Gerani Holidays 2024/2025

With a mixture of sandy and pebbled shores, and access to a mountain range cut with hiking trails, Gerani brings the energy to Crete’s northern half. It’s a small village that takes care of its visitors on holiday to Greece, cocktail bars and watersports, but somehow manages to never feel packed.

Gerani Holiday Deals

Tranquility with adventure nearby

Gerani may be small in size, but this traditional village packs a punch. It’s right beside the Aegean Sea and at the foot of the White Mountains, where hiking adventures are to be had. Relaxation is the name of the game in this part of Crete, so you won’t be expected to do much more than lounge along the coast, though watersports are on hand.

Just beyond Gerani’s shores are those of Platanias and Aghia Marina, where even more beaches and vibrant nightlife await. And if that’s not enough – though we aren’t sure how that’s possible – the big time town of Chania is just down the road.

Sandy meets pebbles

The beach at Gerani is a Blug Flag award-winning stunner, complete with crazily big shores. The west sees sandy spots whose turtle inhabitants are protected, while on the east are pebbled shores. The beach is lined with sunloungers and umbrellas, but it’s to the east where you’ll find the most tranquil spots on your Greek island holiday.

Further afield are the shores of Platanias, and Aghia Marina beyond that. This is where the watersport action is, as well as a beach volleyball court. Onshore, pedalos and windsurfing equipment are available to hire, while out to sea, snorkellers dip below the waves to explore the underwater coastline.

Hiking haven

Because Gerani is surrounded by the White Mountains, it’s a great base for scenic hikes up into the foothills. You can hike up to nearby mountain villages like Pano Gerani and Modi, or go even steeper for show-stopping views of the Cretan landscape.

The TUI Family Life Creta Paradise Hotel will happily keep you close to home, and works as an easy go-to spot for families. It comes equipped with archery facilities, mini golf, tennis and basketball courts.

If you’re looking to explore the surrounding coast, nearby Platanias and Aghia Marina offer an even bigger array of gorgeous beaches, not to mention more watersport adventures. Platanias is a 5-minute drive from Gerani and Aghia Marina isn’t much more, so embarking on colourful tourist trains or heart-racing jeep tours from one of these neighbouring towns is no sweat.

Leafy eats

Dining in Gerani is a deliciously Greek experience. Here, there are a handful of local tavernas, many of which are located slightly inland, which means they’re the picture of peaceful. You’ll also find a popular spot that mixes traditional Greek eats with British cuisine, and sets you in a leafy courtyard.

When night falls, Gerani maintains its same laid-back air – at area hotels, you’ll find evening entertainment like live music and shows, while cocktail bars offer fruity drinks in friendly surroundings. And to help you branch out with your after-hours activities, Platanias is on hand with a rock bar and neon-lit dance spot.

Local finds

In the ways of retail therapy, the town offers a modest selection of shops. There are a few souvenir pitstops and places to pick up foodstuffs for a Self Catering holiday, as well as a local bakery dishing up fresh Greek pastries.

For the ultimate Greek shopping experience, you can’t go wrong with Chania. It’s a shopper’s paradise, equipped with a whole avenue lined with market stalls boasting local produce, honey, olive oil and wine. The town also features clothing shops and ones selling handmade jewellery, which means you could be going home with a whole new wardrobe.


One of the most vibrant resorts on the island, Chania is a haven for action-packed holidays. It’s a 20-minute bus ride from Gerani, though hiring a car is the easiest and quickest option to get you between the towns. Once you’re standing at the foot of Chania’s Venetian harbour, you’ll quickly see what all the fuss is about.

Chania is a town with a staggering amount of history, and it’s not afraid to show it. Dotted throughout are hints of its Venetian past in the form of a towering lighthouse and fortress.

There are also domed mosques, food tours and an impressive array of museums specialising in Byzantine art, natural history and even Greece‘s football past. And if you don’t want to stray far from the water, Chania can help with that too – there are even more beaches here, plus the Limnoupolis Waterpark.


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