Alcaufar Holidays 2024/2025

Alcaufar’s rocky cove and shallow bay are easy to miss among the popular resorts nearby, and the locals and in-the-know visitors wouldn’t have it any other way. Located on Menorca’s southeastern coast, this hidden gem is no more than a stretch of shore with a small marina lined with whitewashed buildings and a few boats bobbing on the water.

Alcaufar Holiday Deals

A seaside escape

Upon arriving in Alcaufar, you won’t see any blocks of sky-high Menorca holiday hotels, or hear traffic and pulsing music – but we’re guessing that isn’t what you came for. Instead, Alcaufar is a sleepy seaside village that’s largely suburban and untouched by the tourism dominating other parts of the island.

Life here moves at a slower pace, where your main activity for the day is sipping a cocktail from a terrace overlooking the bay, and there’s always time for an afternoon siesta.

Quiet marina

Alcaufar’s beach is a small stretch of sand leading to a calm, shallow bay. Only noise-free pedalos and canoes glide across these waves, as snorkellers dip underneath and take advantage of the clear waters to view the local sea creatures. The peaceful atmosphere of this part of the island makes relaxing on these soft sands a top Alcaufar activity.

Along the coast is the footpath known as the Cami de Cavalls. It leads all the way out to a Martello watchtower, which keeps a close eye on the town from a distance. For a livelier beach, head to the nearby Blue Flag, award-winning shores of Punta Prima. Its white sands are constantly swarming with locals and visitors sunbathing and swimming in the warm waters.

Solo restaurant

This small town is privy to only one restaurant, located inside the Hotel Xuroy, making it a top choice for All Inclusive Menorca holidays. Its outdoor terrace is right on the beach, which means you can indulge in a cup of tea with a view – and you don’t need to be staying at the hotel to visit, either.

There are also a few restaurants further along the coastline, sporting waterfront terraces with gorgeous views out to sea. And the resort’s location beside the Mediterranean allows for some seriously fresh seafood, which the majority of restaurants here highlight in their cuisine.


Menorca’s capital city of Mahon is only a 20-minute drive away from Alcaufar, with a bus service going between the two during the summer months. In Mahon, you’ll find all the makings of a bustling tourist destination – history, restaurants, bars and beaches that make this an ideal place to visit on a family holiday to Menorca.

If you choose to take the ferry into Mahon, you’ll pass La Menola de Menorca. It’s an 18th century fortress that once defended the city and sits on a spit of land just before you enter the huge natural harbour. Stopping off there, you can wander its grounds and explore the moat, or just admire its sweeping views of the sea. Back in Mahon, there are also historic churches and art galleries to give a full picture of the capital city’s storied past.

Holiday palates expand in Mahon at intimate, family-run restaurants dishing up authentic Spanish food. At the Nautic Lounge, you can even combine sightseeing with dinner, as you eat on a boat and cruise around the bay. By night, Mahon is the bustling counterpart to Alcaufar’s cosy evenings in, with swanky cocktails on outdoor squares and neon-lit bars.

The Cami de Cavalls winds all the way up to Mahon and can be traversed along by foot or bike. Embark on this sign-posted path and you’ll be treated to stunning views of the rocky coastline, plus wooded trails and hidden beaches. You can also explore the coast by boat cruise or even on horseback.


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