Tivat itself are not traditional sand or pebble based but have concrete shores. However, the surrounding area has more recognisable shorelines for you to visit on your Tivat, Montenegro holiday. Like Plavi Horizonti Beach, situated in a pine forest and olive grove. It’s great for kids as the water is shallow and there’s plenty of shade.

Cape Seljanovo has both sand and smooth rocks perfect for diving off into the sea. 25 minutes from Tivat is Krasici Beach, an unspoilt stretch of sand with small inlets and a forested backdrop, a peaceful place to read your book or soak up the view.​

Day tripping

Make the most of your holiday in Tivat by taking a day trip to Kotor Bay. Right on the water is the old town of Kotor. Impenetrable walls surround cobbled alleyways lined with lively restaurants and landmarks such as Saint Tryphon’s Cathedral and St Nicholas Orthodox Church. If you’ve got your walking shoes on, make the journey up to San Giovanni Fortress, where you’ll be wowed by the breathtaking views over Kotor and Mount Vrmac.

Don’t miss Our Lady of the Rocks, a church built on a man-made island in Kotor Bay. This unique church with its turquoise domes and terracotta roofs was built in the 15th-century and rebuilt after an earthquake in 1667.

The youngest tourist destination in Montenegro, Tivat is fast making a name for itself among its more traditional neighbours as a luxury holiday hotspot. It’s got its own international airport, a top-notch marina and hotels to suit all budgets. With average summer temperatures hovering in the high 20’s, the local beaches are awash with water sports enthusiasts and families making the most of the typical Mediterranean climate. There’s never been a better time to visit this up-and-coming resort.​


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