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It may not be the Indonesian Bali, but this Greek resort hits all the right notes when it comes to placid shores and a charming port. Lined with restaurants, the beaches are at the heart of the action, though the local cuisine will do its best to steal your attention away.

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The Greek Bali

Crete gets its very own Bali along the island’s northern coast, equipped with a clutch of sandy beaches and a fishing port. When spending Greece holidays here keep things chilled out with waterfront tavernas, seaside-centric activities and quaint little villas stashed up in the hillside.

It’s an island destination that beckons relaxation seekers, though families will find calm waves and water-sports that children will enjoy. And when your holiday calls for an up in energy, the busy shores and Venetian fortress of Rethymnon are just on the horizon, waiting to oblige.

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    This may not be the Indonesian Bali, but the handful of peaceful beaches are still this resort’s main attraction – the bay is sheltered by a ring of rocks and hills that keep the waters tempered, which give it a lake-like feeling.

    The shores are lined with sunbeds and umbrellas for limitless relaxation, while out to sea, watersport adventures are to be had. There are smaller islands dotting the coastline than can be reached if you’re a strong swimmer or if you’ve rented a pedalo or canoe, while adrenaline-seekers can get their fix with jet skis and a local diving centre.

    Old port

    Bali’s is still very much a working port. Little fishing boats dot the coastline, along with whitewashed villas up in the green hillside. If you’re spending the day down by the beach, you’re never far from a spot to grab a light bite or drink – you can even get them delivered to your sunbed.

    This slice of Crete is a prime locale for laid-back holidays – the coast is laden with a host of restaurants and bars, where many a seaside coffee or cocktail are to be had from outdoor patios overlooking the water.

    Mezze on the waterfront

    For such a cosy little town, Bali comes ready with a surprising amount of restaurants. Perhaps unsurprising, though, is that the vast majority of dining options here are Greek to the T.

    Lamb-centric dishes and seafood treats are the lay of the land, and ouzo flows like water. You’ll find the odd burger and chips, but the flavours are otherwise mostly Mediterranean and served along the coast or in tranquil garden settings.

    Nights in Bali are largely the same as the days. Family-run tavernas convert into quiet night spots with glasses of wine and pints of Mythos beer. There are a handful of places to enjoy laid-back nightlife including a waterfront bar whose after-hours fun comes in the form of decadent desserts and some seriously outrageous cocktails.

    In the thick of it all

    It’s easy to call Bali home as you’ll have your pick of family-run apartments and intimate villas, as well as luxury resorts equipped with spas. And because Bali is so small in size, you’re never far from the port.

    Some accommodation will even base you right on the beach, while others are almost certain to come with pool facilities. Where the resort might lack in nightlife opportunities, the hotels make up for it with their own quiet bars and barbecue nights complete with live music line-ups and Greek dancing.


    Making the most of your cheap holidays to Crete is key and just a 30-minute drive away from Bali is the popular town of Rethymnon, one of Crete’s coastal hot-spots. There’s a bus service outside Bali that will get you between the towns, as well as all-day boating trips that will take you to Rethymnon as well as other nearby ports. However, the fastest and easiest way to and from these resorts is to hire a car.

    Rethymnon is a blend of sandy beaches and a historic old town. Inside, it’s packed with mosques and Renaissance buildings, while on the fringe is a bar-lined harbour and a beach backed by a long promenade.

    Historic hotspots like the Venetian fortezza offer panoramic views of the rustic surroundings, while speedboats and a massive pirate ship keep things vibrant along the water. There are souvenir shops and waterfront cafes, cocktail lounges and mountain tours that combine to make an energetic day-trip.


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