6 Bucket List Destinations You Have to Visit in 2023

A whole new year is finally upon us, and there’s nothing better than looking ahead with a set of fantastic travel plans pencilled in. 

With that in mind, we’ve rounded up some of our top destinations that you should tick off your bucket list in 2023 – from European city breaks in eternal cities to far-off favourites across the Atlantic. Make this next year absolutely amazing with one of these out-of-this-world getaways!


Treat yourself to a getaway with so much to offer in terms of dreamy beaches, captivating culture and let’s face it – fantastic food and drink. If 2022 felt none-stop and you’re in need of some serious rest and relaxation, there’s only one place for it – Mexico. 

When it comes to memorable getaways, Mexico delivers on all fronts. With a Caribbean coast on its Eastern edge serving up beautiful beaches, not to mention ancient history that spans over 1,500 years, you can expect the holiday of a lifetime – with an abundance of things to see and do.

Bucket list getaways should have you doing something out of the ordinary, and there’s nothing more unique than taking a swim in one of Mexico’s spectacular cenotes. The Yucatan Peninsula is well known for these mesmerising swimming spots – natural swimming holes formed by the collapse of limestone rock, creating an inner cave of beauty. The entire of Riviera Maya is covered with thousands of these pools – so prepare to make a splash like never before!

Visit ancient Mayan ruins and discover one of the wonders of the world with a trip to Chichen Itza, or head on a boat ride off the coast of Cancun to one of the most idyllic spots you’ll ever see – Isla Mujeres. 

And you can even party the night away thanks to nightlife like no other. Everyone should tick off a visit to Cancun’s famous Coco Bongos at least once in their lifetime – this club’s theatre-style show makes for a crazy party experience! 

Your getaway to Mexico can be as chilled or as fun-filled as you like. If you’ve never been before, you’ll soon discover why it’s one of our favourite long haul destinations. 


Iceland might surprise you as a bucket list destination, and it’s definitely not your usual beach holiday – but when you hear about the once-in-a-lifetime experiences on offer, we think you’ll be raring to hop on that plane in no time. 

When it comes to bucket list sights, Iceland trumps most other destinations on the planet – we’re talking glistening glaciers, frozen waterfalls, and snowy mountain tops, just to name a few. No camera can capture the beauty you’ll see when you first lay eyes on these stunning scenes. 

A city break to Reykjavik will reward you with all these sights and more, and it’s only a short flight from the UK! You’ll be amazed at all this contemporary city has to offer, from sleek art installations to spectacular architecture. It’s a modern hub of activity and the perfect base for you to discover Iceland.

Hop on a quad bike adventure (wrapped up of course!) and speed across snowy mountain tops, or take a visit to trickling icy waterfalls where you might be lucky enough to spot gigantic geysers spouting Icelandic water high up into the air! 

As if all that wasn’t enough to tick off your bucket list, you absolutely can’t come to Iceland without taking a swim in the Blue Lagoon. These natural thermal waters will provide you with the best spa day you’ve ever experienced, and you’ll leave feeling more refreshed and rejuvenated than ever before.

To top it all off, if you’re lucky, there’s always the chance you might spot the Northern Lights on your Icelandic adventure too! This natural phenomenon has the sky lighting up with hazey green and pink lights, a rare and astounding sight. What could be better than that?


If your idea of a bucket list getaway is having all the family together on the adventure of a lifetime, then this year, you simply have to head to family-centric Florida. 

Whether you want to dive head first into some of the most amazing amusement parks on earth or delve into the wonderful wilderness of the Everglades, there’s no better place for family fun than this slice of the US of A. 

Prepare to make memories that will last a lifetime, with exciting days out that the whole family will love. Make dreams come true at Disney World Resort Florida, where even big kids and grown ups feel like kids again. Meet childhood heroes like Buzz Lightyear and Woody, or see the magic when your little one first sets eyes on Cinderella’s castle – there’s nothing quite like it. 

Get the adrenaline pumping at a range of theme parks, with some of the most height-defying and daring rollercoasters in the world. Disney World Resort Florida alone has four theme parks for you to explore, each with their own distinct theme and unique offerings – the Avatar ride in the Animal Kingdom park will quite literally blow you away!

Film lovers won’t be able to get enough of Universal Studios Orlando, with two theme parks serving up rides and experiences straight out of the cinema. Dare to go on The Mummy Ride, feel the thrill of The Hulk rollercoaster and be amazed as you make your way through the jungle on Kong. 

