Agia Pelagia Holidays 2024/2025

The picturesque, small coastal town of Agia Pelagia will transport you to a land of peace and natural beauty. Built upon the rolling Cretan hills Agia Pelagia has visual similarities to an amphitheatre, with hotels and houses sitting round the bay, all with prime viewing spots. Traditional white buildings and restaurants line the shores as well as deep green foliage and palm trees. The town is soaked in history and today it’s mostly thought of as a relaxing holiday destination.

Agia Pelagia Holiday Deals

Sunny cove

The town of Agia Pelagia has been developed around its stunning shoreline. A large, deep cove edges the village and, because of its horseshoe shape, the beach is protected from northerly winds, making the waters calm and serene. There are plenty of umbrellas and beach chairs throughout the coveand quiet places for you to relax and enjoy the views. The water deepens fast, but a long and narrow rocky plate in the middle of the beach gives some protection for any children swimming in the waters.

Agia Pelagia beach is surrounded by restaurants and cafes so you will have tons of choice when it comes to deciding where to stop for lunch while visiting the region on cheap holidays to Crete. Watersports are a major event for this beach, and if you enjoy scuba diving there are several schools eager to take you on an exploration of the underwater marine life.

On either side of the cove are smaller beaches – the Ligaria Beach and Small Beach. Ligaria has soft sands with several taverns lining its coast and Small Beach has only enough room for four to five beach towels to spread out. Both spots are nice alternatives if you want a secluded place to unwind in the sunshine.

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  • Eating out and about

    Restaurants and Greek taverns provide lots of choice along Agia Pelagia’s shoreline for your evening meal. You’ll be able to try authentic Cretan and Greek cuisine as well as a few international restaurants geared towards tourists. Wherever you decide to eat you are sure to receive beautiful views of the coast.

    Agia Pelagia is known for growing its own agriculture crops including onions, cabbages and herbs, which can be found in the cooking at many of the local restaurants. You’ll also be able to try the locally caught fish from fishermen casting their nets in the Agia Pelagia cove. For a quick bite to eat there are several ice-cream huts and bars around the beach, ideal for grabbing a snack while out sunbathing.

    Exploring the seas

    Agia Pelagia is a fantastic place to explore the underwater sea life of Crete‘s warm, clear water. There are several scuba diving schools available in the area welcoming experienced and new divers. Classes are tailored to your skill level and their friendly and patient instructors will guide you through simple dives to the most challenging ones.

    There are even night diving courses available for any adventure seekers. If you’re not keen on learning to dive but still want to explore the cove, there are opportunities to snorkel from their boats still alongside professional divers. After your underwater venture you can purchase pictures and videos to take home with you, which will ensure you remember your Greece package holiday for years to come.

    Boating excursions

    Sightseeing around Agia Pelagia’s cove has never been easier with its rent-a-boat tours. These small, easy to operate boats are available to hire with or without a captain, and you can sail through the open seas to your heart’s content.

    If you want to learn more about the island, the experienced tour guides can fill you in on the history of the area as you sail around the different beaches and coves.

    Nearby neighbours

    There are more than enough great day trips to discover around Agia Pelagia, and this town makes an excellent base for your travels around the island. Knossos – a famous Minoan palace – is only 25 kilometres away and an ideal spot for any history lovers.

    If you want to take in some incredible views head up to Achlada, a quaint village on top of the mountain overlooking Agia Pelagia. The birthplace of the painter Domenicos Theotokopoulos, also known as El Greco, is in the nearby village of Fodele. Here you can view the house he grew up in, which has now been turned into a museum featuring his artwork.


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