Binibeca Holidays 2024/2025

Among Menorca’s bustling cities, popular waterparks and bar-laden resorts, Binibeca strays from the crowd as the island’s quiet, hidden gem. Tucked away on the southeast coast, it’s a sleepy fishing village that knows how to bring that extra element of relaxation to cheap holidays in Menorca.

Binibeca Holiday Deals

A small town with laid-back character

Binibeca’s centre, the Binibeca Vell, is a collection of cobbled streets lined with whitewashed buildings often likened to sugar cubes. The waterfront is where the action happens, with light daytime activities like coasting through the waves on a kayak, while beach-goers lounge on the shore.

There aren’t any all-night dance clubs here, but a handful of bars and restaurants that know how to do Menorcan cuisine right. And that’s just the way Binibeca’s visitors like it.

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    Binibeca’s beach is a quiet, cove with a patch of white sand. Its shores are decked with sun-drenched loungers, so there’s ample room for some Menorca holiday relaxation. The sands gently slope into the water, making it an incredibly safe spot to cool off or embark on a pedalo or kayak adventure. You can also rent a motorised bumper boat and cruise around the coast.

    Behind the beach is a bar and shaded picnic spot so you won’t have to weave in and out of town for meals. When you do head into the centre, it’s dotted with shops and markets where you can pick up some holiday supplies.

    Back at the coast, the waters are cool and clear and shelter a network of underwater caves. Suit up in scuba gear and you’ll be swimming among the finned locals. If you’re just a beginner, there’s a diving school in nearby Cala Torret that’ll get you up to speed.

    Binibeca vell

    In the 1970s, architect Antonio Sintes designed the Binibeca Vell, the centre of the village, which consists of cubed, whitewashed buildings stacked along the coast. Sintes had in mind a skyline that would mimic the architecture of a traditional Spanish fishing village. He succeeded, and also created a seriously gorgeous backdrop for afternoon strolls.

    The Binibeca Vell is home to a selection of quirky clothing and souvenir shops, as well as a large supermarket and a few smaller minimarts. You can wind along the cobbled avenues and pause in local bakeries for a midday snack, but just remember to bring your camera for photo opps.

    Menorcan delights with hints of England

    Binibeca’s restaurants largely serve Mediterranean eats, with an occasional dash of British flavours. In between menus packed with fresh seafood and the island specialities of Mahon cheese and slow-roasted meats, you can expect a full English breakfast and back-home puddings.

    Binibeca’s modest size and hidden-gem status means you won’t have promenades lined with eateries, but the ones you are presented with don’t disappoint.

    Most of the restaurants in town double as bars, so you won’t have to travel far from your table for a good cocktail. The bars here are much like the rest of town – laid-back and full of charm. For more choice, nearby Cala Torret houses a few lounge-style bars, while the stylish Vanity Eden Hotel in the centre is known for its outdoor venue and great live music.

    Visit Cala Torret

    Just a 20-minute walk down the coast is the town of Cala Torret, Binibeca Vell’s slightly busier counterpart. There’s a resort train that’ll take you there in half the time, if you don’t fancy the brief stroll.

    On this side of the coast, you’ll find a wider selection of restaurants. A good number of which overlook the sea, including the town’s most popular bar, Bar Papua. There, you can sip cocktails while you listen to live jazz music and enjoy the gorgeous views.

    Days out

    The town’s small resort train will take you up and down the coast, beginning in Binibeca Vell and ending at Punta Prima beach, a haven for watersports. Along the way, it’ll take you to Binibeca beach, Cala Toret and Punta Prima’s waterpark, so you can mix and match your holiday schedule with other Menorcan hotspots.

    Also nearby is the capital city of Mahon, which is only a 20-minute drive from Binibeca. In this gorgeous town, which dates all the way back to 250 BC, you’ll find historic churches, scenic coastal paths and a huge military fortress guarding Mahon’s waterfront. They sit alongside vibrant bars to give your package holidays to Menorca that legendary Spanish nightlife experience.


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