Santa Venerina Holidays 2024/2025

When you start planning your holidays to Sicily, the chances are that Santa Venerina won’t spring to mind. Perhaps you haven’t even heard of this idyllic village in the Sicilian countryside, but that’s precisely why you should visit. Santa Venerina holidays are about getting away from it all. Imagine quiet days spent walking in the hills and balmy evenings with a glass of wine. There are enough nearby attractions to keep you entertained, such as the ancient port city of Catania.

Santa Venerina Holiday Deals

The quiet life

Santa Venerina, Sicily’s hidden gem, is a tiny village nestled into a verdant hillside. The main square, Piazza Roma, is a picturesque spot surrounded by quaint shops, restaurants and cafés. You can pick up delicious pistachio biscuits from the bakery, and locally-produced limoncello and grappa. Outside of the village centre, the hillsides are speckled with beautiful villas and chic B&Bs, where you can relax in the lap of luxury.

The village is surrounded by undulating hills, sun-kissed vineyards and aromatic lemon groves. You’ll reach the coast in about 10 minutes by car – drive in any direction and you’ll soon encounter dreamy, footprint-free beaches. Those at Santa Tecla and Marina di Cottone are particularly picturesque.

Vineyard walks

Many Santa Venerina holidays are spent walking in the beautiful countryside surrounding the village. Numerous trails wind through the nearby hills, orchards and vineyards. You can even pause your picturesque walk for a spot of wine-tasting.

Santa Venerina is part of The Wine Route of Etna, an itinerary that takes you through this wine-growing region. You can take a unique guided walking tour of the route, which will stop off at small wine-cellars, impressive vineyards and wine museums. The highlight is a tasting of the exclusive Etna DOC wines, made with grapes grown in volcanic soil.

Volcanoes and caves

If you’re fond of hiking, travel to nearby Parco dell’Etna. Established in 1987, this National Park incorporates the vast volcanic slopes of Mount Etna, as well as rugged moorland, fields, vineyards and unspoilt villages. There are many hiking and biking trails running through the park, linking points of interest.

Montagnola is one of Mount Etna’s most majestic peaks, towering 2,500m above sea level. There are hundreds of cave systems within the park, created from lava flows. The most famous is La Grotta del Gelo (The Ice Cave), and it’s so high up you’ll find ice in it all year round.

You can explore the National Park independently, but going on a guided tour is recommended. Local operators have many budget-friendly excursions that show you the park’s hidden corners.

Delicious Sicilian Cuisine

Despite its small size, there are a variety of restaurants in Santa Venerina and the surrounding area. Rustic trattorias (Italian-style restaurants) sell handmade pasta, such as seafood spaghetti and pistachio ravioli. Wood-fired pizza and creamy truffle risottos also feature on many menus.

Enjoy savouring the unique Sicilian flavours over a few glasses of wine in a nearby osteria (wine bar), finishing off with a homemade gelato or granita for dessert.

Travelling further afield

Alongside the beaches and the volcanic landscape of Etna, there are plenty of attractions that can be visited nearby. Only a few miles away is Zafferana Etnea, a spectacular city built on a platform of volcanic stone. This chic, black and white town has an atmospheric cathedral and monastery, and the illuminated volcanic peaks are sometimes visible at night. This is the ideal spot for sightseeing and shopping. Museo Sicilia in Miniatura – a miniature village – is a popular attraction with children and grown-ups alike.

Santa Venerina is just a 40-minute drive from Catania, an elegant yet energetic Sicilian city renowned for its Baroque architecture, ornate churches and domed palaces. The city also has a thriving food scene, with plenty of traditional restaurants and local markets, but it has a modern side, with youthful bars and trendy boutiques, too.

In Santa Venerina, Sicily reveals its unspoilt beauty. Days drift lazily past as you sit in the beautiful piazza, eating sweet almond biscuits from the bakery, and take lengthy hikes to nearby vineyards, followed by delicious, leisurely meals. Couple this with a some memorable beach trips and a visit to nearby Catania, and you have the perfect all-round holiday. You’ll be captivated by this stunning region.


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