Torba Holidays 2024/2025

A gloriously scenic coastal village just down the road from bustling Bodrum City, Torba offers clean blue water, eternal sunny skies and an idyllic lifestyle for your break.

Torba Holiday Deals

Discover Turkey's peaceful side

There’s plenty to see and do in and around Torba which makes Turkey holiday packages in this area a fool-proof idea. One thing a lot of holidaymakers make sure to do is book a hotel somewhere serene and away from the hubbub. That means you’ll get the peace and quiet you deserve on your trip, together with good connectivity to the natural sites, historic places and busy cities you’ll want to see.

Torba in Turkey’s south-western Mulga Province – close to Bodrum city – is a beautiful and sunny seaside town that you’ll be happy to call your home from home.

Reclining on the waves

As a coastal town, Torba has access to some of the most relaxing boat trips in Turkey, so you can take to the water and tour the sun-drenched bays and isles of this stunning part of the Med. You’ll also have the chance to visit the nearby islands and enclosed coves, all while the sunshine beats down on the deck. It’s also a great way to find out what else is around Torba – the surrounding towns and villages across the coast are yours to discover, all from the comfort of your vessel.

Solve ancient mysteries

Torba is a contemporary village, but much like anywhere else in Turkey, there’s a deep historic layer beneath everything you see. That’s as much the case in Torba as anywhere else in the country, and this town is well known for several sites of historic interest – like the nearby tomb on the hill, or the ruins of an old monastery outside the village.

Ask around and you’ll hear the stories behind those relics of old, and more – perfect conversation-starters over those mezzes and wines, which you’ll be enjoying at some of the best restaurants in the province.

Sample some local seafood

A meal by the sea is even better when its main ingredient was caught fresh from that very water in the morning – and the flavours you’ll be experiencing in Torba’s restaurants are certainly fresh. The local bars will allow you to while away the evening hours over cool drinks and laid-back conversation – but you’re just a short drive from Bodrum if a night of bright lights in the big city is more up your street.

Get in touch with your creativity

Torba’s said to have inspired many of the greatest writers, artists and musicians of our age – and with such verdant rolling landscapes around you, you’ll understand why. The town is tucked against the hills, cupped by its beach before stretching up in a soft incline towards the pine forests and olive groves that fragrance the air.

Even on cheap Bodrum holidays it’s easy to lose yourself in relaxation and deep thought in these soothing surroundings. Treat yourself to a woodland walk, or find a picnic or painting spot where you can see the bay spread around you.

Tour the hills

Whether you rent a car or take the bus, you can guarantee that there’ll be rolling hills, hidden villages and plenty to explore in the area surrounding Torba. More active towns, like Kalikadesi or the city of Bodrum, are not too far away either, if you’re looking for a bit more bustle – yet your return to Torba will gain you plenty of rest and recuperation after your journey of shopping and exploring.

When to visit

The heat is definitely on between May and October in Torba, which enjoys a warm and inviting Mediterranean climate. If you absolutely must have the hottest days the town can offer, book your stay for June, July or August, when temperatures clock in at 30°C and above. Winter breaks are pretty cosy too – you can expect a steady 15°C average throughout the weeks of December and January, with things picking up a little as February moves towards March.


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