Articles about Montenegro

Planning a trip to Montenegro? Take a look at our articles for information about this small but intriguing nation, including a couple’s guide to exploring, festivals and events to look out for, and a guide to the most picturesque coastal towns to visit. Our informative articles feature all you need to know for your next getaway to this breathtaking destination.

Adventure days in Montenegro

For such a small country, Montenegro certainly knows how to pack a punch. Whether hiking in the spectacular mountains, kayaking off the pristine coast or white water rafting amid stunning cliff faces and exciting native habitats, the adventure definitely starts here.

How James Bond put Montenegro on the map

Back in 2006, very few people had heard of Montenegro. Sandwiched between Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Serbia, Kosovo and Albania in southeastern Europe, the small black mountain state had formed as a result of the break up of the former Yugoslavia. But the small country quickly rose to fame after the release of 21st Bond film, Casino Royale.

Montenegro's most picturesque coastal towns

Holidays to Montenegro offer an enticing combination of dramatic mountains and forests, picturesque medieval towns and a stunning coastline on the Adriatic Sea. Some resorts are nestled in secluded tree-fringed coves and others have dramatic cliffs with rocky outcrops where you can find a quiet spot to lay down your towel. There are also relaxed family-friendly destinations as well as beach-party hubs where you can have fun into the early hours.

Festivals and events in Montenegro

The smallest of the Slavic states has a lot of festivals under its belt, covering classical and modern music, sport and extreme sport competitions and spectacles, plus traditional carnivals. Two of Montenegro’s biggest festivals take place in February, with most events happening at the start of the year and throughout the summer. Read on for a selection of some of the biggest and best festivals and events in Montenegro.

A couples' guide to Montenegro

Montenegro might be one of Europe’s tiniest countries, but it still packs a punch in terms of holiday potential. Over the years it’s become a sought-out destination for its gorgeous beaches, rugged mountain terrain and historic architecture. With all this and more it makes one heck of a getaway for couples – busy but laid-back, casual but luxurious, virtually ticking every box a couple’s holiday could have.

Experience natural beauty at Lake Skadar

The coastline of Montenegro is known for its fantastic beaches and charming medieval seaside towns – ideal for relaxed holidays. By contrast, inland Montenegro offers dramatic wild beauty and is the domain of mountains, lakes, forests and abundant wildlife.

Why Montenegro is the up and coming destination for families

A holiday to Montenegro promises an amazing photo album, from old walled cities like Kotor to the rolling meadows surrounding its mountain ranges inland. With sublime shores like the Budva Riviera offering beach life in abundance, this little country has left its mark on many a holidaymaker. Make sure you stay ahead of the curve and check out why a Montenegro holiday could be the next big adventure for your family.

Fun facts about Montenegro

The small country of Montenegro, situated between Bosnia, Serbia and Albania, is a little off the radar. But its pine-fringed coastal resorts, atmospheric medieval villages and majestic mountainous terrain make it well worth a visit. We shed some light on Montenegro and its culture with the following interesting facts.

History and culture of Montenegro

Montenegro is a relatively new country and only declared its regained independence in 2006. Even so, the region boasts a long history and a culture that has been in development for thousands of years.

Natural parks of Montenegro

Montenegro has an extremely varied geography, with sandy beaches on the coast, numerous glacial lakes, deep canyons and mountain ranges. Many of these areas are highlighted by national parks where you can plan days out and explore, with activities including walks, mountaineering, skiing and even ziplining.