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Cancun Holidays

A world famous destination for beaches, sunshine and parties, Cancun holidays are perfect for enthusiastic tourists looking for a Caribbean adventure.

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A truly exciting destination

The major resort in the south east of Mexico lies on the north east of the Yucatán Peninsula, enjoying miles of white sandy beaches along the clear blue Caribbean Sea.

Cancun holidays provide enough attractions and comforts to appeal to all ages making it a great location for everything from an active family holiday to a calm couple's getaway.

Quick Tips

  • Roman Catholic
  • Currency used is the Mexican Peso although the American Dollar is widely used
  • Spanish
  • Approx 630,000
  • GMT - 6

A colossal beach

Cancun's success as a holiday hotspot has been built around the city's phenomenal beach. Stretching for a full 22 kilometres of gorgeous surroundings, the beach varies from start to finish.

The north side of the city plays host to a classic Caribbean beach. There are areas that have shallow calm waters, perfect for children to play in, and then there are areas that enjoy rougher waves with water activities, ocean shuttle cruises as well as sand volleyball on land.

Beach activities

On this north stretch you'll find Playa Linda with a dock which is the departure point for many ocean excursions via boat, diving or even submarine tours; a great source of adventure for a family day out.

The whole area offers plenty to keep you going throughout the day as the beach is supported by a stacked area of bars, restaurants and cafes in the Hotel Zone, a modern part of the city hosting glamourous hotels, fine cuisine and quality shopping centres.

Beaches on the east side have a less touristy feel about them due to the breezier conditions. However this means that the sea is perfect for some extreme water sports as well as providing more personal space to enjoy on the shores. The San Miguelito beach will be found here offering a dose of history and culture due to the small Mayan ruins located here.

World renowned nightlife

Holidays to Cancun, above all else, are famous for the astounding nightlife. The city attracts millions of party animals every year with its promise of glorious weather, beach parties and lively nightclubs.

A famous destination for American Springbreakers and European visitors alike, there are dozens of bars and clubs staying open as late as 6am keeping you partying until you can dance no more. Famous venues like Senor Frog's, Coco Bongo, Dady O and more will make sure that every day in Cancun is followed by a night to remember.

Mayan temples

Contrasting the nightlife, fascinating history can actually provide an awe-inspiring day out with holidays in Cancun. As a tourist destination, the city only developed from a fishing village around the 1970s while its Mayan heritage has been evident for thousands of years.

You can explore the history of the ancient civilisation by travelling a couple of hours inland to see the pyramids and ruins at Chichen Itza, Coba, Tulum and Uxmal. Coach trips and taxis can take you there for marginal fees but to enjoy the freedom of the area on your own time it's recommended you hire a car.

Adventure afoot

If you're not in the mood for a history lesson, go grab some adventure with the dozens of activities on offer in Cancun.

Take advantage of the wild surroundings of Cancun and enjoy an Xplore Tour adventure day. This natural park lets a group of four drive around the jungle in an amphibious vehicle before zip lining through the air, rafting in underground caves then swimming through the river to complete your unforgettable voyage.

Several locations offer the opportunity for a group of people to swim with dolphins allowing you to spend hours playing with the most intelligent animal in the world.

These activities are just some of the adventures to be had in Cancun without mentioning the several eco parks with its wildlife, the scuba and snorkelling opportunities and the boat trips to the Isla Mujeres.


There is an exceptional selection on offer when it comes to shopping options in Cancun. There is a good mix available between upmarket fashion and designer brands to the independent stores selling unique items.

The variation is divided by the shops in the modern Hotel Zone and the stores, boutiques and markets found in downtown Cancun; an area encompassing traditional Mexican values and surroundings.

The old town area is more family friendly but just as popular as the new area of the city. In this area you'll find such clichés as mariachi band entertainers, Mexican food and margaritas as well as shopping arcades to keep the kids happy.


With tourists coming from all over the world, the cuisine offers an array of international flavour to cater for guests. Restaurants in Cancun offer calmer alternatives to the clubbing nights out that can be spent here thanks to the entertainment provided by many venues.

Don't let any in-house entertainment distract you from the beauty of the views which are offered from many restaurants in the city. Varying from overlooking Cancun Island to open air tables set on the beach, there are many locations ideal for a romantic evening in a fantastic part of the world.

Short transfer times

Your holiday of a lifetime will begin almost as soon as you land. A short 25 minute transfer from Cancun Airport will find you in the centre of the city and amongst the aptly named Hotel Zone.

Shuttles and tours are available to take you across the Yucatán Peninsula to see the Mayan temples inland or to the other popular resorts lying further south on the coast. It is also just as easy to hire a car to take you to these locations.

Being a major tourist destination Cancun offers something for everyone making it suitable for a multitude of purpose holidays. The young singles will love the bustling nightlife, the older visitors will love the serene beaches and history, while parents and kids will love the fantastic adventures offered in abundance.

Best time of year to visit

Caribbean weather contrasts between glorious sunshine to torrential downpours so it is important to be aware of the wet seasons before travelling.

Average temperatures in Cancun drop to 23C in January and reach a high of 28C in August but that doesn't make this location perfect for a summer holiday. The driest months here are October, November, December and March while the wet months can see up to 20 days of rainfall.

Partygoers will find March to be the best time to visit when the resort is brimming with Americans visiting for Spring Break while those looking for a relaxing holiday will want to visit in the last few months of the calendar year.