And, wannabe wizards will have a hard time pulling themselves away from The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, where you can even step foot inside Hogwarts and drink delicious jugs of butter beer!

For something different, swim with wildlife in the stunning sanctuary that is Discovery Cove, or even head on a trip to NASA’s Kennedy Space Centre – the closest thing to an out-of-this-world experience you can get. 

Bucket list memories don’t come much bigger than those you make in Florida – trust us, for a family holiday like no other, this is the only place to go!

Santorini, Greece

If you’re looking for a bucket list getaway to stand out on your ‘gram, then this year say hello to stunning Santorini. 

You’ll have seen its stunning scenery on postcards, catalogues, and adverts no doubt – and this island makes you feel like a VIP from the moment you arrive. If you want to experience Greece at its finest, then Santorini is the way to go.

Known for its bright blue backdrop dotted with whitewashed cliffside houses, and for having one of the most beautiful sunsets across the whole of the Mediterranean, this island is without a doubt a must-visit for any travel lovers. 

And if your goal this year is to have a romantic getaway as a couple, just the two of you – then you’ll be hard pushed to find a more romantic setting than Santorini. Sophisticated wine bars looking out at the Aegean sea, delicious Greek meze to munch on, striking views at every turn? This idyllic island delivers on all fronts. 

With around 13 vineyards, you can taste your way around the island, snapping spectacular selfies as you go. The beaches here feel like private little coves, where you’ll feel as though you’ve got the whole island to yourself. 

If you want to see all this stunning place has to offer for less time, or more importantly, for less money, one great option is to holiday on a nearby Greek island. We have great deals to the likes of Mykonos and Crete, where you can enjoy a gorgeous Greek getaway and simply hop on a day trip to nearby Santorini. Win-win! 


For bucket list experiences to truly stand out, how about visiting one of the oldest and most iconic cities in the world? You’ve guessed it – Rome

Full to the brim of ancient history, wondrous architecture and stunning art, this is a city break that will blow you away from the moment you arrive. Known as the Eternal City, we have no doubt that a visit to Italy’s capital will create an eternal love between you and this destination. 

A guided tour of the Colosseum is as big a bucket list tick as they come, and will have you feeling like you’ve truly stepped back in time. 

Learn about the legendary battles that used to take place and discover as much about the ancient Romans who would visit as much as the impressive architecture of the building itself. 

Standing on the Colosseum’s amphitheatre floor – which was built almost 2,000 years ago – will leave you truly in awe, as you look around at some of this earth’s earliest and most poignant history. 

Once you’ve had your fill of ancient history, take it easy by sipping on cocktails around the Trevi Fountain – trust us, there’s no more romantic spot. And don’t forget to throw a penny in for good luck! 

And you can’t come to Rome, the beating heart of Italy, and not get stuck into delicious food. What could be better than tucking into authentic Italian cuisine? 

You’ll no doubt get to taste some of the best pizza and pasta you’ll experience in your life, topped with all the parmesan you can manage. Wash it all down with creamy gelato for dessert, or a shot of limoncello, of course!

It takes a lot to top a city break to Rome – if this is the only short trip you take this year, you’ll soon thank us for it. 


Going on an amazing summer holiday is one thing, but there’s no bigger or better wintery break than a visit to one of the most magical places on earth – Lapland. 

It’s officially Santa’s homeland, and a visit here around Christmas time is definitely one to tick off the bucket list – whether the kids are in tow or not! 

This Finnish region is full of more festive cheer than anywhere else on planet earth, and is home to the official Santa Claus Village. The experiences you can get up to here are completely unique, and will live long in your memory for Christmasses to come. 

Head on husky rides through snowy mountains, meet Rudolph and the rest of the reindeers, and of course, the big man himself, Father Christmas. Little ones will love telling him what they’d love for Christmas, and seeing him in his real home around his real helpers. It doesn’t get more magical than this!

You can head on day trips to Lapland or stay for longer in the likes of a cosy log cabin. Sit around cosy fires with hot chocolates while stories are told, or feel the thrill of riding on a snowmobile through the snowiest scenes imaginable. 

There’s no other holiday quite like this one – if you love Christmas, then this one’s for you!

Time to tick things off your bucket list?

We hope we’ve given you all the inspiration you need to make amazing memories in 2023! Get searching for your next holiday right here. We can’t wait to see where this year takes you!