Marina di Ragusa Holidays 2024/2025

Marina di Ragusa is a popular seaside resort in the South East of Sicily and it happens to be one of the most lively seaside resorts, with golden sand beaches and shallow waters for all. Made up of exquisite culinary and wine tradition, baroque monuments, beautiful landscapes, and archaeological ruins of ancient civilisations, Marina di Ragusa is a destination that should be at the top of your list with Holiday Hypermarket.

Marina di Ragusa Holiday Deals

Is Marina di Ragusa for everyone?

Whether you’re looking to travel for a solo trip, with your partner, as a group of friends, or taking the kids away, Marina di Ragusa is certainly a place for all with plenty of things to do and see. Plus, with great weather reaching 30 degrees in the peak of summer, you’ll certainly get your sun dosage.

There’s plenty of monuments in Marina di Ragusa, including museums for you to explore and learn about the history of the town. Picture streets lined with cafes, restaurants, and bars to stop off for a quick bite to eat or to dine while watching the sunset. There’s also various sports activities on the waterfront to keep the little ones (and big ones) interested.

Things to do in Marina di Ragusa

The tourist port of Marina di Ragusa is one of the biggest ports in Sicily, with 800 dockings for yachts and fishing boats. The port makes a great romantic stroll at night, being lit up by beautiful blue lights. Or for a bit of history, you can see the remains of Tower Cabrera, a lookout built in the 16th Century – but only the walls remain nowadays.

You can also check out the Archaeological Park of Caucana, a museum that has preserved the ruins of the port city of Caucanca, and if you’re interested in maritime history, the Archaeological Museum of Kamarina showcases all the objects recovered from the shipwrecks of commercial ships. These objects include vases, statues and amphoras (ancient vessels used like we use storage jars!)

Take a short journey from your Marina di Ragusa accommodation into any of the surrounding towns and you’ll come across tiny streets, baroque buildings, and spectacular balconies.

If you venture to Mazzarelli, in the centre of Marina di Ragusa, it’s rich in pubs, cafes, and restaurants, even nightlife, beach club bars, pizzerias, patisseries and happy hours – it’s the holiday of dreams no matter your age.

Marina di Ragusa festivals

Addio all’Estate marks the end of summer in Marina di Ragusa, usually in the first or second week of September, taking over the town. With a variety of market stalls and stands lining the streets you can taste and try traditional dishes and buy all kinds of hand crafted objects.

This is followed by spectacular firework displays, with plenty of music and dancing carrying on through the night. Marina di Ragusa accommodation tends to fill up at this time of year as many want to experience this festival so we recommend you get in there quickly!


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