Altinkum Holidays 2024/2025

Close to Bodrum, Altinkum lies on the Aegean coast and is perennially popular with UK holidaymakers, particularly those with children. However, with its three fantastic beaches, watersports and its numerous bars and nightclubs, this resort has plenty of activities for all.

Altinkum Holiday Deals

Activities for everyone

With an estimated 12 hours of sunshine a day and plenty of activities to keep all ages occupied, it’s no surprise that Altinkum is so popular with families. Only 75 minutes away from the airport and close to the ancient ruins at Didim, Altinkum is both a convenient and idyllic destination to choose for cheap Bodrum holidays.

Transport links between Altinkum and the surrounding region are good. You can either use the efficient local bus service, or take a taxi – just be sure to agree on a fare before you set foot in the cab.

Vibrant bars and nightclubs can all be found in Altinkum’s Dolphin Square, and the town’s fantastic three beaches, somewhat unimaginatively called First, Second and Third beach, are wonderful for watersports, dolphin-spotting, or simply sunbathing, people watching and relaxing.

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  • Shopping is good for the soul

    If you want to go shopping once the heat of the day has cooled off, then Altinkum’s night market at Mavisehir offers an easy solution. On the outskirts of the town you’ll be able to pick up many original souvenirs to take home – wonderful pottery and leather goods are all on sale here. Just remember to haggle, though don’t worry if your Turkish isn’t up to much, since bargaining is an international language and you’ll find that most of the stall holders understand English.

    When looking for even more bargains, the shops and stores along Ataturk Street will provide you with hours of fun. Jewellery is always among the items on offer, as are leather goods and designer clothes – expect to find some high quality fakes here as well.

    The Saturday market in Altinkum is the place to source a souvenir or simply wander around and admire the goods on sale. This market sells high-quality pashminas, fantastic leather bags and shoes as well as exotic fruit and vegetables. Unsurprisingly, this is also one of the best places to buy some Turkish Delight as a souvenir of your stay here.

    Explore the Aegean Sea

    You don’t simply have to stay on dry land to get the most out of your holiday. You can book a boat tour from one of the many companies on First Beach and spend a wonderful day exploring the nearby coastline.

    The fun doesn’t stop with boat trips – there are plenty of opportunities for snorkelling and diving in the calm sea waters. IMX Tours, based in Altinkum, is the place to find out more about boat tours and watersports opportunities.

    Take a trip to Didim

    If you want a break from the sea and Altinkum’s lively cafes and bars, the ancient ruins at Didim are only 10 minutes away. You’ll be able to visit the ruins of Apollo’s Temple, which date back to the 10th century BCE.

    Didim is also famous for its annual Peace Festival, when there’s a music festival on the beach as well as folk dancing and boat races. This event is traditionally held towards the end of August.

    If you’re visiting Didim during the winter months you can always check out the camel wrestling tournament. This ancient sport has only recently been revived and provides a form of entertainment that’s curiously enthralling.

    Eating and drinking in Altinkum

    Part of the fun of any holiday is exploring the local bars and clubs in order to taste some fantastic food and enjoy a refreshing cocktail or beer. Altinkum’s nightlife is legendary – the town’s even got a Lineker’s Bar where you can enjoy music, drinks and food at competitive prices. The harbour end of town is the best place to catch other late night entertainment, but the bars here aren’t suitable for children.

    Dolphin Square is an excellent destination if you’re looking for somewhere to eat with the whole family during the day. Expect to find plenty of restaurants serving standard English cuisine as well as traditional Turkish meals. If you can’t start your day without a hearty bacon and eggs, there are many cafes and restaurants that’ll be able to satisfy your needs. Even on All Inclusive Bodrum holidays however, the majority of hotels here serve a wide variety of dishes to suit everyone’s tastes.


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