Ulcinj Holidays 2024/2025

Holidays to Montenegro can take many forms, but few are as beautiful and varied as visiting Ulcinj. It’s situated in the beautiful south of the country, on the coast, and the silver sands attract tourists from all over Europe, as do the clear, warm waters. Holidays to Ulcinj often revolve around the beach; the stunning coast stretches for miles, so you can always find secluded coves during the busy season. The climate stays warm all year, and it stays relatively mild in the winter, too. The city itself is full of restaurants, cafés and galleries, as well as architectural feats and historical landmarks.

Ulcinj Holiday Deals

Explore Ulcinj’s many beaches

Most of your holiday in Ulcinj will likely take place on one of the city’s beaches – there are around 25 of them! They all differ slightly: some are pebbly, some are great for water sports, some are sandy and some are for naturists. You can get to most of the beaches on foot but the main one is Little Beach; it’s quite small so it can get quite busy.

If Little Beach is too crowded, you can continue walking south to find various secluded coves and beaches, many of which have vibrant bars and beachside restaurants. Ladies’ Beach is strictly for women only, but nearby Sapore di Mare is open to all. If you love socialising and dancing, the party-hub of Aquarius Beach is for you.​

Explore the old town

Add some charm to your holiday by exploring Ulcinj’s quaint, old town, otherwise known as Stari Grad. Some of the buildings are in a state of disrepair, but this adds to the town’s character. Plus, you get unrivalled views over the region from the old town. If you sit at the base of the Stari Grad walls, you’ll get a brilliant photo opportunity across the marina, towards the city. Within the old city’s walls are a number of restaurants serving up local delicacies and wine, and as an extra, you’ll get a bird’s eye view over Little Beach. In the evening, Stari Grad’s atmospheric lighting will make you feel as though you’ve travelled back in time, and the beautiful streets are the perfect setting for a romantic stroll.​

Try as much of the food as you can

Ulcinj Montenegro holidays serve up the best of the country’s cuisine. The traditional dishes are available everywhere; picture lots of fried meats served up in huge portions. You should make sure you try the fast food option, too. It’s a stuffed pastry called burek, and can be filled with meats, cheeses or both.

However, in Ulcinj, there’s a significant Italian influence, too. Pizza is a huge deal and is found everywhere as you walk around. It’s served in huge portions and doesn’t cost much, so it’s a great snack! The other main dish in Ulcinj is ice cream and gelato. You’ll find it in every flavour and every colour, and it’s always delicious. On top of this is a daily farmer’s market selling fresh produce, so ensure you stock up on the local fruits and vegetables.​

Take a tour of Ulcinj’s history

Add some culture to your holiday in Ulcinj by touring the town’s historical landmarks. St Nicholas’ Cathedral is a Serbian Orthodox cathedral, nestled within a grove of old, wizened olive trees. In the town’s centre is a wonderful statue of Mother Theresa: one of the most famous Albanians. Every day, dozens of bouquets and wreaths are left at the base of the statue. Next, head up to the cliffs above Mala Plaža to see the Liberty Monument. It’s an iconic piece of art that has since been vandalised, but it offers some glorious views. There are a couple of mosques in Ulcinj, too. Sailors’ Mosque is on the waterfront and, while it’s relatively new, it replaced a mosque that predated the Ottoman empire.

For a slightly different holiday, Ulcinj is perfect. You can take advantage of the classic sun, sea and sand but with a twist. Instead of the typical beach destinations, you’re able to explore a Montenegrin city, rich in history and culture. Whether you want a holiday where you relax on the beach all day, or you want a little more adventure and time to explore, Ulcinj gives you everything you want and more.​


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