Cheap Holidays to the Dominican Republic

The Caribbean is a major contender when it comes to luxurious holidays, and the Dominican Republic is a big part of its success. Yet enjoying this gorgeous island’s brilliance is doable for far less than expected when the right deals come around.

Dominican Republic Cheap Holidays

Caribbean sun and luxury resorts collide to make the ultra-gorgeous Dominican Republic

It’s around nine hours from the UK to the Dominican Republic, which means all that powdery white sand is less than half a day away.

The Dominican Republic is a curious blend of luxury and the great outdoors in the best way – white sand beaches mix with craggy coastlines and mega-luxury hotel complexes hug blindingly blue water. There are national parks, caves to explore, an endless ring of beaches and so many deluxe pool scenes, we’ve kind of lost count. If we didn’t know any better, we’d say somebody just recreated a postcard and called it the Dominican Republic. Out here, it’s that gorgeous.

With settings this beautiful, upscale hotels and spa resorts are kind of a given. They look pretty good against the coconut tree-lined beach of Bavaro, and in the upscale region of Uvero Alto, where fine dining dominates the otherwise laid-back village. But nothing quite compares to Cap Cana, at least as far as luxury goes. That’s because this eye-popping resort was specially designed with the luxury market in mind – it’s a big-scale, gated community containing designer golf courses, a swanky marina and just under five kilometres of sandy shores.

Living the high life in the Dominican Republic

The high life in the Dominican Republic undoubtedly starts at the beach. Pale, spacious and lined with palm trees, these stunning shores are set to impress. Bavaro lays claim to one of the most beautiful beaches on the island with 10 kilometres of sand in all, while both Uvero Alto and Cap Cana extend with easy-going goodness as far as the eye can see.

Uvero Alto is home to its own horse ranch, so you can set out on horseback while exploring the coast. The region’s top of the line hotels are also worth writing home about, featuring some of the finest dining around. Over in Cap Cana, glitz and glamour reign supreme. Days here are reserved for luxury spa treatments and yachting trips.

Other luxury holidays to take a look at

If you’re sold on a luxury holiday but still aren’t sure where you’d like to go, have a look at other Caribbean spots like Jamaica, St Lucia and Barbados for more upscale fun in the sun. But if your heart is set on the Dominican Republic, check out our travel guide to learn more about how to make your island dreams come true. In the meantime, here are our top hotels you can stay in during your luxury Dominican Republic holiday.

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