Menorca Holidays 2024/2025

Menorca, as its name suggests, is Majorca’s little brother. But what it lacks in size, it makes up for in just about everything else. Out in the Mediterranean Sea, cheap Menorca holidays are ever so popular, especially with All Inclusive Menorca being a top pick, it’s a great way to grab a bargain in a beautiful destination.

Menorca Holiday Deals

An island as old as time

Megalithic stone monuments are scattered around the island as evidence of humanity’s early activity on the island – long before package holidays to Menorca came into existence! These impressive historical structures are thousands of years old and make for the perfect hiking holiday for any keen explorer or historian.

However, if it’s hot sand and refreshing sea you’re after then you’ll find unspoilt and beautiful beaches which you can have almost to yourself. Many of these are complete with coastal ridges which can be walked until you find the beach that is right for you. 

The entire island is encircled by an ancient path called the Cami de Cavalls, stretching for 186 kilometres around Menorca’s coast. Meaning ‘Way of the Horses’, you can traverse it on horseback, bike or just with your own two feet and take in the incredible coastal views. Menorca is a fantastic destination for families, friends or couples looking for a cheap holiday without compromising on any of the memories.

Holidays in Menorca


Don't miss the festivities

With its many relaxing villages and lively towns, beautiful and luscious landscapes, cool blue coasts, beach resorts and delicious, affordable restaurants, Menorca opens its heart to all who visit.

Even though thousands enjoy holidays to Menorca every year, the island has kept its precious culture intact. In fact, many visitors come for this very reason. For instance, the island’s summer fiestas are a must-see.

The ‘Festes de Sant Joan’ celebrations happen in June every year and last for three days. A sight to behold, main streets are closed to play host to parades of black horses, men carrying sheep and jousting competitions, as well as bonfires and fireworks displays in the evenings.

Take a dip

If paddling in the shallows isn’t far enough into the waters, then it’s easy to find a way out further onto the high seas. Hire a boat and see the island from the outside, stopping at isolated beaches only accessible by sea for a picnic before heading back out again to swim. With dozens of opportunities to dive, kayak, or sail, Menorca has become a top destination for exciting activities both on land and at sea.

On land, the shallow bays and unspoilt spots make for magical beach days where you can pack a picnic and head out for the day without spending a penny. Be sure to make the most of your cheap Menorca holiday and explore its gorgeous coast, for it’s certainly something to remember.

Go to town in Menorca

The island’s towns of Ciutadella and Mahon are beautiful, especially in the spring when blossom begins to grow. Ciutadella, in the west, has a fortified harbour glistening in the sun, and the capital Mahon, to the east, has rows of tiled rooftops. Both are perfect places to visit for the day or night and are well-connected by public transport with nearby resorts and hotels. Public transport is super handy and reliable if you’re trying to explore but keep your Menorca holiday cheap!

A great range of bars, restaurants and shops make these towns lively and vibrant locations for visitors to the island who wish to experience the local culture and meet fellow travellers.

A gin and tonic to cool down

Menorca is famous for its taste for gin, something it inherited from the Brits. Locals mix their gin with bitter lemon to make the much loved drink ‘pomada’, the most refreshing way to cool yourself down on the beach or by the pool after a long day out on the island.

After almost a century, Menorca is now once again becoming known for its wine production too. Make sure you enjoy a glass from one of the local wineries which are popping up around the island, or a carafe over a plate of shellfish at one of the great seafood restaurants.

So much of the food served on Menorca is grown, reared or caught on the island, making it truly genuine Mediterranean cuisine. Cheap holidays in Menorca are all about eating where the locals eat. You can trust that even if you order out of your comfort zone, you’ll be treated to outstanding flavours from chefs who source all their ingredients organically from nearby.

Beautiful and genuine, all year round

Menorca’s climate means that over winter a lot of places are closed. However, as spring begins in March, everything begins to heat up again. For cheap Menorca holidays, go early in the year and you can avoid peak season prices. Also, the climate will be mild enough to cycle around the island enjoying the sights and smells of the landscape, and you’ll still be able to lie on the beach and enjoy the sun.

Of course, if you’re after a fully-fledged summer holiday, then between mid-July and mid-September is the time to catch all the rays you can before the kids go back to school. Even at the busiest times of the year, the island somehow still manages to have that special something. Menorca is a one-of-a-kind destination, which offers great food, drink, country walks, seaside breaks, activities and nightlife all in one authentic island experience.


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