Cala'n Bosch Holidays 2024/2025

Cala’n Bosch is one of the most beautiful destinations for package holidays to Menorca. Situated on the southwesterly side, this stunning horseshoe bay protects its visitors and offers solace at the same time. Seamlessly mixing family-fun, relaxation, and romantic getaways, Cala’n Bosch is the perfect Menorca holiday destination for you.

Cala’n Bosch Holiday Deals

Surrounding natural beauty

The luscious deep greens of the soft dunes which surround this gorgeous horseshoe bay act as a tranquil shelter for those lucky enough to lie on its golden sands. The surrounding landscape, which is punctuated rarely by a small, tiled roof or sun-bleached white wall, make for a beautiful and calming atmosphere. There are few things as fun to do as witnessing all the wonders beneath the waves. And the Mediterranean sea boasts some of the most breathtaking sea life, coastal geography, and underwater beauties in the world.

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    Providing rest and relaxation is just one of the things Cala’n Bosch’s does well. It’s true, you’ll find hundreds of places in Menorca to lay down and catch some rays, but none of them are quite Cala’n Bosch.

    Even though it’s both relaxing and tranquil, the main beach at Cala’n Bosch is also very family-oriented. Little ones scamper around with buckets and spades in the shallows, building sand-castles and collecting shells to decorate their newly finished fortresses.

    he second beach, Son Xoriguer is just a 10-minute walk up the coast from Cala’n Bosch’s main horseshoe bay. If it all gets a bit much, or you just fancy a change of scenery, then take the short stroll with your towel and sun lotion, to lay yourself down on another beautiful patch of sand, sea and scenery.


    Aquarock – the local water park – provides water fun with the opportunity to throw yourself down slides or into wave-pools. With names like Black Hole and Kamakaze, some of these slides are big and bold, with many offering opportunities to race or compete with each other. It’s the perfect opportunity to blow off any extra energy after lying in the sun all week.

    There are enough activities to keep everyone entertained for the whole day. For the tiny people in the family, there’s a toddler’s splash park, where fountains, small slides and paddle pools will keep them occupied for hours. And for big kids, teenagers or the particular playful parents, there’s a go-kart track just next door.

    A romantic evening at the marina

    Cala’n Bosch’s marina provides an attractive setting in which to wind down when the sun is setting and enjoy a candlelit meal of sharing tapas and rich red sangria. With its twinkling lights and gently-rocking lines of yachts, it’s also a lovely place to stroll arm-in-arm with that special someone.

    There’s plenty to do around the marina – you could win some money on the arcade machines or stop at one of the evening market stalls and impress with your haggling skills.

    You might be lured in as you hear the friendly laughs and chatter drifting from the open doors of bars. You can grab a cocktail and stay up late or jump up on stage and sing your heart out with some karaoke, a favoured activity for many tourists on cheap holidays in Menorca. Almost all of these places are child friendly too but if you didn’t manage to completely lose the kids, you’ll be able to embarrass them with your rendition of ‘My Heart Will Go On’.


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