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Ortakent Holidays

A Bodrum resort that lies slightly inland from the coastline, Ortakent holidays still provides opportunities to mix beach fun with fascinating old town surroundings.

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Village and beach combo

Choosing holidays to Ortakent will take you to a terrific hotel placed right on the beach while the classic Turkish town surroundings are found just a couple of kilometres inland. As well as the nearby Yahsi Beach, staying at the Petunya Beach Resort provides guests with a private beach from which to enjoy the sunshine.

Ortakent meanwhile is a beautiful village which is home to some of the region's oldest settlements. As well as historic structures there is a good selection of bars and restaurants to enjoy during the peaceful summer evenings.

Not far from Ortakent are the livelier players of Bodrum holidays: Bitez, Gumbet and the city of Bodrum all feature exciting attractions, beaches and nightlife opportunities so you're never too far away from the action.

Quick Tips

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Private beach vibes

Visitors looking for the utmost serenity by the coast need look no further than the Petunya Beach Resort where you are gifted a private, Blue Flag awarded beach right on your doorstep. The sand is smooth and the water is calm at this small patch of heaven which is only available to you and your fellow hotel guests.

The other sunbathing space nearby is the beach at Yahsi; a larger area where cafes, bars and restaurants line the sands' edge. It's a fun place to go swimming and snorkelling too as little fish are seen swimming through the shallow waters.

Cool down and get active

The summer days can get so hot in Ortakent that you'll be glad to take opportunities to get wet and have fun at the same time. By the coast there is an abundance of water sport opportunities with windsurfing, parasailing and scuba diving being just some of the possibilities.

Close to Ortakent is the Aquapark Dedeman Bodrum, the first choice for families who are looking for an exciting day out. There are often games to join in with while the slides for big and little kids will keep everyone smiling until home time.

Over in Ortakent it is worth viewing some of the structures and attractions which makes it such an atmospheric and cultural village. You'll spot the 17th century towers as soon as you arrive in town and you're allowed to climb to the top if you feel up to the challenge.

Laidback evenings

Nights are mellow in Ortakent. After you've enjoyed a delicious meal in a homely restaurant or casual bar you're free to relax and enjoy some of the light entertainment that can be found.

Those looking for nights out with oomph to them should make the 11km drive into Bodrum or Gumbet where the bright lights of bars stay shining until the early hours of the morning. These larger towns feature extravagant nightly shows, exuberant nightclubs and exhausting dancefloors.

City shopping

The highlight for shoppers within this region is found in the nearby city of Bodrum where there are large shopping centres, weekly and daily market areas, and dozens more shops found on the streets. Whether you're looking for high-class fashion, replica brands from markets or handmade souvenir crafts, you can find and haggle for all of this and much more.

Humble dining

Even if you're enjoying an all-inclusive holiday to Ortakent, you are sure to be more than tempted to try some of the delicious humble restaurants found in the village or along the waterfront of Yahsi Beach.

Delicious locally caught seafood is served within Ayana Restaurant, Kefi Restaurant & Beach and Rokka Beach Restaurant while Mediterranean themed dishes are on the menu at Erenler Sofrasi and Vira's Restaurant. Each dining venue mentioned provides beautiful outdoor settings from which to enjoy the climate and surroundings.

Get around for 5 lira

The drive from Bodrum-Milas Airport to your accommodation by Ortakent will take just less than an hour in total.

There is a Dolmus bus that stops by the hotel and can take you all the way into Bodrum for just 5 lira. If you'd like to get around on your own schedule then look at taking taxis or hiring a car for the duration of your stay.

Ortakent is a couple of kilometres from the coast and it is probably a bit too challenging to walk between the Petunya Beach Resort and Ortakent village.

Best time of year to visit

Temperatures reach an average high of 34C during the height of summer in Ortakent. You'll be glad of the hotel pools, water sports and Aquapark on the days it gets even hotter than that.

The region stays hot enough for a holiday from April until November though with the average temperature staying above at least 20C in between this time.