Becici Holidays 2024/2025

Montenegro is a mostly mountainous Balkan land, but it also has a surprising amount of beaches along its Adriatic coastline. The towns and villages that host these beaches differ widely. Some are lively party spots and others are quiet fishing villages. This means holidays to Montenegro are full of variety.

Becici holidays are particularly laidback affairs. On offer is a picturesque beach, a promenade for strolling along and some select, luxury hotels on the waterfront. These are just some of the reasons that they’re as popular with celebrities as they are with us mere mortals.

Becici Holiday Deals

A beach of pebble and sand

Becici is a purpose-built resort town, with its stretch of sand and pebble beach certainly suiting all purposes. For one, it’s a family-friendly beach as the sand is irresistibly soft and incredibly wide in places for playing on.

In fact, one of its main claims to fame is that it won Europe’s Best Beach Award in 1935, which is pretty hard to beat for a ringing endorsement! It’s also perfect for hiring a sun lounger and finding the perfect relaxation spot as you listen to the sea lapping the shore.​

Go wild on the water

Holidays in Becici mean getting out on the water in a variety of fun ways and taking in the scenery from a new perspective. The sea here is very calm and you’ll find that its clear waters are perfect for enjoying leisurely swims. Even more delightful is that in some places you can see right down to the seabed and watch the colourful fish zooming about.

To take it up a notch or two, try some water sports. Paragliding and jet-skiing are just some of the exciting ways to enjoy the water here. You can also hire some non-motorised equipment, such as kayaks and pedalos, should you prefer something less fast-paced!

The perfect promenade

You get to do more than just enjoy the beach and sea when in Becici. The resort has a long promenade that runs above the beach and it’s the perfect place to while away a few hours. There are stalls selling souvenirs, craft shops and plenty of restaurants serving up traditional Balkan fare. Once you’ve blissed yourself out on the beach, head up to the promenade to grab some bargains before stopping in at a seafood restaurant for lunch.

If you keep following the promenade west for about 15 minutes you’ll come across charming Rafailovici. This small village offers a great choice of restaurants with menus bursting with fresh seafood. It also has a pretty marina where you can watch yachts and boats as they dock.​

Crossing the bays

Staying in this coastal part of Montenegro opens up the country far beyond the resort’s shores, and it’s just a 10-minute drive to Budva. It’s a much livelier neighbour, especially when night falls and its bars and clubs fill up with revellers. Many of these are down by the beach with sea views meaning they’re great places to go for an early evening drink before peak time hits.

There’s lots to do during the day in Budva also. It has an impressive medieval citadel to visit and cobbled streets to walk along as you soak up the history that’s all around.

Becici holidays provide the ideal base for exploring even further afield if you so wish, with stunning Skadar Lake National Park being just over an hour away by car.​

Nearest airport to Becici

Tivat Airport – 15 miles

Becici can be reached by hire car or taxi from Tivat Airport in just over 30 minutes.

Holidays to Becici in Montenegro are the ideal escape for enjoying the quiet charm of a holiday by the sea. Becici is a great place for taking things easy and letting the unhurried pace of Balkan coastal life wash over you. This is, of course, best done while lying on its lovely beach. But there are plenty of other ways to appreciate Becici, so make sure you explore all that the resort has to offer.​


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