A guide to things to do in Menorca

Known for being the most laid-back island in the Balearics, Menorca package holidays are low-key and relaxing, perfect for the whole family. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t tons of things to do and see while visiting.

Beaches galore

You may be surprised to learn that there are more beaches in Menorca than in Ibiza and Majorca combined. Many beaches beaches here are rugged and natural with clear waters and long stretches of fine white and golden sand, as well as hidden rocky coves.

There are around 120 beaches altogether on this island, and some of them are so secluded they are only reachable by sea. If you want to take to the water, cheap holidays to Menorca are filled with tons of watersports opportunities – including kayaking, windsurfing, snorkelling and scuba diving.

Exploring the island

Menorca’s entire coastline is connected by a set of paths called the Cami de Cavalls and, as it’s a relatively small island, you’re never too far from a beautiful coastal walk.

As well as exploring on foot, one of the best ways to get around the vast terrain of Menorca is on horseback – Cami de Cavalls actually translates as ‘horse path’. The relatively flat woodlands and rural countryside make these journeys easy for even first time riders.

Menorca has several riding schools that will take you on tours of its stunning vistas and coastlines. Horses play an important role in Menorca’s cultural history and are still the stars of this island’s numerous festivals.

Join in with the festivities

Menorca’s fiestas are second to none in the Balearics and can last for up to two weeks in different parts of the island. A particularly well-known and well-attended celebration is the San Juan Fiesta over a four-day stretch during summer solstice where horses lead a procession through the town. Their rider’s pull the horses’ reigns making them rear up into the air for daring members of the public to touch their hearts and gain good luck.

Another popular celebration is the Fiesta of San Lorenzo, a patron saint of Menorca. This two-week long August festival has an array of things to enjoy and join in with, including jazz performances, cheese tasting and football matches. On the last Sunday a large parade goes through the streets to mark the end of the celebrations.

Activities for all the family

With five waterparks in total, there is plenty to keep the kids entertained on a family holiday to Menorca. You can spend the day at either Aqua Center, Aqua Rock, Barcelo Pueblo, Splash or Parc Acuatico. Their thrilling and tamer slides include kamikazes, black holes, tube rides and river adventures. With Menorca’s temperature reaching into the 30s during the summer you’ll be glad of the water to cool you down.

Back in time

A Menorca holiday offers the opportunity to explore several prehistoric monuments around its valleys and coastlines. The fascinating structures that date back thousands of years will have history lovers intrigued although anyone will be impressed by how they were built. Some great spots to start your exploration into Menorca’s bygone eras are ancient stone structures like the Navetas and Talaoits.

Navetas date back to 1400BC and historians believe they were once used as collective tombs. They were built from large white stones that today resemble inverted boats. Dated at 1000BC, Talaoits are rounded stone structures that may once have been watch towers, dwellings or burial places.