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Bodrum Region

Nightlife in Bodrum

Bodrum might not be Turkey's capital region, but when it comes to nightlife, it can certainly feel like it. Come nightfall, this slice of coast turns the volume up with clubs and bars, and even a catamaran-turned-disco. Evenings out here aren't all vodka shots until four in the morning – there are plenty of places to kick back along the coast with a frozen cocktail, too. There just might be a karaoke session and a splash of dancing on the side.

Parties on the water at Club Catamaran, Bodrum City

Yes, this is a party on the boat, and yes, it's epic. This club-turned-boat docks in Bodrum City, but once it's loaded with holidaymakers and local partygoers, it sets sail for one seriously rowdy night on the water.

Club Catamaran is a massive floating disco – rumoured to be one of the biggest in Europe – with dancers on podiums and international DJs making the rounds every summer. One to save up for on cheap Bodrum holidays, the dancefloor is made of glass so dancers can see the sea foaming underneath them as they get down. And if you're too sleepy to make the 5am return-time, there's a speedboat that'll take you back to shore early.

Drinks and a show at Atlantis Bar, Gumbet

Atlantis is one of the liveliest bars in Gumbet, and is topped by Molly Malones, its equally-vibrant sister-bar. What's more is, the menu features frozen cocktails and beers whose prices are supremely low when compared to some of the super-sized clubs in bigger resorts.

But the top draw to Atlantis Bar is undoubtedly the staff. Every night they put on an entertaining dance show that brings in crowds looking to join the fun. And it's a family-friendly bar too, so if you've travelled with little ones, they'll be very much looked after here.

A little bit of everything at Roy's Place Karaoke Bar, Gumbet

Boredom isn't an option at Roy's – there's something new around every corner that'll vie for your attention. And it's right by the beach, so if it isn't the food or the drinks occupying your time, it'll be the coastline stretching out before you.

Nights at Roy's include dance numbers from the staff, a splash of karaoke and lots of frozen cocktails, not to mention 80s and 90s jams to keep you dancing throughout the night. During the day, this bar turns restaurant with a line of loungers along the waterfront, so if you aren't careful, you could end up spending your entire holiday here.