A guide to nightlife in Malia

Rivalling other top European towns for the party capital throne, Malia draws in thousands of holiday-goers looking for a wild nights out and Crete party holidays every year. Beach Road – the main strip in town – is where the majority of the action is, lined with neon-lit bars and clubs. You’ll find everything from foam parties to karaoke nights, drinks served in watermelons and clubs outfitted to look like medieval castles, plus wine bars and English pubs. If you’re planning holidays to Malia, here’s a pick of the best places to party.

Something special at Yiaso Bar

In many ways, Yiasou is something of a tropical paradise. It’s completely open air, with waterfalls and ponds, plus hammocks to swing in as you sip. And speaking of drinks, did we mention that Yiasou serves cocktails of epic proportions in – yes, you’re hearing this right – melons? Watermelons, pineapples – you name it, there’s a cocktail in it.

Sugar sweet at Candy Club

Widely known as one of the best nightlife spots in Malia, Candy Club is an all-out dance party. It attracts top live acts and DJ sets, and hosts weekly parties, complete with neon lighting and dancing until the early hours of the morning. The music here is from all over the map, so you won’t have to limit your moves.

Push the limits at Help Bar

The Help Bar is home to the famous ‘fishbowl’ drink, which is notorious for, shall we say, bringing people out of their shells. Nobody really knows what’s inside it, but the wacky colours and massive bowls you’ll drink out of are novelty enough. Help also features a full bar with an assortment of cocktails, DJ sets and a full swimming pool.

Bouncing beats at Warehouse Club

Formerly the Banana Club, the Warehouse boasts the same amenities everyone loved, but better. Better sound systems and better lighting, which make for even crazier nights of live DJ sets and dancing. Warehouse is also one of the few clubs in the area that has an outdoor seating area, so you can grab a breath of fresh air without having to miss any of the madness.

Kareoke crooning at Premier Bar

Premier Bar is the top karaoke spot in Malia, with thousands of choices to croon along to. If you aren’t a singer, don’t worry – Premier attracts huge crowds in the high season, so you’ll be able to just kick back and relax with a drink as your friends take the stage.

Entertainment abounds at Apollo Club

The Apollo Club is one of the largest in Malia, and sports a big reputation. It features a massive, open dancefloor with dancing podiums in the corners, state-of-the-art laser shows, plasma TVs and three bars to keep your thirst quenched. It attracts top DJs from the area and the UK, and typically plays R&B, dance and garage music throughout the week.

A little class at Notos Cafe & Wine Bar

We had to throw in a quieter nightlife option – Malia offers way more than just amazingly raucous clubs, in the ways of after-hours fun. Located in a renovated stone house in Malia’s old town, Notos offers cosy evenings with glasses of wine, plus an outdoor terrace for the warm summer months.

Nothing but good times at The Loft

The Loft is one of the first bars you’ll come to when reaching Malia’s main strip, and you’d be wise to pop in, even for one drink. It’s a restaurant all day and a busy bar in the evening, known for its incredible drink deals. If you’re looking for a spot to stop before entering the mayhem, the Loft should be at the top of your list.

Quality sounds at Zig Zag Club

Another nightlife jewel in Malia’s crown, the Zig Zag Club is the only spot in the area that’s solely dedicated to house music. Zig Zag features some of the best DJs in the area, a massive dancefloor and outdoor lounge, laser lighting and some of the best sound quality on the strip. As if that wasn’t enough, the bartenders are known for the fire tricks, where they literally light up the bar.

Foaming good fun at Camelot Castle Club

Yes, it’s structured like a castle, with turrets and flags, and yes, nightlife here is fit for kings. Puns aside, the Camelot Castle Club is one of Malia’s oldest institutions, with five bars, huge names in live acts and DJs, and an eclectic taste in music. It’s also famous for its massive foam parties, held three times a week.